Clean the tags of elementor in source code

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QuestionsClean the tags of elementor in source code
asked 2 years ago

Hello Adam i can post this for the second time.Sorry for that.

My question is i want to make a clean source code of the code that elementor

creates. I mean the tags like these:

I want to clear all tags Elementor makes. I have asked my brother ho has a colleague and he is programmer,
build a few sites with Elementor and removed the tags and does this wit ID's from Elementor
Give the widgets and others new container names, so the source is not pointing
to Elementor etc. This should be a real better way protecting Elementor plugin
and less code=faster loading.
Should you can help me?
Thanks Pieter

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

If that is what you want, then you shouldn't use a page builder. Have your desired website design hand coded.

There is no way to modify the source code generated by any page builder.