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QuestionsBeaver Builder user recommendations
asked 2 years ago

Hello Adam, how are you?

So, I am the webdev in my company, and the tools I am using are: generatepress pro, beaver builder pro, but will upgrade to agency because of white labeling, and UABB… Soon we will purchase Beaver Themer,

What is troubeling me is,that I've seen that powerpack beaver addons are releasing very cool new modules, like, 3D slider, instagram feed, filterable gallery, etc. So, should we(my company) also purchase beaver addons, or should we wait to brainstorm force to provide us with same tipe of modules?

What about woopack? Will I be able to compensate those features with beaver themer, or will I be missing some of it's features?

Thank you for the support,

Sorry for any mistake, but I am not english/american,

Kind regards,

José Luís Boura

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Well that's a tough one. Most devs just use both.

I can say that UABB has things that PowerPack doesn't have. And UABB is currently working on a full ecommerce pack that will have everything that WooPack has and more but won't be a cheese ball separate purchase.

replied 2 years ago

Hello Adam!

Thank you for the reply, those are great news! So it seems that I’ve made the right choice :), as I got in touch with brainstormforce team they are working on new modules, wich some will do the same thing that those powerpack modules I mentioned! For now I will buy Beaver Themer, wich will give me much more power! Thank you again!