Any problems with running 2 LMS on same website?

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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsAny problems with running 2 LMS on same website?
asked 1 year ago


I currently am using the Astra Pro theme and have WP Courseware LMS for a course I am almost finished building. It is a test-prep website and course. I'm also using the MemberPress plugin. I want to switch over to LearnDash because I like how it integrates better with Astra, and I think the layout looks better, and Adam gave it a great review.

The problem with LearnDash is that it doesn't have a certain quizzing feature that allows for the creation of a simulated test that pulls a specific percentage of questions from the 7 different content areas on the exam. WPC can do this. LearnDash said that the feature is being developed but that could be months away, or longer.

Would there be any problems with running two LMS systems on one website, until LearnDash offers this feature? Any other advice on switching over to LD or other alternatives?

Any advice would be appreciated

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 12 months ago

The challenge I see is migrating your data across from one LMS to another. The lessons and quizzes are easy enough, but the students and progress are much harder.

I hear ya though, it's too bad that most LMS plugins are very ugly out of the box.