Can you recommend which plugins/themes to buy to build a proper membership wp site

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QuestionsCan you recommend which plugins/themes to buy to build a proper membership wp site
asked 1 year ago

I want to build a membership site, regular one with premium content which you need to be a member to access ( will be free membership at the beginning)
My question is  there a page builder like thrive architect which includes a membership plugin?( I know optimizepress does, but I see is an outdated page builder) Or I will have to buy the 2 separate, example buy thrive arquitect and memberpress .

4 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Well you wouldn’t want both from the same company, and this is why there is only one that offers both and they are both mediocre.

If you like Thrive Architect, go that route and get a proper membership plugin like MemberPress or Restrict Content Pro.

William Patterson answered 12 months ago

I heard memberpress is one of the simplest to use and best for memberships.  Will it work OK with Astra and Elementor?

William Patterson answered 12 months ago

So anyone out there answer the question?

marianco answered 12 months ago

Memberpress works well with Astra and Elementor.  Memberpress is not the simplest to use. You have to understand its rule system. But it is the best general membership plugin in my opinion – albeit expensive. 
When it comes to building a membership website, you have to decide what your stack of software is going to be and what type of membership will it be.  For example, will the membership only offer information such as blog articles?  Will it have a forum?
If you want something that is all in one including taking payments, Invanto has a nice solution.
For more information, the experts at building memberships are The Membership Guys.