QuestionsCategory: WordPress ThemesCan you give me some feedback on my website? Looking for a app type website theme?
Stephen Scheer asked 6 months ago

My website is factordriver (dot) com any tips to improve it. I use the Kallays theme it is a website for people looking to be an Uber driver and help Uber drivers out.

My second Question I am looking to do another site about an App coming soon as a landing page to see if there is anyone interested in the idea and raise money to make the app. It would be a landing page to collect emails to eventually raise money in Kickstarter for the money to do that. Any good themes for this.


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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 6 months ago

Well right off the bat I can tell, with my trained eyes, that you are using a template. That is the problem many times with using a template, is it looks like a template. I would suggest getting a proper logo and also one with a transparent background. Make sure it is not as wide as what you currently have because it's causing issues with your menu.

The content on the page looks really scrunched together so its not clear what I should be looking at. Overall the website is not immediately clear what it is.

For the app landing page, just use the free Astra theme with the free Elementor. The results will be a million times better than with any of the ThemeForest themes.

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