QuestionsCategory: Video RequestsCan you recommend a – Tutorial for using the Elementor Editor Login
Chris Las asked 7 months ago

Does anyone know of, or can someone (Adam!) consider making a simple, non-daunting, easy-to-follow tutorial? 

Subject: How to edit the text and graphics in an Elementor website – using the Editor ‘Access to edit content only' back-end user login.

So website designers who use Elementor can give a link to this tutorial and tell their non-techie clients saying “If you ever want to change the text or images in your new website, here's a great tutorial that shows you how to log in to your website and make those changes”.

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 6 months ago

Thanks for the video suggestion. I was actually thinking about this today.

I'll add it to a list of videos to record this weekend.

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