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John asked 1 year ago


I'm concidering using Beaver Builder Pro which has a couple of Themes of itself in the package. But I also read about Astra Pro and read some recommendations.

I'm a bit confused about chosing the right theme. Is it sufficient to go for the Theme package that BB offers or is the Astra Pro of that much importance that it would be the one to go for?

Can you tell me more about this please? Thanks!

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes so the Beaver Builder Pro package comes with the Beaver Builder theme. Personally, I am not that fond of the theme, it works of course, but it's not modern at all. People usually use it because they want to only deal with 1 company. I understand that.

Personally, I tried it and it didn't meet my needs.

Astra, on the other hand, is much better IMO, but actually many people feel the same way. It's also less expensive.

Astra Theme compared to the Beaver Builder theme:

  • Astra is faster, but Beaver can easily catch up and most likely will later this year
  • Astra has over 20 demo sites that are actually usable and you can implement them with 1 click
  • Astra has real WooCommerce integration, improvements, and enhancements
  • Astra has custom layouts, ex. You can build custom header/footers and many other neat things
  • Astra has transparent headers, Beaver Builder theme does not
  • Astra has white labeling, but I personally don't care about this feature

Not an exhaustive list, but you get the point. Also, Astra is being actively developed. That's not saying that the beaver theme isn't, I am just saying that Astra has more resources to focus on their theme where Beaver Builder has always seemed to be more focused on their page builder.

Mattias Ström answered 1 year ago

Have had this exact Q on my mind 🙂
Thank you Adam!

Jon answered 4 weeks ago

I am curious, Adam, if you still feel the same way about Astra vs. Beaver Builder Theme?

I currently have both (lifetime on Astra).

I am considering letting my Beaver Builder Pro revert to just the Pro Plugin and not the theme.


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