by Adam Preiser updated December 19, 2017

Plutio Review – How To Manage Projects Effectively For Freelancers & Small Teams


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Wondering if Plutio is the right project management system for your freelance or small team? This review will show you the inside of the app.

Plutio was available on AppSumo, but quickly sold out. It is currently available as part of Briefcase.

Video Transcript

In this video I want to talk about project
management how do you manage all the projects

going on in your business whether you’re a
web developer or any type of freelancer how

do you go about managing all of that enema
to share with you a walk-through of a new

tool called Plutio which has a incredible
deal going on for the next few days hi my

name is Adam from where I release
atomic content to help you get results with

WordPress faster if you’re new here consider
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like video notifications there’s a little
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on that and you too will let you know when
I upload a new video now the links everything

will be in the video description box down
below okay so I’ve talked about AppSumo before

they have a deal right now have a link below
will take you straight to it and its a pretty

interesting deal I bought it I’m extremely
impressed I think it will help me and I think

it will help you but the way AppSumo deals
work is there a limited time so typically

you have a start up sass software as a service
business and what they’ll do to get an initial

rush of customers as though will offer some
incredible deal through AppSumo think of it,

like group on the group on effect where lots
of new customers are named in a short period

of time so let me tell you what the cost of
this is that I’m in a show you it’s I walk

through the features and I’ll walk through
the actual application some of the pros some

of the cons and some of the features and I’ll
show you how it all works I’m very impressed

by this I really like the way that it works
so the way this deals and works is 49 bucks

and that’s a lifetime fee you pay that years
no more to pay and what this does is it one

web-based app to manage your entire business
and it does task management project management’s

you can send invoices a centralized place
to share files with your clients on projects

and also manage all of the communications
and one of things I love that also has a mobile

app for Apple devices I’ve already used it
I think is pretty amazing but there’s also

one available for Google if you have on them
android things and I don’t know who even has

a Windows device anymore a Windows 10 phone
so let me scroll down and show you what this

offers really quick for this $49 and then
I’ll get into it so you can have unlimited

project soups that highlight doesn’t look
good unlimited projects and you can have unlimited

clients in a way it works is you create a
project and then you create a client and link

them up with a project so that they can login
and communicate with you unlimited invoices

and this is actually pretty interesting you
can have five teammates in this plan so these

would be people that work with you so if you’re
a small team these would be your team mates

and it actually includes five I was actually
impressed by that that included any it actually

includes five and it’s very affordable for
additional teammates if your team is larger

than five it’s just $3.99 per month for an
additional teammate and you can have unlimited

contractors there’s several different user
types in the system so there’s clients there’s

teammates there’s contractor so you can have
unlimited contractors they can have items

assigned to them and they can go and see what
they need to do for invoicing you can collect

the payment on the invoices via PayPal stripe
or bank account just means that you’re going

to give them banking information for them
maybe to wire a cost to you so these are the

three payment processors that it handles I
know this probably doesn’t covers most of

the world but not all of the world unfortunately
and your to get future updates and integrations

that they add Xavier integration is coming
up at a list of things that are actually coming

and though one of the best things about purchasing
anything on AppSumo’s you get 60 days to return

it and there’s a lot of comments going on
here questions being asked about it I’ve already

skimmed through it so let me show you Pluto’s
website and then I’m in a show you inside

the application pitch is pretty amazing so
here’s the website right here and is so high

I can’t get over how nice the mobile app is
it’s funny how they put that at the very top

the mobile app is very functional and very
nice am actually very impressed with the no

I don’t have this all set up to be able to
to show you the mobile app in this video but

I will tell you it is very very practical
you can literally run your business on the

go if you’re using Plutio and you’re using
I hope I’m not pronouncing that right and

you are using the mobile app it’s very good
so you have this amazing task management so

for Projects You Get What Trl., Leo made famous
which is called the can band boards where

you can have these at different stages that
you see and you can have tasks and you can

just drag and drop and move them through the
process workflow that you have set up for

your business us you can have unlimited projects
and clients can have multiple plot projects

assigned to him when you go into project that’s
when you see this kanban board that you can

put together you can also delegate these tasks
that’s the features I love you toss the tasks

in there and then delegated out to your team
mates invoices I really like that invoices

are in here and then there is unlimited contacts
that you can have and there’s actually much

more to it let’s go ahead and log into the
the app itself now I wrote out a list of pros

and cons and some of the features that are
coming and I’m also going to do a walk-through

of kind of this interface because it’s going
to kind of help make the connection to what

this does and how can work for your business
first I’ll list those out and then I’ll start

going through the interface I just put some
quick information anywhere I’ve been fully

loaded it up just yet so let me say some of
the pros of using this app number one there’s

a very limited branding so with a lot of AppSumo
deals the sass vendors they tended dump good

amount of branding and then it makes sense
right so you’re using it and you’re exposing

other people to the app so they have their
branding whoever you’re exposing it to can

come in maybe be interested in it and that
makes sense but with Plutio there is a very

little branding so you can see I have this
URL appear so that’s one bit of branding that

obviously is the branding of the URL that
your clients are going to see let me show

you what happens when you invite a client
to project this is what the emails going to

look like I’m just showing this to you so
you can see the branding so the sending to

email after signing the from is going to be
Plutio and when you click to see the email

address is going to be [email protected]
I think that’s fine for me this is the welcome

email that comes and goes to out your clients
and your client would just go ahead and click

on this button and you can see right here
it also shows them the link if there was a

problem with the button and you can see the
Plutio branding right there and right here

just as this invite was sent you using the
sub Plutio app here so I think that’s actually

fine and then when an invoice goes out this
is what is going to show so the same thing

is right here it shows a Plutio because it’s
the notification email address is is actually

more of just the notification that is being
sent to your client so that’s why it’s also

using that right here but you see here’s the
invoice there’s no branding at all no mention

of Plutio when you scroll down and actually
get a snapshot of it there is actually no

branding there either so there is very limited
branding that is going to display with Plutio

which I like and I think there been some chit
chat on white labeling the domain right there

I personally don’t mind the branding at all
so okay so those are the branding’s you can

have unlimited clients so there is no limitation
Projects a limited clients you can even have

project templates you can do so much the still
comes with the five teammates which Artie

talked about I just mentioned project templates
so the way project templates work if I want

to create a new project I click right here
it pulls up my project I can click on create

a project but I’ll be able to give it a name
but then populate all of the tasks with a

template so when I click right here I created
these three stages just as a demonstration

and I created this one task here is a demonstration
of how the the Dragon and dropping works is

so and then if something is completed you
can just click on the check mark if you want

to add a note you can click on it and you
can add some kind of a description attach

a document if you wanted to and whatnot but
what you get is is to be at the ability to

have this be auto populated as a template
and I think that’s pretty huge because if

a lot of your projects are kind of the same
you’re going to have the same tasks and the

same stages and so that’s gonna be a huge
timesaver and you can have multiple of these

kanban boards per project so I created this
one right so say this project includes two

aspects that have different paths so I created
one called website and then here’s another

one I created called logo development I just
didn’t go ahead and create the stages for

this kanban board down here and this actually
works really well on the mobile app as well

my thing that doesn’t is dragging and dropping
into a different stage now this view is obviously

very familiar to you if you’ve ever used the
trail Leo but Charlie Eldon invented it’s

actually called kanban boards they were just
the first ones I really made it popular so

I already mentioned the amazing mobile app
I only have an iPhone so I was only able to

test and on that and I was extremely impressed
next is the notifications that this has let

me actually pull it up I think it’s right
here at sea when I click on that or was it

on settings okay here we are when you hover
over word says P right there I hover over

it then it pulls out this panel here and then
here’s the notification settings not by default

these four were off and I did turn them on
so look at these like amazing notification

options your web notifications desktop notifications
mobile push notifications I like that a lot

so you can just hit my phone for me and then
of course email notifications and then hear

your deciding what you action want to be notified
on and there’s also this daily digest which

is something I’ve seen in base camp which
is also project management only system and

it’s us started $100 per month so the deal
of this $49 is pretty pretty incredible next

let me talk about some of the cons and then
some of the future features and then I’ll

show you more of how this all works and it
will all kind of tie in together so some of

the cons this is not an app for sending proposals
but they are going to integrate with better

proposals which is another web app that a
lot of people use their talk about integrating

with that and maybe even having some basic
proposal sending the features in here there

isn’t currently multilingual support it’s
being worked on but it’s not in there yet

there is no time tracker so a time tracker
is typically maybe like an app on your desktop

where you started in you assign it to a task
or project and use the click start you do

whatever then you click on stop so there’s
this time tracking aspect it doesn’t have

that it might be coming next month they’ve
said on the AppSumo sales page that it would

be coming next month and one thing to note
this is not bookkeeping system so as not to

replace QuickBooks or any kind of online bookkeeping
service or app that you’re using on your computer

I think they will integrate with a bookkeeping
system however this is not for bookkeeping

this is for sending invoices and collecting
payments however I know I do all my bookkeeping

based upon my bank accounts and what comes
in and what goes out in real time reverses

a an invoice going in and out so I don’t actually
think that this should be a bookkeeping system

plus a bookkeeping system is an entirely different
beast okay so let me talk to you about the

future features that they said are coming
one of him they actually then use this terminology

but it’s called the email piping so what happens
right now when you create a new project and

you want to have the client to be part of
that project they have to have their own log

into the system now it’s actually very simple
for this to happen but they’re working on

it so that you don’t even need to they can
do everything via email because that might

be a friction point right we might think about
how the heck Mina get the client to have a

hard enough time trying to get website copy
and images for them how that can I had to

get them loaded into the system so with her
working on this technically it’s called email

piping and that’s where they can still communicate
via an email address via email but all that

info will be piped into the project for you
about right now what happens is when you add

a client and assign them to project 30 to
get this email right here now when they click

on this button right there were ascetics accept
invitation this is what they’re going to see

right here so there to be taken to this pages
can auto fill in their name their first name

and last name and it’s going to give them
your name and the project that’s at with that

the name projects is actually how you have
the business name set up in Plutio’s I’ll

show you that in a moment but then all they
have to do is put in a password and click

and continue and then there set they are all
good to go so it’s not very complicated for

them to do this but once they have created
their accounts any notifications they get

based on conversations on the project they
can just click on reply on the email and that

will be piped into the product comfort or
project conversation so that will be piped

in but they got a creek this account first
but they are working on it so that you don’t

have to create this account first and so that’s
what email piping is they don’t use that word

but that’s technically what it is it’s called
email piping next you have this calendar here

but it doesn’t integrate with anything right
now they are working on Google calendar integration

they are they did mention white labeling the
domain I don’t know if that’s can to be for

EE included in the plan white labeling the
domain but to me that’s not a big deal you

know Xavier they said’s coming towards the
end of the years as it is a pure integration

time tracking they said’s coming multilingual
supports coming and here’s three other things

they said are coming is reoccurring invoices
this is actually I think pretty important

because if you have a client where you say
have them on some sort of a care plan where

they’re paying you $200 per month they’re
going to be adding reoccurring invoices so

just know that that’s not there today splitting
invoices into installments that’s actually

very good because a lot of times so you’re
selling a web development project in its $5000

but you want to break that up into a maybe
a first payment of 40% a milestone payment

and may be a completion payment or something
like that you’ll be able to break that up

in two installments and another thing that
I noticed that it didn’t have but they’re

working on is when you’re creating invoices
it’s actually a little bit on the manual side

so here is an invoice right and right here
to add an item I have to click this and then

I have to give it a description of the item
a name and a description and then put the

amount in but with her when to be adding is
the ability to take the tasks that you’ve

created a ready for the project and add those
tasks into the invoice I think that’s gonna

be a pretty huge feature if you ask me so
alright so those I were to talk about the

pros accounts and their futures let’s just
just gonna jump around and take a look at

everything I like to usually take a look at
the settings first the so I’m in a first look

right here it says edit my profile and right
here’s where you can pop your name in your

avatar image definitely do that because people
are going to if you have clients log into

the system it’s nice if they see your face
your contact information and let’s see you

can put that all right here let me go actually
it didn’t take me to the overview so this

is your overview page right here and it shows
a tracking of all the activities that you’ve

done let’s take a look at the settings this
is actually what I wanted to go to so right

here you can change in control your log and
of course now this is good this is some personalization’s

here when I first sent the invoice the media
pull it up and had a date format that I really

don’t like I don’t like this date format words
day month year I like I’m the United States

I like day month year I’m sorry month day
here so you could actually come in here and

you can control the different formats of how
things look like that a lot here was my notification

options right there so system settings actually
that’s what I really wanted to show you so

there’s some system settings here for tasks
projects and invoicing and that’s where I

found this option here for projects when you
click on it you can set up a default workflow

and project templates I think that’s pretty
huge feature I know when I was first started

using it on like while this is going to be
a pain in the butt every time I have to create

a new project to put a new workflow although
stages in and then manually entering all the

tasks well you don’t have to it has the default
workflow right here so every time you create

a new project it’ll just be there and then
you can also have a project template I think

that’s pretty huge so I don’t look at tasks
you can have some custom fields in the tasks

to further customize this for your business
and then for invoicing this is where you would

set up the different things for your region
and how you want to get paid so payment methods

there’s stripe integration and there’s PayPal
and for bank accounts is right here just display

your bank account details on invoices for
wire transfers so that’s all that that’s really

going to get you and let me go back and take
a look at the other option so we have a currency

and you can pop in a tax rate right there
which is good and you can put terms that will

appear at the bottom of every invoice these
are these are really this is really well thought

out I hope you’re you’re seeing that as I
saw that when I started using this year so

that was the system settings all the here
it is edit business details is what I wanted

to show you okay so Remer when I showed you
this page right here this is when a client

receives an email and they click the link
and then they just pop a password and then

I said projects this is what the business
is known as in the system that’s right here

under business details I just named as I’m
doing generic things so I just named it projects

so they see Adam they see my name they see
projects that’s good enough for me and then

here is the subdomain everyone gets her own
unique subdomain I just chose that but even

let you click on this and change it which
is nice you don’t have to contact them to

have it changed which is kind of a pain.

You can drop your logo in the two different
versions of your logo put some business information

like that and the main contact information
for your business so me just go through here

and make sure I covered everything that I
wanted to I clicked on this great new business

I actually I think that makes a separate instance
a separate business I don’t know exactly how

that works so I didn’t want to mess around
with that something that’s really encouraging

is this change log know when you click on
that is committed to the change log here and

you could see all of the developments and
how fast or developing new features it’s actually

quite impressive what they’re adding at the
speed that there and adding it to here’s the

response from your email this is where I got
that information so when you’re communicating

with your clients you can just respond from
the email box and it will be piped right on

in of course they have said they’re working
on it so you don’t even have to have your

clients create an account which I think will
be good to reduce the friction okay so many

get back into the app here in a minute show
you a top-down of everything right here and

then wrap up this video okay so the first
is tasks this is a list of tasks unique to

you and you can do is just click right here
click on add a new task you can type in the

name you could delegated you can do some really
cool things here with the task here is an

existing task when I click on it in a pop
and a description right here now I didn’t

test it but I can add additional fields that
was that option in the back in there and I

can assign tasks to projects and boards in
groups and stuff like that I was they haven’t

use this feature extensively okay so here’s
project you can have unlimited projects this

was the default project that it came with
when you first set up the app and so this

is how it shows it to you it broken up into
the stages and this is what it looks like

when you have different tasks in their and
literally could just drag and drop it into

a different stage and you can have a column
here that’s is completed or launched or whatever

and just check on the box it’s so easy if
you wanted to add another kanban board you

have these options right here it says right
here new task board when you click on this

it’s going to go ahead and open up a new task
for here that can have its own stages and

you can keep creating different stages right
there now a project can also have conversations

actually I created one in the other tab this
is where is actually really good I hate communicating

on projects via email it’s so easy to miss
things and then you look bad or it’s just

not efficient so this is a great way of can
and condensing conversations I’ll show you

in a moment with the other project that so
here’s files you can upload files I think

this is great so your client can upload files
you can upload files I think it’s pretty huge

to have a central repository for these files
one thing I wasn’t clear on is how much storage

you actually get for files like this that
might be good for me to like that before I

make this video and then contributors so you
can add people to the project right here me

show you that other project were I did create
a conversation here we are some in a different

project I’m in the conversation is you can
have multiple conversations going about different

things and you click on it I can go here and
type my reply and there could be this conversation

going back and forth about a particular topic
and different items can be attached to it

as well so I think the project management
is the perfect if you ask me right here’s

a centralized spot for your conversation so
all end up right here you can stay on top

of everything in and says right here no more
messy email chains I hate email chains personally

I like to have everything in writing over
phone conversations I don’t like on-site conversations

I rather just have everything to be in written
form okay here’s the invoicing’s you can create

in unlimited invoices and sexy pretty simple
you just click on new invoice right here and

then you attach it to clients like this you
attach it to a project like that you put your

your dates in there you can go up here and
give the invoice a title if you don’t it’s

just to give it some kind of generic generic
name you probably not and what that is a pretty

cool you get a public link to the invoice
if you wanted to see you could just email

that personally versus having the client be
notified to receive that invoice notification

and like is a just pop in your your items
here in your note if I had a default note

I’m sure would’ve populated right there and
that’s all that there is two invoices but

if I click back you can see it went ahead
and put a generic number in there like right

here invoice had also right people these are
the people associated within the system I’m

supposing I haven’t use this obviously enough
this is the invited to the client and you

could see I showed you the email a moment
ago the email that went out to the clients

is right here now I didn’t click on this and
create the password so it still shows right

here as pending, soon when I click on it let’s
see I can add some tags to the client and

let’s see if I edit the profile I can edit
the profile of the client hopefully they would

log in and do that but I doubt that would
ever happen so okay so this is the people

assuming them that your teammates are all
going to be here all the people that are linked

up to the various projects are going to be
here this is the central location for that

here’s your calendar like I said right here
and you can see when the different tasks are

due so this is that invoice I created here
is the second invoice I created and there’s

these little dots is probably given it some
kind of indication like I said I’m not a master

at the system yet but I am really loving what
I see here is that activity log right here

so you can see everything that you’ve done
or changed or touched in the system I didn’t

see this why don’t know because I didn’t accept
the or create the account here for the client

I would like to see if they have a tracking
log as well so I can see everything they’re

doing as well as my team members so I can
see who’s doing what or if a mistake happened

who caused that mistake so anyways this was
to give you a quick overview now the way AppSumo

works is these deals come and then they go
in there also a little risky you know it’s

only $49 so you not risking a lot of money
it’s not per month it’s just a lifetime account

and where the risk come in as I talk to you
about the future features well they say they’re

doing it but they really don’t have any like
concrete obligation to actually follow through

that’s you do always take a little risk whenever
you’re buying an AppSumo deal but this one

I think the risk might be worth the reward
and I think that this might end up being one

of those really the that one of the best deals
that they will offer this year I can see this

really helping a lot of people it’s a simple
system as I showed you yet it’s beautiful

it makes sense the mobile app is really the
the seals the deal for me is to have that

mobile app and you don’t have to use this
for cured like a web developer connection

work with any kind of for freelance worker
freelance projects now for me I’m actually

going to be building I’m in the process of
building a team around my channel my YouTube

channel and I’m actually using it for that
purpose so I can have everyone on the same

table and collaborating in an efficient way
and I can see everything that is going on

so I have a link in the video description
below it can be PL UTI

O let me know what you think of this app in
the comment section down below but I also

like to hear what you think is missing from
this or that you’re using endings in existing

system or what project management a billing
system that you’re currently using and it’s

working out great for you in your freelance
business so hey thanks for watching this video

and I’ll probably have some more AppSumo deal
reviews coming out in the future.

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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