PopupBuilder Review – New WordPress Popup Plugin

Updated: May 18, 2017
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In this video I review and demo Popup Builder which is a new WordPress popup creation plugin. There are some really nifty features that this WordPress plugin has that I think may give it the edge.

UPDATE: Popup Builder has recently been rebranded. It is now named UberPopups and has a few new features included as well. Look out for a review on UberPopups in the very near future.

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PopupBuilder Review – New WordPress Popup Plugin

It is human to be talking about a new pop-up builder that his hit the market new skin to take on OptinMonster pity that he popped up something like that forget the name of one of the other populating is another longtime ninja pop-ups but anyways this is the best pop a builder that I have seeing and guess what is called pop-up builder makes it out real simple but it totally kills OptinMonster so I deftly wanted to share with you in this video I’m on their website right now many do a little demo walk-through as you can see how it works if you’re thinking of getting or adding pop-ups to your website so anyways what’s the powerful about this new plug-in is it number one is can give you the you really easy to use drag and drop what you see is what you get visual builder in on the walk you through then show you that it it includes all the features you would expect or want from a pop-up builder which is exit intent different triggering events you can even put up a picture or an image or a button on your WordPress page or post and when someone clicks it will trigger the pop-up when it things it does that is very unique and has this to step opt in in the pop up in him to show you what that is it’s really really cool there is mobile pop-ups so you can control what happens on a mobile device for that there’s a bunch of really cool templates that have really unique components that are more geared towards marketers operate these types of elements can be used for any type of business you’re getting detailed a B split testing if you want to split tester pop-ups but there’s also reporting and analytics on your pop up how many times been viewed and whatnot and you get laser target these pop-ups as well see can only have certain pop-ups on certain posts or pages certain pop-ups on certain categories etc. etc. she can really fine tuning control the behavior of these pop-ups which is really cool and more so let me scroll down to take a quick look at the pricing before we actually take a look at the pop-up summit show you how all this stuff works on scrolling down okay there’s so much information here here’s a table of how compares to other popular builders and outside decision just click on this to go to the pricing page that would make quicker rate outside Christmas discount its past Christmas season and they still have the cell going on even in normal prices it’s it’s a good deal so there’s all of these different packages include every feature the only difference between package the package is how many sites you can install it on number one and how long these support. Last so the three packages basic problem premium are all one year support one your updates which is pretty much a standard and it’s a sign of a healthy business because that way they can make revenue each year when people renew also a waste 37 price normally 47’s gonna just be one website Pro three websites and then on the premium you’re going to get 10 websites however the ultimate which is great for developers you can install this is much as you want you’re getting a lifetime updates and lifetime support so that is a good deal of $200 I will CFU make this purchase is gonna go ahead and offer you a one-time offer of a additional design theory comes like 37 designs are so however it’s can offer you more designs and him and to show you some of those designs and why I think it’s a good deal anyways enough talking about this when we just go ahead and take a look rights I got a cold up here got it already installed on my test blog and it’s or deactivated there is a license that the involved and included in your fleet can first go to the speech here that says the manage your pop-ups all you have to do is click create a new pop up here you can name it whatever doesn’t matter really what you name it this is really just for you so are inevitably call this exit exit 01 in case I want to split test I might want to name him 010203 or something like that so anyways what you do that you can choose your different triggers right here and since I’m in a make this an exit pop that’s where it when your mouse goes off outside of the browser window to say navigate away from the page it’s good to trigger this pop up so that X intent right there and of theirs other really cool ones on entrance Osuna someone hit your page it’ll pop up or when someone scrolls a certain point down the page here’s a really cool one instead of having a little opt in box at the bottom of your post you can just have a pop up as soon as someone gets to the bottom of your post and others manual triggers as well
you might want to embed it on an image so someone clicks like a buy button or if you’re implementing content upgrades on your website so there might be a way for some to do content of grade so anyways once you select judges that boxes take a look at targeting psych and targeted by Pages categories there’s all kinds of fine tune targeting options available this actually really cool there’s a schedule you guys reschedule the pop up there is probably lots of unique uses for something like that you can write here choose the frequency of how often it will a pop-up so you don’t annoy your users seeking changes from 0 to 7 so seven would be every seven days they would see this pop up if they return back your website so someone comes and closes it they won’t see it again for another seven days so I would probably set this depending on the website you have I would sit one and that’s how I’m setting it so anyways, go ahead and click on publish and then scroll down here to… Start the builder in that skin open it up in the builder that it’s a custom builder to this plug-in it’s very powerful you can use it you could tweak as much as you want or not at all because the included designs are pretty astounding and they don’t look like all the other ones that you see on the Internet so for instance here’s one actually think this might be one of the upgraded designs seek it is drag and drop it over now the only reason we can’t see this guy’s face is because I have my windows shrunk so it it’s perfectly for the video but if I had my browser the way I normally would you deal to see the person find is actually pretty cool because you can change his picture and make it a picture of you if you want to have that personal branding it’s a visual editor so I want to change anything text you just click on it and start changing it and you can do whatever you want there this is actually a two-step often in the pop-up so say when someone’s about the leave their your website this pops up and they think they think think like all okay just click on that download this free report and when they click on it and the board he said yes it’s can it take him over to this page right here which is then and asked them for their email address some anyways in other services panel here on the right when you click on an element Thursday element specific settings so you can animate these different elements I don’t like to much animation I don’t like the whole pop of being an animated elements I don’t really like to have slide in fading pop in and stuff like that but if that floats your boat you can go ahead and do it right there border style or whatever so I would say get a look at another one that I think is so powerful and that’s this design here’s another one of the upgraded ones you know what you could actually just manually create this you don’t have to pay for the upgraded designs all it is this a timesaver so you can make a design just like this with the two-step now this of design in this type of pop-up you don’t see anywhere the only places you see it is with these then there’s there’s a service a very high price service that offers pop-ups like this and you only see them on the most profitable profitable blogs like for instance’s social triggers I see pop-ups like this on my seam pop-ups like this on quick sprout and basically it’s more of a pop up when someone first goes to the website and died at 70 yes or no question and that it will either go away meaning the pop up go away or switch to the actual opt in so right here this would be what would happen if someone clicked on you so these are very powerful Upton’s to have so let’s scroll down this is actually really good and this is why every business in America should probably have this plug-in lookout beautiful this coupon pop-up is so be killer for any business or specially local businesses that they just need that extra knowledge or motivation to get people in their store or to use their service or to buy their products to give them a quick discount pop so if I was on a business website and I was interested in their product or service and I went to click away to maybe find a competitor for price shopping and I saw this pop up I would respond to it so what’s nice is it says get my discount code in and when they click on it is actually get a prompt them to do an opt in and then you can me email coupon or something like that sucks others to be killer if you’re like a restaurant or something like that you wouldn’t necessarily need to given the discount you give a free dessert or something like that that’s one of the designs I think is really cool let’s go with the more basic design right here so this is another one with some personal branding were you can replace this with a picture of yourself I really like these off canvas elements and you can move these elements around so I just wanted to move it in a little bit more I could do that if I wanted to move this guy over a little bit more I could do that or replace any element entirely so let’s take a look at something else here that’s pretty interesting oh yeah video backgrounds in the pop up so there is a pop up here up here it is not cry when uses video but it’s really easy to drop your own video in take a look at this pop-up happens you have is countdown timer which is one of the marketing elements of show you but yet is really slick background video I went muse this background video personally but I do think that it’s very neat new so much so you got these elements you can easily drag and drop into your pop-up headlines lists paragraphs buttons media image videos audio different formats for your form she can have it stacked horizontal and then there’s some with rounded corners is all very cool there some social widgets I’ve print when you said personally different types of buttons which is really cool your marketing elements and I didn’t talk about this if you’re trying to give away free report that has a e-book builder built in to the popular builders you don’t need to go and hire someone to do that same thing with the computer screen you can actually have it be a picture that it automatically twists and slaps on it for you there’s countdowns that one specifically for something called T spring something and in our talk about as well as you condition geo-locating so actually go to one of these that does that in show you a demo of what that looks like Betsy’s year came scrolling down at some of these designs where is it there’s one specific one this one right here is actually more for initially designed for a T spring campaigns which I don’t I don’t particularly do nor might really one explain in this video but here’s that element right there is can actually show the flag of the air the country that the visitor is it which is pretty neat and here’s a countdown timer Alex a demo that for you so geolocation as you can put those dynamic elements in your pop-up you can add multiple steps any pop-ups you can build your own two-step pop pop-ups and hear some miscellaneous other things this is really cool countdown timer so you can maybe put up a five minute countdown timer saying you know with the coupon yet five minutes the claim this coupon so you you put that sense of urgency in there so nice once you actually show you one more thing on the options you can have an entrance animation so here is a flash Soto get someone’s attention there’s a balance out to stick with the balance just fine regarding click on save and then I’m a click on close click on update here and let’s just do a quick little demo also which night with my scissors as button here that you catch the preview it somehow click on that it just opens it in a new tab now this pop-up is not set to trigger until I move the cursor off of the screen so let’s see what happens you can see my cursor right here I just moved off it and then there it is you saw the the pop-up come out immediately it bounced which was my setting for the animation so anyways this is such a cool plug-in and I only got has scratched the surface on what this plug-in can do it could do so much more so anyways I’ve got a link to it down below if you’re watching this on YouTube I got it down below if you’re watching this on the website I got a button thereto with some more information so anyways I get this plug-in.

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