Can I make this kind of site with the Astra theme, and elementor

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QuestionsCan I make this kind of site with the Astra theme, and elementor
2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Most likely not. That is a highly customized solution based on BuddyPress. I personally wouldn't recommend it, but if that is really what you are after, then that is what you should use. Keep in mind that BuddyPress is very complex and tends to have issues, so make sure you have a budget to hire experts to fix those problems with will run into.

teddypetcu answered 3 months ago

Hi Adam, I would like to ask you what would you recommend instead of BuddyPress? I am looking for a solution of a social network platform based on WordPress where people can have profiles and post classified adverts based on different kind of membership. I have been looking for Ultimate Members but unlucky there is no integration with classified adverts like WP Adverts. Thank you.

teddypetcu replied 3 months ago

Thank you Adam, I will check out.

Adam @ WPCrafter Staff replied 3 months ago

Right now I am loving the Buddy Boss Theme. It checks all the boxes for me.