Watch This Before Disaster Strikes – Website Hosting Review

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: May 18, 2017
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Video Transcript

OnraHost Review

This is probably to be the most important
video that you could watch if you own a website

or if you have any applications that are with
a hosting company or in the cloud and in this

video I am going to talk about inexperience
it just happened yesterday and I’m a little

more honorable because normally when someone
as a failure or something bad happens people

like to talk about that kind of stuff in this
video I’m going to talk about this in it’s

good to be for your benefit now my main website
WP I have on the in motion hosting

and I’ve been recommending inmotion hosting
for the last year and a half and before I

was with in motion hosting I had my main website
with a different host and the only site I

really moved off was my main site
and I left a few sites on the old host that

I was developing that such a high priority
or weren’t really all that shortened to me

now yesterday that host name houses OnraHost
it doesn’t matter the name of the host because

this is a story in this is something that
can happen no matter who your web host is

so not trashing this web host although I do
think they’re completely incompetent and I’m

gonna show you why but anyways yesterday and
some Yorty notice this because I added live

chat to my main website and people were chat
me up that’s all there was downtime so yesterday

I got an alert and if you didn’t watch a video
I made maybe six months ago it was about this

free service called uptime robot and it’s
a video that shows you how to get this on

your website and what it does is it checks
your website to see if it’s online and ejects

every five minutes and it’s a free account
and you can monitor up to 50 websites so essentially

I know whenever my website goes down under
the note instantly because they’re going to

send me uptime robots can ascend to me an
email and the point that the Army six months

ago as if you’re not monitoring your website
your web host is not to let you know whether

it’s up or down you’ll be clueless in flying
blind completely as to how your web hosting

service is so I have this connected into some
of the old site I had on the old hosting company

and one of them is actually the site with
my name out of [email protected] and check

this out I pulled up a screen with how my
uptimes been over the last 24 hours and you

can actually see as the making of this video
the site is down and in the last 24 hours

I’ve had 49% uptime so but half the time over
the last 24 hours the site is been completely

down it’s currently down in you could see
this bar here represents the last 24 hours

red is what it was down in green was when
it was up and you can look at that and you’ll

see it’s been a complete disaster so let me
just talk a moment about what happened yesterday

only spend a minute or so because it’s important
to know what happened because the same thing

can happen to you and in that the second part
of this video of an essay share what you can

do to prevent a disaster like this is happening
to you and I believe with all my heart that

this is the most important video that you
will watch having to do with your website

is like a wake-up call and I want you to have
that wake up call NASA purpose of me to get

vulnerable and sharing this self failure of
mine so anyways of this is the weather will

straight your scope honor hosts I’ve met I
panic out the maybe two years now and it’s

what’s called a reseller account so I can
have lots of different cPanel accounts and

resets a bunch of geek speak when you scroll
down on their website to hear where is it

here could just click on reseller hosting
that’s what I have here some of their included

features okay and one of them right here’s
his nightly backup now I’m pretty sure the

web host that you have probably also says
they making night Lee backed up and that’s

an important part of the story and you can
see this uptime guarantee what we already

know you can look route right here my uptimes
been 49% and they guarantee 99% neither of

which has happened so yesterday morning up
uptime robot sent me a nice a notification

email it was like maybe seven in the morning
and I sought around 8 o’clock and basically

said my websites have been down for a few
hours and so I sent a ticket and here’s the

ticket desk and or you could see I’ve got
75 tickets with them but right here database

server is been down for quite a while so let
me scroll to the bottom of this ticket so

I let them know’s been down for two hours
and I was such a kind of shocked by the response

they responded by saying that yet was down
for eight minutes are you still having trouble

and I let them know yes I’m having trouble
my sites are down it’s kind of what I said

when I open the ticket and they said okay
we we might have this issue okay so this is

what started the whole thing and here’s why
having uptime robots monitoring your website

is so important it’s because most design your
web host they don’t even know if your sites

up or down the day they clearly didn’t know
it was down for hours and they didn’t even

know and I had to send them a ticket so that
they would know and that this is kind of leading

into the whole incompetence of this particular
web host but this can happen to any web host

provider so anyways after that the sites were
going up and down and out to make a long story

short as I scroll up here they had a problem
with the database server and then they proceeded

to restore much of databases and they left
everybody in the dark and I notice when my

sites were coming back up that they were old
they were restoring old backups so I noticed

that the backups were exactly a week old so
they were restoring week-old backups so basically

what that means is any changes that were made
to any of my sites or applications that’s

any changes made in the last seven days were
were gone okay so try to make a long story

short essentially at one point here he saying
that their singers can be no data loss and

I’m saying there is Seery restoring old backups
so they clearly just didn’t even know what

that was going on I was the one having to
report every thing to them and I anyways this

conversation went back back-and-forth as you
can see my from this graph right here my sites

are still down so yesterday you can imagine
was a a rough day okay now for me it wasn’t

the end of the world and that’s what I want
to say I was partially covered it wasn’t the

end of the world because I do have in all
my WordPress websites backup plug-in that’s

pretty phenomenal called updrafts and I miss
you then a moment and updrafts was making

backups and it was making those backups to
dropbox so was off-site with it in my dropbox

folder which then gets pushed on into my computer
so I had those backups which was a bit comforting

for me and my main site to the crafter wasn’t
even on their hosting service anymore but

the couple mistakes I made were I had some
non-word press stuff one of them being my

email marketing platform on their service
and I didn’t have a backup for that and that

was one of my failures a kind of might lose
I was potentially gonna lose seven days of

of collecting emails and tracking and stuff
like that which is catastrophic so I wasn’t

super worried because of the fact that I did
have some backups and I figured if I lost

seven days would it be the end of the world
and then yesterday they sent this nice email

that basically said there’s nothing we can
do if you lost data it’s called a reason for

outage and explained all this stuff of what
happened why the backups were happening in

wired this whole disaster and mishap and whether
to do to monitor it but basically is an email

saying we screwed up and there’s nothing we
or you can do about it and there is no recourse

and that’s the things I wanted to make a point
of in this video there is zero recourse between

you and your host if they lose everything
even though it says we guarantee this and

we guarantee that and we do this we make these
backups lightly and we guarantee all this

stuff there is zero recourse that you have
two hold them accountable to anything if you

read any web hosts terms of service it’ll
say that basically if they delete and lose

all of your data there’s nothing you can do
and there is nothing you can do and that’s

a whole point of this video I say this is
the most important video that you can watch

if you have a website and that’s because it’s
on you to back everything up everything it’s

on you and in the end the frequency that you
back it up it’s all on you so anyways I’m

absolutely going to be leaving them because
they are incompetent but this video isn’t

about them because this can happen at any
web host any web host is vulnerable to have

incompetent staff and trying to save money
hiring the wrong people my guess is that they

did something wrong and because all this data
loss and so for me the impact is going to

be minimal I have all my WordPress backups
the now the email marketing platform because

I use for WPCrafter a plug-in call Thrive
leads it actually stores that data and then

pushes it into the email marketing platform
however if there’s a problem the email marketing

platform and still stores that data so I actually
still have access to everyone that asked for

something and didn’t get it and everyone in
the past seven days that do me some information

so I can keep them updated I still have access
to that is just to cause me a loss of a little

bit of time to sink it all back up so the
point is matter what host you have or what

guarantees they have you are responsible for
backing everything up if you lose if they

have anything catastrophic happened and use
data the only one to blame is yourself there

is no recourse with your web host and if it
in the end the point is these things that

these things happen where they lose data and
there’s nothing you can do about it so this

is a call to action for you to have your ducks
in a row and I had some of them but I didn’t

have all of them to look at everything you
have on a web host in and decide what’s would

cause you harm if you lost it and then have
a plan to back that up so this is actually

what I have on all my WordPress websites it’s
called after updrafts plus know I have the

paid version you don’t have to get the paid
version have a free version that you can add

to your WordPress websites you can just go
to plug in the add new type up dressed in

the even give you the ability to schedule
backups and to push those backups to dropbox

which is off site and I’ll make a video specifically
on this but there’s a couple reasons why having

the paid version would I did have that I do
have the paid version but it in and configure

this one feature so when you when you get
the pay version there’s some extra added features

now most of you are getting need this if you
just have a WordPress website and that’s all

you need backed up don’t even worry about
it the free version of this plug-ins can I

have you totally covered but there is something
that I would have benefited if I was using

one is this at on here called more files so
my email marketing platform I could use updrafts

premium to back that up those files up and
then there’s the database but then if you

scroll down there’s a number add on it right
down here call the more databases and if I

would had this configured I couldn’t backed
up my email marketing platforms database is

well so I want you just imagine if you how
you would feel if you spent days of building

a website and you’ve got it perfect in your
proud of it in your product yourself and all

of that was gone because you didn’t do something
that would’ve taken you five minutes all that

data is gone and there is no recourse and
there’s nothing you can do it’s just gone

and I wanted this to be a wake-up call for
every body to make sure that you look at everything

you have on your web hosting provider and
decide what would be catastrophic to you if

you lost and then implement a backup solution
of drafts is great officious word press the

paid version of updrafts is great if you WordPress
and other stuff on your web server so I’ll

make a video on the free version of updrafts
and show you how to set that up push backups

into dropbox and then how to restore those
and then I’ll also make a video if you have

the paid version of updrafts on how do configure
it to backup other databases and other files

and folders, but that’s I can apply to most
of us up anyways I hope you can appreciate

me being vulnerable and sharing cut about
failure that I had even though I’m mostly

covered I’m not 100% covered of the inconvenience
of everything so anyways I hope you take action

and implement a backup solution now that’s
it for today’s video I love to hear your thoughts

on it in the comment section down below please
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right thanks for watching and I’ll see you

in the next video

Adam @ WPCrafter

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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