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Milos Jankovic asked 4 months ago

Hi Adam,
Firstly I want to thank you for all the quality material that you are sharing with us.
Your brutal honesty and professionalism are simply inspiring. WPCrafter is the first and the last WordPress station, so I want to join the ride. 🙂
I am from Serbia, so Premium WordPress Training Courses are a little expensive to afford, but I saw your video from 2017. where you say that we can help you and get a discount for Premium stuff. Is that approach still valid?
If the answer is yes, I am willing to make you Youtube Table of Contents, so I can get a discount for WordPress Masters Course (Elementor Essentials, Maintenance, Optimization, Security).
$400 = 24 videos
Once again, thank you for WPCrafter! 🙂

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