Hosting account email vs. Office 365

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QuestionsHosting account email vs. Office 365
asked 2 years ago

Hello, I recently switched from Hostgator to Inmotion Hosting Pro plan to redo our website and in the past just used the email accounts that you could create with cPanel and for the most part not many issues.

I have a client we work for suggesting we switch to an Exchange type of email like Office 365 for high reliability and tracking purposes of employee emails.  Sure the features sound great but they are also not cheap for a small business with 25-30 email users and 5-6 distro. lists at like $5-15 per user. Also out of the email users really only about 10-12 are heavy email critical with clients, vendors & customers. The rest are field techs that just need to get basic info sent to them and they only use it for internal communication maybe a couple per day.

Their claim is IMAP is not secure or reliable and outdated, but again I am not aware that I have had any issues in the past with IMAP.  Any advice on the reliability or limitations of the Inmotion hosting vs Exchange or why we should make the switch to Exchange type email?

When I Google this kind of info most of what I find is why to use a branded ( email vs a free email for business like gmail, etc. not info on using email from a hosting provider like Inmotion.

Thank you!

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Well if they want to switch to Office 365 for some reason based on features, they should.

However to say that IMAP is not secure or outdated is complete nonsense. It is neither of those and is perfectly reliable.

Also, this doesn't have much to do with InMotion Hosting because they are using the same technology stack as every other web host that uses cPanel. They all use the same standards for email.