QuestionsCategory: ElementorDoes a “Table of Contents” widget for Elementor exist?
Jan asked 7 months ago

Hello Guys,

Please advise if there is a “Table of Contents” widget that works in Elementor. I have tried Easy TOC, Extended Table of Contents, or TOC+. None of them work. TOC+ works only if I use WP editing on a post and insert a shorcode but then I lose the Elementor functionality. It can be paid or free. I don't care.

Any help appreciated.


3 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 6 months ago

That's very strange. They should just be picking up on H tag on your titles.

Are you using properly tagged titles?

I was just about to start using Fixed TOC on this website.

Tom answered 4 months ago

I am interested in the same question. Does Fixed TOC or Element Pack work well for a simple TOC?

Cmw answered 3 months ago

Same problem

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