Elementor and Beaver Builder both Installed

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QuestionsElementor and Beaver Builder both Installed
Vince Dugar asked 2 years ago

What should I know about having both Elementor and BB plugins active at the same time? I need to as I transition my BB pages to Elementor pages!  Thank you.

Vince Dugar replied 2 years ago

PS — My host is SiteGround and I’m just learning Elementor. I found that for Elementor to work I had to go to Elementor>Settings>Advanced and enable ‘Switch Editor Loader Method’.

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

They will coexist perfectly fine. In fact, I have both installed on this site and there are no issues at all.

You just can't use both on the same page or post.

answered 1 year ago

Hey Adam, I was thinking of trying out Elementor as well with the unlimited site version license.
I have BB Agency, BT and UABB, Astra Agency. Can I take a BB Theme or Astra Theme site that was already created in BB/BT (headers/pages/posts) and then start re-editing them in Elementor?
In other words, would it continue from the existing edited rows, or would the content looked skewed and I have to start over basically?