by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Manually Change WordPress Passwords


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Video Transcript

How To Manually Change WordPress Passwords

In this video only show you something a little
on the technical side but is something that

you want to know when you needed on the teach
you how to manually go into your web hosting

control panel and change the password to any
of the WordPress user accounts and you’re

not wanted to do this in those times where
you will actually it’s kind of odd there are

as instances where you need to change your
WordPress user I’m sorry your WordPress password

but maybe that there is not a Gmail account
type II is you can’t go the normal route in

Word press to request a password reset there
are times where you need to go straight into

the database to be able to change the password
in that’s were going to learn in this video

so I logged in to my WordPress website right
here in our scroll down to the users tab you

can see I got this one user account and is
called 60 minute website challenge so this

is going to be hypothetical we don’t know
the password for this the email doesn’t necessarily

come to us you can see it’s actually not a
properly formed email so if I did a password

reset request that wouldn’t work either I
would be in a difficult spot but it’s not

that hard to change so what you need to do
is really need to log into your web hosting

control panel now I use in motion hosting
I recommend them I personally use them there

a wonderful web hosting company and did this
is the control panel for them I’ve got a link

downloaded them and I also have a wonderful
bonus package if you sign up with in motion

hosting but if you different hosting is probably
look the same this is a standard was called

cPanel now it might visually little different
but these options are on the still be there

so we want to find the option that says PHP
my admin while at sea that’s exactly what

it says so for me I gotta scroll down here
and the x-rays your PHP my admin so go ahead

and click on PHP my admin it’s can open up
in a new tab let’s just give it a moment here

and now this is live the raw data that were
going to have access to exact data that WordPress

pulls from in order to decide how to show
things in this world your WordPress data is

stored so here I am and is probably looking
at near identical to this now right here were

to show the seven firm fruit for me that’s
the name tied to my web hosting account in

so for you it’s like to see that it’s gonna
say something different so we got this information

schema we don’t go in there for anything it’s
just good to be right here and I’ll go ahead

and click on the plus and this is going to
reveal all the databases that I have installed

on this web hosting account now I have these
three databases because I have three different

installations of word web to WordPress and
is something else I have on here and they’ve

created these databases now depending on how
many word press installations you have your

Tennessee one entry here for every database
you have on this web hosting account so for

most people might just be one in you would
be of the click into that so but for me it’s

not I got these three songs show you how I
would go about finding which one is the database

that is for this WordPress installation to
go ahead and click on the first one in this

can show all that one actually I know immediately
that this is its but with the show here on

the right is askew to show all the tables
in the database and the table were looking

for is WP_users in his right here now for
you depending on which plug-ins and themes

you have installed there might be a lot more
tables than this for me this is what I have

and are right here everyone’s good have the
WP users or it’ll say users to some security

plug-ins will change the front part WP_so
can be whatever users but if you don’t have

a special security plan units could be WP_users
of the click and that in his initial list

of all my user accounts right here now as
you can see I I just have the one in that

this is where I was going with the resident
essay Howard find out which WordPress install

it is I would just look at the user table
because I know this WordPress and only has

one user and that’s how I would know so right
here is what we need to change this user password

now currently concedes got all these strange
characters we’ve got $’s letters that’s not

the actual password that it currently is this
is the password but then it’s been encoded

in this is the string of characters so what
we need to do is we need to change this password

but we need to before we can just type in
and we need to encode it first so what is

called is this: MD five \’96 and what you
need to do is go to Google and type and D5

hash generator now for me I’ve always just
got of this site right here it’s MD

so what you do is you type what you want your
new password to be here and then you would

just click on generate and then it will give
you that strange characters just paste into

the user table so I wanted to make it so say
I wanted my new password to be new password

just like that I would do will first they
have to do this ARE things here then I click

on generates let me click on close and here
is what I need to pack outpaced in this bid

right here someone put in my clipboard the
number to come back here in rightward the

password is only click on it double-click
on it and now it makes it editable I’m going

to highlight it and I’m going to paste exactly
what damn D5 hash generator password site

gave me and if I click off anywhere out of
the area it just saves to the database and

that’s all there is to it to change the password
to a user account directly in the database

you change anything you want your phi wanted
to fix this up email address I would just

double-click on its input mine like that’s
and let’s go into the front end of the website

you can see the password did change because
it booted me out of the word press so now

I need to go ahead and log in and then here
I am on the user table you can see the email

changed in real time because I just changed
it in the backend and you can see that it

is perfectly updated here on the front that
since pretty much all there is to going into

the database and manually changing a password
to any user not designed to

follow the steps there’s not really much that
can go wrong just make sure you go when you

go to Andy five \’96 generate
the new hash code copy pasted in you are gold

that’s it for today’s video I love to hear
your thoughts on it in the comment section

down below please also give me a thumbs up
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here on the right thanks for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video

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