Best option for a secure employee page or extranet

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QuestionsBest option for a secure employee page or extranet
asked 2 years ago

Hello, New to WP & I am using Astra Pro/Elementor Pro and I am looking to have a secure employee page that they can access from anywhere with a login.  Something that would give them access to company contacts, PDF's of current sales brochures, policy manuals, links to vendor logins, webmail, etc.  Kind of an all in one bucket of resources that our customers or competition do not need to know.

I have another domain that I thought of using for all of this away from our main website just to be safe (all hosted on Inmotion Pro) I am building just to keep it clean. But wondering the best option for log in security/access control. storage of the actual docs/pdfs (in the WP site or link to like cloud storage? and the ability to perhaps have the page be specific based on job type. So a managers info would be one set of items while a technician or sales person would see other items related to what they do?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

You 100% had me until you said webmail. Webmail is an entirely different beast and separate system. Intranets are do not usually integrate webmail.

Now there are several ways to do this. You could go simply by adding a membership plugin to your WordPress website. Or you can go all out and use a WordPress theme that is made for this purpose. There is 1 popular one on Theme Forest, forget the name though. But it shouldn't be hard to find. Keep in mind that it will have it's own learning curve.