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    • Nov 4, 2017 at 2:54 pm #14364


      I watched the child theme video on Youtube and I am still confused on something:

      I created a child theme using the “Child Theme Configurator” plugin.

      Since I already made color, font, and menu changes to my parent theme, I copied all changes to my child theme, so the changes are the new default or child theme as you will.

      Question 1)

      There is an issue on my site where people don't have to confirm email registration in order to log in, so the developer is going to fix it and release a new update.

      When I update the Parent theme, will the fix be applied to my child theme? If not, how do I apply fixes on the Parent theme to be automatically saved to my child theme?

      Question 2)

      Which do I keep activated when continuing to make changes to my website? If I activated the child theme, do I work on my website (add posts, pages, add plugins, etc.)

      Question 3)

      When there's a new Theme update, do I update the Parent Theme and then copy all the .php files over to the child theme every update to make sure all the new updates are applied?


      Thank you.

    • Nov 4, 2017 at 2:54 pm #14418

      Trying to come up with a good analogy here to help you better understand this, but am coming up blank 🙁

      It sounds like your customizations were just CSS, not PHP on the core theme files.

      If you replace a core PHP file ONLY the one in the child theme is used.

      With CSS and functions it's different, these are loaded after the parent theme's CSS and functions are loaded.

      So there is nothing to copy into a child theme in what you are describing.

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