Elementor needs a DOM Tree

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QuestionsCategory: ElementorElementor needs a DOM Tree
asked 1 year ago

Hi Adam!

You advised me to get Elementor. Instead, I bought Oxygen. I should have listened to you.

I now have Elementor Pro and I wish Elementor had one very good feature from Oxygen. It was their DOM Tree. Since Elementor does not have both the front-end and back-end like Divi I would like a plugin or some solution that would allow me to manage the elements. I have a rouge section that I cannot delete.

Any suggestions?


2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 12 months ago

Just to follow up, last month Elementor added what they call Navigator, which essentially is a DOM tree.

Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

I think granular control plugin ads that function to elementor