QuestionsBlue light background on first tab when using header footer builder plugin
asked 1 year ago

Hello, when using Header Footer Elementor everything works fine, except that blue background that I can´t change, do you know where to modify it?, have a screenshot of it. Regards and thank you in advance.

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Not sure where the color is coming from, certainly not the plugin.

Although if your theme is generating that color and you go to create a header with elementor and you don't specifically set a background color for the section, it will show what your theme is set to.

rikkiblakk answered 1 year ago

Thank you, Adam, not sure either where it come from, trying to find it on both (theme and elementor), hopefully I get it soon. You are doing a nice job with your videos, congrats.

rikkiblakk answered 1 year ago

It´s Elementor Pro and Astra Pro Theme.

rikkiblakk answered 1 year ago

Found solution, on Elementor Settings on General Tab check the box named “Disable Default Colors”
Hope someone with same problem benefit from this

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