Questionsadvice for 2 rows of navigation with different layout & translated in other language
asked 1 year ago

I am develloping  two navigation rows (like on this site). I made the layout in elementor pro/ my templates/ header. I made in dashboard menus 4 different menus. 2 sets of 2 menus in two different languages (English and dutch) as the two navigation rows needs to be translated when surfing from one language to another. For the translation I do use polylang.
This is my problem: I can set in the dashboard menu only one primary menu in English and dutch. The second navigation bar (which I have linked in element or pro, as well as the first navigation bar, to the menus in the wp) doesn't respond to the translation. Only the first menu bar (who has been assigned to the primary menu) does so.
Making one navigation menu doesn't allow me to 2 navigation rows with a different layout.
Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this problem? Many thanks in advance. Here is the link to my site if you want to have a look.


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