Adams WP email plugin recommendation

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QuestionsAdams WP email plugin recommendation
Eric Earle asked 2 years ago

Adam, i remember your advice from a youtube video ‘you really shouldn't be running wp auto emails off your own hosting/sever meant for your wp site' but i cant remember the plugin/ solution/ saas you recommended. i seem to remember it was quite a simple solution like the starting with free level of SendinBlue and their plugin but not quite sure. does anyone or you remember which youtube video it was that you went through this advice?

Eric Earle replied 2 years ago

sorry there Adam…
what i was referring to is actually from a Chris Lema video.

anyways, the actual concept is sound i would think. Generally don’t run email off your web sever that you are using for your hosting. (security, loads, etc) Instead use a SMTP email solution.

I guess now I’m just looking at the differences between:
– using gmail
– using a solution like SendInBlue and their plugin

plus if i am using
Convertfox… do they already do so or have the option
-Convert Pro… doe the plugin have a option to configure

any thoughts anyone?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Oh man, you just missed an amazing lifetime deal on ConvertFox, which is what I have since begun using.

There are a bunch of services with different “gotchas” on their free tiers. Before ConvertFox I was using Mautic, and actually still am using Mautic. It's free, self hosted, and works great.