Creating a cover image for YouTube video in blog index page

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QuestionsCategory: ElementorCreating a cover image for YouTube video in blog index page
Jaime Drumm
asked 1 year ago

Hi everyone!
I have Elementor Pro & Astra Pro. I release two videos a week on my YouTube channel and was looking to add these as blog posts to my website.
I've set up the blog index page and I'm really excited about the functionality possible.
My problem is that after I add the video to the post it shows up perfectly within the post, but it doesn't show up as the cover image for the post on the blog index page.
I tried manually adding a featured image, and this fixes the issue of the image on the cover, but it then places the image at the top of the post, directly above the video itself, which is the same image.
I tried also using the video thumbnails plug in, but this didn't fix it. I'm loathed to add a plugin just for this task which seems like it should have a simple solution.
How do I show a cover image/featured image on the blog index page, but only have the video without the cover image/featured image on the blog post?
I'd also prefer not to use a plugin to do this job if possible.
Thanks for you help.

1 Answers
answered 5 months ago

im good but thank you for the oprotonitey in a life time