Do I need a pro theme such as Avada with Elementor?

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QuestionsDo I need a pro theme such as Avada with Elementor?
asked 2 years ago


I'm new to WP and I'm starting with Elementor, which seems a good choice to me. Not sure wether I'll buy the pro version, but definitely using it! Currently, I'm using the OceanWP and I was wondering if I need something like Avada to build something really nice? I don’t mind building everything, I actually want that.

With that in mind, would I benefit more from buying Elementor Pro, Avada with Elementor non pro, both? In a different question, is it really worth buying the theme for its features or would you just stick with Elementor Pro? Do you think buying both may be too much or redundant?


1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

It really depends on what you want to build. If I only had the money to buy one thing, a pro theme or Elementor Pro, I would go with Elementor Pro. Then use OceanWP or Astra, both are free. Then when I needed the features/support of a premium theme, then add that.

I would avoid the big bloated themes like Avada and just about everything found on ThemeForest.