Can anyone help me with TABS and content?

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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsCan anyone help me with TABS and content?
Frederico Nery
asked 7 months ago

In Elementor, I would like to have a product page. in that page I would have 3 tabs: Technical Description, Images and Downloads. In the Technical Description I would have 6 to 8 Icon Boxes (depending on how many features of the machine I can say), then the Images tab would have a gallery with a maximum of 3 images; and the Downloads would have links to pdfs of the machines.
Is there any way I can have like a “master content” for each tab that would allow me to edit ONLY the specific information about each machine in each tab?
Sorry if I can´t express myself simpler enough

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 6 months ago

You could accomplish this but it would be a little on the complicated side. You would need to use something like advanced custom fields to create custom fields to populate all the content on the product page.
Then you would use Elementor Pro to create a custom product page and link the custom fields to where you want that data to go.