Another question-Need advice on hosting company.

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QuestionsAnother question-Need advice on hosting company.
Lisa Scallan asked 2 years ago

Hi Adam. This is Lisa from the previous question. Thanks for the reply. Sorry to bother you again, but I really need some advice. About a year and half ago I obtained a domain name and hosting company (eHost). I didn't do anything with it because of life changes. Well, now I'm ready to create a blog and will be going with Elementor Pro and Astra Pro through you're website. I just signed in on eHost and got a strange message like they maybe out of business or not taking any new customers-not sure what's up, but it appears not to be good. My contract (paid up) is still good till April 2020, but I'm worried about support and the company features available, as at the time they looked good. Any advice? You appear to be the best resource on the internet and honest with your opinions and advice. I appreciate that. I am a newbie-big time. Hoping to choose wisely as to avoid unnecessary problems as I have a huge learning curve to begin with.
I can't thank you enough,

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, they did go out of business. I would suggest transferring your domain out. Also, I wouldn't expect good service while they wait for your prepaid term to expire. If it were me, I would transfer the domain to InMotion Hosting and get a new hosting account with a business that is in business.

answered 2 years ago


I have used a number of different hosting services and to be honest, InMotion probably has the best customer service of any I have used. Use Adam's link and save a few bucks as well.