Does the Extra theme have a future ?

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress ThemesDoes the Extra theme have a future ?
Phil Gregory
asked 1 year ago

At first glance, the Extra theme seems perfect for a large magazine type blog site. However, very few people appear to be using it and the support community is almost non-existent. Furthermore, some users complain of bug fixes being implemented in Divi but still not fixed with its sister theme Extra. I wonder if this theme has a future and if Elegant themes are going to continue to develop it. Does anybody have any insights into this ?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Right now Elegant Themes is laser-focused on making Divi Builder the best page builder for WordPress. They are sorta forced to go this route because of Elementor Pro and they see its best to do everything in the page builder.

I think this is why you see them neglecting everything else. Personally, I wouldn't use Extra now.

I am sure that a lot of their layouts for Extra will be folded into Divi 4 which is coming and will give you total control over all the design aspects of your website.