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John asked 2 years ago


wish you health and happiness.

On my website, I followed and tried the way you suggested but I m not being able to edit FOOTER.PHP as there is MESMERIZE theme and showing only ( m sending you all content r showing in footer.php )——– <?php mesmerize_get_footer_content(); ?> </div> <?php wp_footer(); ?> </body> </html>

I also tried Find and replace plugin…. that's also not changing. So, Please help what & how to do?

Thanks and regards

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Please make sure you search my website, or at least the forum before posting a question. This has been covered numerous times. See: https://www.wpcrafter.com/easiest-way-change-footer-copyright-credits-wordpress-theme/

bastianhilton answered 1 year ago

The way i done it was by going to the footer folder within  the theme directory, click footer.php and removed php code found between <div class=”footer-content-col col-xs-12″>
</div> and with a page refresh the copyright information was gone.

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