Coming soon/maintenance landing page plugin/app?

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QuestionsComing soon/maintenance landing page plugin/app?
Jay Honeycutt asked 1 year ago

After disasters with “coders” from Fiverr and Upwork, I am left with learning WordPress myself.

I am a quick learner, but do not have the time or patience to drill too many “dry wells”.

The first rev of the site is very light on graphics, but has same basic forms handling requirements, which will only increase in complexity.

I am just intent on getting the basic functionality up and can then turn over the more advanced coding to a grownup.

From this amazing site, and a bunch of other research, it seems that the best starting point is with:

  1. A2 Hosting – done
  2. GeneratePress theme – done
  3. Elementor Pro – until told otherwise

Initially, I need a simple landing page that:

  • displays a single graphic
  • captures email address
  • forwards to Drip or Mailchimp
  • while I learn WordPress in the background

What is the best free/paid plugin/app to do this?

2 Answers
allansjackson answered 1 year ago

Even free Elementor can do this. See Your theme and page builder choices are good. I'd go with GP Pro though – very inexpensive and support out of this world.

Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

You can use elementor pro to capture email addresses and build the whole website so I would suggest to buy it.
Everything you mention you can create it with elementor