Do you use WPS hide login?

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress SecurityDo you use WPS hide login?
Asger Maarup
asked 1 year ago

Hello I was wondering about if it's clever to use some kind of hide login, so hackers cant use this link “”

What are the pros and cons?

Thank you for reading!
– Asger Maarup

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

It is a solution to change the login url.
Of course, the user should not be admin or something common and the password should be at least 8 digits using caps, low letters symbols, and numbers.
In the cons column, I should add that there may be some plugins that could have issues with that solution. I don't think there is any plugin of those we usually install to a website.
So back up the website and give it a go