QuestionsCan you recommend Beaver Builder + Themer for new WP designer
Juan Sanjur asked 11 months ago

Hi all,

Im new into WP dev and i want to start a small business on the side on my offtime.

Currently ive been working on a couple of projects using X Theme but its limiting to the point where i cannot modify the post type layouts so i decided to look around and found these Adam videos and was exactly what i wanted.

Since im learning im doing these projects to help friends and family but im not getting paid so basically im covering all the costs of themes and plugins.

More like a question is seek of advice. Should i invest in the BB (standard) and Themer as a new WP dev currently learning, since i can use them on all sites? Or maybe i should keep trying other different alternatives?

What are your thoughts and advise for a newbie

Thanks in advance


Juan Sanjur replied 11 months ago

.. missed to ask if you would recommend maybe another investment like elementor

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 11 months ago

Yes, that is a great combo. Also if the price is a consideration, Elementor Pro is $199 for unlimited websites and has the same feature set. That is less expensive then Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer. Also, the annual renewal is lower.

Juan Sanjur replied 11 months ago

Thanks Adam i went ahead and purchased the Elementor Pro … now im checking that Astra theme 😀

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