Elementor button vs. in-text link for passing link juice

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QuestionsCategory: ElementorElementor button vs. in-text link for passing link juice
asked 10 months ago

I'm trying to get a few key pages on my website to rank weak using a silo structure. I noticed that the Yoast plugin doesn't recognize the inbound links to cornerstone page that come from Elementor buttons on other pages. 
Does this mean that the “link juice” will not help the cornerstone pages to rank higher?
Should I use in-text links instead of the buttons, or is this Yoast feature just not reliable to detect all the inbound links?
Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 10 months ago

No I think it just means that Yoast can see it, but Google can clearly see it. Perhaps submit a ticket in the Yoast to let them know there's a problem.