by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

How To Move Or Transfer A Domain Name To A New Host


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If you have a domain name that you want to transfer to a different registrar or to a different person altogether, this video will teach you how.

Video Transcript

In this video I’m in a show you how to transfer
your domain name from one place to another

place it’s a very easy process and him to
show you in this video hi my name is Adam

from were I make WordPress videos
that people can understand I make up for non-techies

and if you like the content in this video
I release him every single day pretty much

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that I got that out of the way let’s go through
the process of transferring a domain name

actually some just asked me for help with
this I thought to be a great topic for a video

show you where I have all my domain names
registered and that’s with a company called

name cheap now most people just use Go Daddy
is the first one they think of all just go

to Go Daddy however I find that name cheap
is just much better it’s a little less expensive

but that’s not why I use them I like their
interface better and I just really know like

much that has to do with Go Daddy on a personal
level but there definitely changing I think

name cheap is probably like the number two
company to register and store your domain

name set and it’s the one that I’ve always
used when you first register a domain name

they also give you a domain privacy for free
but you do have to pay to renew that if you

wanted to so because there are so many different
places that you can have your domain name

registered this video I’m going to be mostly
talking about how to do it in the concept

not actually showing you because I can show
you for the 50 different companies that you

could have your domain name registered at
and I’m in a show you how to transfer to name

cheap but the process is going to be pretty
much the same for any place you want to transfer

your domain name to I like to keep my domain
names that name cheap versus with a web hosting

that’s just for being able to move around
really easily so I’m a no show you how to

do it right now okay some unnamed James website
and any place you want to transfer a domain

name to their and have a register your domain
name option any transfer your domain name

option some go ahead and click on domains
and then transfer right here and so all you

need to do in this scenario is go ahead and
put in the domain name that you want to transfer

some to enter a domain name right now it’s
not my domain name it’s someone who’s I know

their domain name sums can go ahead and enter
that now and show you what it says okay it’s

digital the guy that has this domain
name and I know he’s going to have something

on it that I want to demonstrate so there
are a couple requirements before you can transfer

a domain name let me first refer over here
to the documents for name cheap now I wanted

show you that I’m and explain it all right
now but if you wanted specific instructions

for your specific situation I’m sure a quick
Google search would definitely show that for

yourself here’s the document is very wordy
but I’m in explain it so before you this couple

steps for you can transfer right so the first
thing you need to do is right here here’s

a requirement the domain name you want to
transfer can not have been registered under

60 days ago or transferred someplace else
under 60 days ago so as long as you registered

your domain name over 60 days ago or you transferred
somewhere over 60 days ago then you want to

transfer it someplace else you are in the
clear the second one right here is the domain

name must not be locked so when you register
a domain name like for instance with Go Daddy

they give you the option to lock it in that
prevents any kind of changes happening on

the domain names you’re have to go in and
unlock it next let’s take a look at the third

thing right here it says your domain must
show a valid email address when you register

a domain name there’s three contacts that
are associated with it and one of them is

the admin contact and that’s a name and email
address and an address and there’s an email

address there and so you need to be able to
receive emails at that email address because

what happens in this process an email to verify
things is going to go to that email address

and so what this means is if you have privacy
enabled on your domain name Juergen it temporarily

have to disable that very that privacy feature
that you might have purchased your NAFTA disable

that in your and I want to make sure that
that email addresses in some dummy email address

you might’ve put and it’s a real email address
that’s going to go to you so this is what

happens okay so here I am I I’m on name chief
I put the domain name in and it’s given me

some information so right now under it tells
tells you where the domain names registered

at Go Daddy it tells you if it’s a locked
and right here it says it’s unlocked so great

to for two were were doing pretty good admin
email and it says unknown this is because

this domain name has the privacy turned on
if it didn’t have the privacy turned on it

will show you the email address on that record
so because there is privacy on that domain

name it says unknown so you can come here
and if you put your domain name and you’ll

see all guys I gotta resolve this email address
issue let me go ahead and put a different

domain name enema to put one in that is mine
it is it’s show the demo to click on transfer

and let’s see what it shows me okay here we
go it saying it is unlocked and right here

it’s showing an admin email and this email
address does go to me so this is an example

of a domain name that is all pretty much ready
to go it’s meeting these requirements it’s

it’s older than 60 days it’s not doesn’t have
privacy turned on its unlocked I know I’m

good to go now let’s go back to those instructions
so this is really that first step of what

you need it’s pretty simple basic stuff there
okay so now what you need to do is where your

domain name currently is you need to get something
called an EPP code or it might be referred

to as an authorization code so there you to
give you this code in Juergen and need to

put that in for example where is it’85 Right
here you’re gonna need to put that code in

right here so then what happens is when you
get that authorization code you pasted in

here you can check out pay for the domain
name and then an email is going to be sent

right here and what is going to do is that
she is verifying that the email in the ownership

and all of that will be a link you click on
it transfer is initiated and your domain name

will be transferred within maybe 30 minutes
or maybe up to five days depending on where

it’s coming from so it’s coming from like
a Go Daddy or a big company like that it will

be very very quick the transfer will happen
so now the next question is probably well

how do I get that EPP code or how do I do
some of the specific things so on this document

and as a matter fact I put a link to this
in the video description when you scroll down

it has these associated articles and so remember
I just said a moment ago just Google for specific

instructions based upon your where your name
is registered and where you wanted a transfer

to well right here these results will end
up coming up if any of those says name cheap

so for example here is specific instructions
for Go Daddy specific intra-instructions for’s let’s go ahead and click and go
daddy and when you scroll down to gives you

perfect images on how to unlock your domain
name right here and then right here tells

you how to get your authorization code right
here in a just walking you through and then

there’s your authorization code looks like
Go Daddy emails it to you you click send and

you’ll get it that way and this is telling
you how to turn off that privacy so for example

if you’re transferring from Go Daddy to name
cheap you’ve got it all here very simple to

follow with some images so it’s just a really
simple process number one you need to make

sure that the domain name privacy is off number
two the administrative contact email actually

goes to you and you get your authorization
code with that you can go and transfer your

domain name pretty much anywhere so obviously
the the big variable is how do you turn off

the domain name privacy how do you get that
authorization code and stuff like that and

so where I guarantee you where you have your
domain name registered they have the support

they have support documents and they have
support staff you can just send a message

Hank how do I get an authorization code for
this domain name so it’s very easy to get

the little bits of help that you might need
now I have transferred domain names from very

random places and sometimes you have to get
those codes from the support I’ve experienced

that before and they took a long time to actually
provide that back and that’s why like to keep

my domain names just that name cheap and once
your domain names that name cheap you can

pointed to anywhere you want any Webhost you
want so if you had it on one host and then

you want to switch to a different host you
can easily change it because your domain names

there and you can just change the DNS settings
that should be for totally different video

now the next question you might be thinking
is will there be any downtime when I transfer

my domain name the answer is 99% percent likeliness
that there won’t be any downtime but you might

have these little offshoot fringe little tiny
companies and they kind of get all screwy

and stuff like that so there is is the slightest
possibility but 99% chance that you won’t

have any downtime so I wouldn’t really worry
about that soap anyways this video is just

about how easy it is to transfer your domain
names I also recommend and personally use

name cheap I’ll have a link to this article
I have a link to name cheap down below and

if you are looking for a different Webhost
also provided some links down below to some

recommended Webhost that I have so that’s
it for this video if you had any questions

I didn’t cover feel free to leave a comment
in the comment section down below I’ll definitely

love to answer it for you and help you out
in any way that I can they wanted to share

with me down below as well what is your favorite
place and to have your domain names registered

at and why well anyways thank you for watching
this video

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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