Does a “Table of Contents” widget for Elementor exist?

QuestionsCategory: ElementorDoes a “Table of Contents” widget for Elementor exist?
Jan asked 11 months ago

Hello Guys,

Please advise if there is a “Table of Contents” widget that works in Elementor. I have tried Easy TOC, Extended Table of Contents, or TOC+. None of them work. TOC+ works only if I use WP editing on a post and insert a shorcode but then I lose the Elementor functionality. It can be paid or free. I don't care.

Any help appreciated.


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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 10 months ago

That's very strange. They should just be picking up on H tag on your titles.

Are you using properly tagged titles?

I was just about to start using Fixed TOC on this website.

Tom answered 8 months ago

I am interested in the same question. Does Fixed TOC or Element Pack work well for a simple TOC?

Cmw answered 7 months ago

Same problem

skybix answered 4 months ago

Please let us know if any one of you found such a plugin.

Seb answered 4 months ago

Interested 😉

Bill answered 1 month ago

Easy TOC works with Elementor for me, but the alignment isn't perfect. When I click a link on the TOC, I usually end up two paragraphs or so off from where I should be–in the middle of a section rather than at the beginning.

Bill answered 1 month ago

I stand corrected. My problem was that I was using the sticky header option in my theme (Astra), and the header was blocking the spot to which Easy TOC actually scrolled, making it look as Easy TOC had scrolled to the wrong place. I unstuck the header and enabled scroll to the top in Astra, so users can quickly get to the menu.

Anyway, at least in the circumstances I've tested (WordPress 5.2.1 and Astra Pro Theme 1.8.5), using Easy TOC at the top of the sidebar accurately generates a TOC, and TOC links take a user to the correct place in the post or page.

skybix answered 4 weeks ago

Finally I found one. KB Elementor provides all those widgets like “table of content for heading tags” and “table of content of posts grouped by categories” etc for creating any knowledge based site. Demo: Plugin :

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