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Jerad Littlefield asked 2 years ago

I currently have a domain that is forwarded. since it is my main domain name since 1997. I would like to rebuild it each evening and re forward it back until it is done. can I do this or will mess it up?


I'd also like to know if you have an affiliate link to the monthly subscription for Thrive.

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

So you want to point the domain somewhere else every evening? The challenge there is that when you make a change like that, the change propagates across the internet, usually take 24 – 48 hours. It's just not ideal.

What changes are you wanting to make?

Oh and here is the link to Thrive Themes.

Jerad Littlefield replied 2 years ago

so after doing a search on your videos. i found flywheel. so that will take care of that. thanks

Jerad Littlefield replied 2 years ago

Hey Adam,

so after doing a search from your videos. i found flywheel and put that on my computer. that should take care of that. my old site was with slow daddy. on there old system. that ran out on the 13th. so i rebuilt the website using inmotion, astra, astra sites and elementor.
after the last 2 updates in elementor i have have been having problems. things i can not change unless i delete and redo things.

as for thrive it seams to have a lot more going for it, (watched a lot of videos of what it can do ) for where i want to my site to go in the future.

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