Can you update reviews on VooPlayer and Webinar Ninja

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QuestionsCan you update reviews on VooPlayer and Webinar Ninja
asked 2 years ago

Can you update reviews on VooPlayer and Webinar Ninja?

You did these both several years ago and VooPlayer seems in a stall, and Webinar Ninja is chugging along, albeit slowly.

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

VooPlayer Review 2018: They released a new version 8 months ago. Its a completely revamped app and it's pretty amazing. You do pay for it, it's not cheap, but if you need video hosting there is nothing that can compete. It has the best video security on the market. The only thing I can say against VooPlayer is that they are not good with their customer interactions. Every time I have contacted them about anything, they are soooo bad with tickets, you will get frustrated and want to cancel the service. They are not good to their customers.

WebinarNinja Review 2018: The relaunched the platform a few months back and its been an epic disaster. They made every mistake in the book, I feel bad for normal paying customers because it sucks so bad. However, the owner has made a good faith effort to correct all the ill-informed decisions they made on the platform. This all speaks to trust though, and I don't have much trust or faith in the reliability of their platform.

answered 7 months ago

Hey Adam,
I was very close to decide for WN (Feb 2019), but after your review from one year back, I am not so sure anymore. Care to update the update? Is it “loveable” again? A lot can happen in 12 months and they still seem to fit my bill (low-cost, hybrid/automated, all-in-one-place, customizable, free trial, SaaS (as in “no f'ing app necessary for viewers”)) etc. If you still cannot recommend them anymore – you have a similar solution you could tell me about? Thanks, man!