Should I Buy The Beaver Builder Theme

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QuestionsShould I Buy The Beaver Builder Theme
asked 2 years ago

Hi Adam
i'm new to wordpress world and chance upon Beaver Builder and your site. I need your advise as to what's the difference between getting a package with Beaver Builder theme and without it? How will it affect the wordpress performance? And all packages include Beaver Builder templates which is equivalent to getting template built on Beaver Builder theme, right? So why is there a specifc Beaver Builder theme as a choice?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Some people prefer to have 1 business they deal with for support and updates. This is the primary selling point. But keep in mind you are paying an extra $99 just for the theme. Compare that to the Astra Theme which is $59 and has a better feature set, and is faster. This is the combo I have right now, Astra Theme and Beaver Builder.