by Adam Preiser updated July 16, 2019

How To Manage All Your Websites In 1 Dashboard FREE – MainWP Tutorial


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The biggest risk to your WordPress websites is out of day themes, plugins, and the WordPress core.

If you have more then one website to manage, it can be a major pain to stay on top of your websites.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to manage all of your websites in one control panel.

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Video Transcript

This video is super important for anyone that
has more than one website in this tutorial

want to show you how to consolidate control
from a for of all your websites in one control

panels you’re going to be able to log into
one control panel see all the updates that

are available for all your websites you could
click one button and they will all be updated

plug-ins themes even WordPress itself there’s
also other options in this tool it’s a completely

free tool to walk you through everything in
this tutorial and like this it is perfect

for anyone that has more than one website
especially if you’re an agency new or managing

multiple websites hi my name is Adam from where I teach non-techies how

to use WordPress and this is actually very
timely tutorial because just yesterday I was

on Facebook and someone that I know of and
when those Internet friends you know people

you haven’t met in person but you talk to
them on Facebook or whatever I saw him close

that his all his websites were hacked into
and he didn’t know what to do and since IEM

Facebook friends with the guy I said you know
what just message me I’m in a help you out

and when I jumped into his web hosting account
to try to see what the heck happened the reason

all of his websites were hacked was because
he was using an outdated version of a plug-in

called ultimate shortcodes and so I went to
ultimate shortcodes of words listed on

and I saw there was a serious security problem
and they patched it like three weeks ago and

whoever hacked into his websites use that
vulnerability and so I helped them cleaned

it all out it took about two hours of time
but it was no big deal because I wanted to

just help this guy out and get him back in
business that being said my advice was him

to start using this he’s not a web agency
just has more than one website and this is

a tool for anyone that has more than one website
so you can keep tabs on it so the name of

the tool is main WP is go to main WP but it’s
in the WordPress repository to show you how

to install it and configure it I just wanted
to go through their website they do have some

extensions that you may want to consider down
the line I was just looking through the list

today and even though I’ve been using this
tool for the last three years and I have access

to all of the extensions you don’t need the
vast majority of them so I think the vast

majority of people aren’t you need any of
these paid extensions but some of them you

might want to know about for the future so
this is what this control panels can allow

us to do you can connect in unlimited WordPress
websites you can manage unlimited WordPress

websites through this one tool one thing I
really like the most is yet one click admin

access so right now if you want to log into
one your website you have to type in that

URL and then manually login but when it’s
connected and with this tool you just go to

the dashboard and you click one button on
the site that you want bam you’re immediately

logged in I really love that feature it’s
super convenient because I know about you

but I tend to forget websites that I have
been that’s what ends up happening you forget

you have a website it doesn’t get updated
in that’s when things start to break loose

centralized management multiple backup solutions
all talk about that plug-in and theme management

this is big user management content management
I don’t use it for that uptime monitoring

that I use it for that and security and vulnerability
checks so you can see the list of the features

that it has now let me go here to show you
the various extensions that are available

and I’ll just talk through them a couple of
them that you will need their actually free

so I’ll show you those but I just want to
talk through the various add-ons extensions

that should you are available just you know
that there there I think there’s a couple

that are really good if you’re an agency but
you can maybe purchase an downline once you’re

managing like 10 or so websites so here’s
an advance uptime monitor this is free and

it integrates with uptime robot this is actually
kinda cool but is a little duplicating because

you still have to manually add the website
into uptime robot but it is really cool you

can see had 10 websites you can look at the
uptime just by glancing article upload or

I don’t use this backup WordPress now some
of these plug these extensions with her can

add to it is the ability to use a third-party
plug-ins on your website and you know for

example updrafts it’s a backup plug in and
there are several settings you need to click

what this will allow you to do is automatically
configure all those settings in one click

so you can have all you’d also you say you
have 10 websites and they’re all using up

traps and you think I want to change a setting
instead of manually going to each website

and changing the setting you can just do it
in Maine WP that will push that change out

so there’s some time-saving features so here’s
a free extension that works with a free plug-in

called back up WordPress that’s nice that
it’s actually free here’s another one with

that works with a different backup solution
here’s a free one that works with blog vault

here’s a boilerplate extension what this does
is it I don’t use this either it allows you

to create commonly used pages on your sites
like a privacy support policy term review

stuff like that I don’t necessarily use that
branding this is actually for for people that

have clients that are actually logging into
the websites you may want to consider this

will allow you to change the branding of the
plug and you have to have installed on the

website you’re managing it’s cool and you
can also I think with this you can also change

other things in word press the kind of change
the look of a little bit adds up to you if

you’re one of those people that really likes
white label stuff but I find even when you

give up a website over to client and your
managing and form I find that they don’t ever

login so I don’t necessarily see this is crucial
but it’s definitely up to you broken links

check I’d never use that bulk settings manager
this is actually really good to change settings

in bulk across all of your websites clean
and lock this is free this is one that you’re

gonna want essentially since main WP the main
decentralized dashboard just gets installed

on a WordPress website I like to have a dedicated
WordPress install for it so what this will

allow you to do is when someone if someone
was to visit item I demonstrated was the visit

that separate WordPress websites they wouldn’t
see anything it would just redirect them to

the main one and I’m and explain that and
in configure that in this video client reports

as is when you’re probably going to want if
you are an agency and you have several clients

what this will do is allow you to it’ll automate
generating reports and all do cool things

like pulling analytics and changes and updates
made in all that so and send an automated

fashion that way your clients know you’re
actually doing something if you’re charging

them a monthly fee to manage the website and
you are clone I don’t actually use this this

will allow you to clone a website that you
have I had some problems with it I rather

just manually do with updrafts or some or
all in one migration code snippets this is

nice I’ve actually never used it and this
allows you to add little snippet codes snippets

to the various websites that you’re managing
comments I don’t use this you know I get an

email notification from my WordPress website
when there’s a comment and then I log in and

respond to it maybe if this is helpful if
you’re managing a lot of websites for clients

and those notifications aren’t coming to you
and you just want to see the comments and

maybe respond to them from the centralized
control panel however I find most websites

don’t really get any comments Lester spam
comments which you wouldn’t get as long as

you put some kind of spam blocking plug-in
here is an extension for managing custom post

types this would be creating and publishing
content to custom post types never use that

favorites this is actually kind of neat so
you can have a favorite plug-ins that you

want to install on the website so it makes
it easier to install a bunch of plug-ins on

a brand-new website you’re adding to main
WP to manage I’ve use that a couple times

actually file upload or this is just the upload
a file to a website analytics this is cool

I just manually log in analytics you can see
I’m saying showing you intentionally a lot

of these extensions you probably don’t need
so iThemes Security I do like this one when

I install iThemes Security on a new site that
I’m adding to the network it’ll configure

just the way I like it so it saves me the
manual hassle of manually configuring iThemes

security I do like this and it is helpful
if you want to change a setting you just change

it in Maine W Pinot pushes that change out
to all your sites if you have iThemes Security

on links manager don’t use that maintenance
this is okay but I use maintenance from a

different plug-in so I’ve never use the maintenance
actually for this but if you don’t have a

plug in that’s already providing these basic
maintenance type of see processes it would

be nice to have okay main body remained of
everybody this is to manage backup buddy page

speed I don’t use this either because you
have to have a plug-in installed on the site

and this kinda pulls in that information P
Wick it’s like Google analytics poster for

I don’t use main WP to push content out I
rather just go to these websites and put the

content indirectly so post-stripper you can
have it Post plus WP rocket that I do use

and I do like because I use that caching plug-in
I have that on all my websites if I want to

change something or pushing configuration
I can easily do that right here spinner don’t

use that I don’t like spending Securi this
is actually cool that it’s here for free and

it will do a like a malware scanning I don’t
use the free service anyway team control if

you do have an agency and you want someone
else to be able to login and manage it without

given the whole king’s keys to the kingdom
you might want the team control that is pretty

cool when you’re

on all your websites and if you have been
paying attention is channel I recommend everyone

use up dresses free backup plug and that’s
fantastic URL extractor never use that vulnerability

checker that’s probably cool in that’s also
free WooCommerce shortcuts WooCommerce status

this might be cool if you’re managing a lot
of WooCommerce websites and you want to see

snapshots of sales and things of that nature
Wordfence I don’t use Wordfence but that will

control that’s sorry guys WordPress SCO for
same thing managing that and here’s something

for getting some help so sorry’s videos get
a little long ledges get into the meat and

potatoes of it but I just wanted to show you
this for a reason I wanted you to know that

this tutorial and everything I’m showing you
you it’s all free there’s no cost anything

and later down the line if you wanted one
or two these you can get it they also have

a membership plan and you know I’ve been you
I do have the lifetime membership was 400

bucks I think while it’s pretty expensive
but I’ve been using it for three years so

I definitely think I’ve received my money’s
worth out of it okay so here there’s two ways

to install this essentially that the control
panel is just a plug-in now you could put

it on your main website if you want I don’t
like doing then I like to maybe keep it separate

but it’s your choice okay so there’s a couple
things you can do you can install it on your

main website if you wanted to number two if
you have you heard me talk about local by

fly Willits this app right here let me pull
it up local by fly will and it installs WordPress

on your local machine you can actually use
this for reaching out and managing your websites

out on the Internet if you want and I actually
did this for some of the time that I all that

I’ve used main WP or the third option was
something to show you in this video is to

create what’s called the subdomain install
WordPress there and install main WP there

and that’s how I use it so I would do dashboard
that you are a would be dashboard.the name

of the and that’s where I would go
to manage everything so I’m logged into a

web hosting account that I have with InMotion
and this is where I’m in a do something to

jump into cPanel and so any hosting account
you probably Artie know how to install WordPress

but I want to show you how to I add a subdomain
and then install WordPress so essentially

all BC panels remote the same so you just
want to scroll down to where it says subdomains

it right here and so I’m in a create a subdomain
know what happens is first we enter what we

want the first part of that domain to be and
then right here we have the second part of

that domain which is your domain name now
if you have more than one domain name on your

hosting account this will show you a list
of them so I’m to go ahead and enter dashboard

okay now when I enter that and I click away
it’s can show me what it’s gonna look like the demo and all I have to
do is go ahead and click on create and it’s

gonna go ahead and create this subdomain for
me and then I’ll be able to install WordPress

on it so here it is success
the has been created some and click

on go back and actually I don’t need to do
that I want to click on home I’m sorry I want

to get back into my cPanel okay so now you
can install WordPress the way you like to

do it I like to do it with soft calculus and
it is right here soft tactless moment click

on WordPress it takes me right in the soft
calculus on the go ahead click on install

now for here what I would suggest if your
Webhost provides free SSL certificates and

InMotion is one of those website hosting companies
that does provide free SSL certificates I

would go ahead and installing on HTTP so for
me I think I can go to go back here to see

panel actually was right here I’m sorry so
I go here and I can go to manage free SSL

basic like this and I can actually enable
the free SSL certificate right right here

actually it’s automatically going to install
it sorry because I had this enabled souls

automatically to put that free SSL certificate
in for me okay sorry for getting sidetracked

there I’m just wanted to show you that is
probably good idea to use the SSL certificate

if your Webhost provides a free one

you can visit order new to see
a list of them okay click on install now HTTPS

is perfect so now many choose the domain but
I need to choose that subdomain that I just

created so it’s dashboard showed a demo and
so I’m in a scroll down here I’m a go ahead

and fill this out I just need to put a username
and a password in and then I’ll go ahead and

click on that install button okay I’ve filled
that out my admin account right there and

subtitle is depending on what host you have
might try to install an additional plug-in

or so and so this was trying to install WP
forms light, and uncheck that because I don’t

want to install anything I go ahead and click
on install it just can it take a moment or

two and it’s going to install that for me
I will say sometimes when you add a new SSL

certificate it might take a little bit of
time to propagate or go into effect soreness

if it’s working for me if not I might get
some warnings temporarily okay so looks like

my installation is done and so I want to go
ahead and click where it says administrative

URL and hopefully this works yes my SSL certificate
is not working just yet but I can click on

advanced and I can click on proceed which
is totally fine and it’s can it take me right

in so here we go now I’m in a go ahead the
plug-ins click on add new and let’s do a search

for main WP okay when you do the search working
to see the various plug-ins that are available

so main WP dashboard is what we want to install
here now on each of the sites that were going

to manage through main WP we want to install
this main WP child so’s I’m on the dashboard

and venues in Maine at the BP dashboard now
as I scroll down we have these two additional

plug-ins that are freely available here those
free ones that I showed you roaming to his

website except to get an account on their
website in order to install those okay so

we have made a VP child reports I actually
do not know this is I think I know what it

is this will track the changes that actually
happen from a settings lot level like auditing

everything on the child websites and then
we have this thing called main WP key maker

surprise actually offer this for free this
is more advanced I’m knocking to go over in

this video and that’s because I haven’t even
really used it myself but the concept behind

it is with this and it’s a little complicated
to use you can actually automate the settings

configuring the settings of any plug-in you
use in WordPress using this free plug in right

here it looks like that’s it somehow to go
ahead and install this dashboard and give

you a quick look around on that it’s just
gonna take a moment to install and then I’m

in a go ahead and install the child plug-in
on a website and automate some backups okay

I just activated it while this is actually
new that glad what more plug-ins are doing

this having some kind of an onboarding process
never gone through the main WP because I installed

it three years ago so looks like it’s going
to take us through all of these steps so let’s

just go through it together I go ahead and
click on let’s go and it’s asking me all this

is very good where I’m installing this so
I’m actually installing it on the Webhost

but I told you could also do it on a localhost
so go ahead and click on continue now what

it’s doing is it’s checking certain things
on your web hosting account and it’s basically

saying what is the PHP version is there SSL
all this kind of stuff it’s all there checking

all your versions I’ve got a pass on all of
them sweet let’s click on continue now there’s

little tweaks it’ll make based upon your hosting
account so by default you would choose the

type of hosting you have so I am on a shared
hosting and this is where you tell it how

many child sites you’re going you’re planning
on managing Stephanie less than 50 a click

on continue and so now were going to optimization
know what this is seeing is asking is if I

want to hide it from Google or a bot that
I’m using it main WP I actually do have this

enabled on my where I use it so many click
on yes but you would want to read this and

make that decision for yourself now what this
is is asking and this is one of things I really

like about Maine WP and why I wanted on the
Internet is it can automatically do these

updates for you you don’t have to log into
it and click on update it’ll manually scan

these websites daily and I will manually add
these updates and what you can do is you can

say I don’t want you can mark plug-ins as
do not update which means you’re considering

it one of those things you don’t want to automatically
update is maybe you’ve had problems with it

in the past so what this is saying is for
the main WP child plug and you want this to

be a trusted update meaning you’re saying
this update you’re free to update this automatically

without me so let’s leave that to yes of course
notifications this your definitely going to

want to turn on essentially what happens is
when it maned a VP automatically scans all

your child websites to find updates to let
you know if there’s update you’ll get an email

I like that so put on yes and put in your
best contact email where you know you’re going

to see it sometimes I don’t like you getting
automatic emails I’ll tell you that I can

get a little annoying but something is important
is this I think it’s really good so right

now it’s actually asking you if you’re going
to use main WP for backups and it’s giving

you the option of one of these free extensions
to manage these backup plug-ins little back

story main WP used to do its own backups and
over time is not an easy task to have a backup

plug-in because there’s so many different
hosting environments so what ends up happening

is it was problematic and so they instead
decided to allow you to use these free plug-ins

and then just control the settings remain
WP so here are the various plug-ins I recommend

updrafts on a leave that enabled and it’s
a free extension I’m assuming it’s automatically

can add it for me so let’s go ahead and click
on continue now right here is what I was saying

when I was showing you those free extensions
on main WP’s website that you actually need

an account there that you would put in here
in order to download those free extensions

and if you bought something in the future
those as well so because I said yes we want

to make backups and I chose the updrafts right
here it’s essentially saying you just gotta

make a free account in order to download these
kids are not in the repo for whatever reason

and that’s okay so you just want to click
on this green button and it says it’s going

to take you over to their website so when
I click on it it opens in a new tab so you’re

still here at this step and right here if
you didn’t want to you can click here to well

actually didn’t really read this is as if
you put it prefer to register later I can

click here to automatically download and install
the extension that’s pretty cool let’s just

do that for sake of time although there’s
no problem with using the plus the set up

an account with them in getting the plug in
that way and it’s good because kind help and

it doesn’t look like it actually worked that’s
okay, click on continue will will get will

circle around back to this now on the step
where it’s talking about the WP crime this

is a technical thing that all kind of web
apps have it’s called the Cron now what a

crime does is it basically it automates processes
and so one of the automated processes and

here is to go to the child sites and to see
what updates need to be done are available

and to do it and so that’s called the Krohn
now crimes need triggers and so right here

the way WordPress triggers crayons is WordPress
as soon as it gets a some traffic on the website

that’s when a crime gets triggered this is
saying let’s instead since is again to be

separate sites you’re knocking to get any
traffic on it that Krohn might trigger at

irregular times so what this is saying is
why don’t you set up and uptime robot accounts

went up to uptime robot does is it it checks
your website every five minutes to see if

it’s online that would be the traffic that
would trigger the Cron I would actually skip

this step I would recommend that you set up
uptime robot in fact I have a video if you

search my videos or my website for how to
monitor uptime or just search for monitor

uptime I have a full tutorial video on how
to set up a time right robot and I strongly

urge you have uptime robot on all of your
websites so that you can know immediately

if there’s any downtime also get to know how
well your web hosting company is doing so

I’m going to just click on continue let’s
see if it lets me move forward now I really

like this step so what this is saying is since
I’m using this plug-in on a dedicated web

of WordPress installation I’m not getting
use posts and pages in media and appearance

in all those normal WordPress settings so
if you’re doing it like I am I can actually

just have it automatically hide these unused
portions of WordPress that I’m not to use

so I don’t need to see the dashboard the posts
the media Pages appearance the comments users

are tools because I’m just using this WordPress
install for main WP this is going to clean

it all up for me and then there’s this separate
sidebar navigation just for main WP this is

how I use it you can actually change this
later in the settings if you want but you

wouldn’t want to do this if you’re putting
main WP like on your main website is the now

you’re in an not see those options in the
sidebar summit click on continue I do think

it’s best to use it main to BP on its own
WordPress installation though okay so were

at the end here and it’s is at a new site
so let’s click that and here we are so this

is now what this WordPress installation looks
like and it’s taking you into her tour so

essentially what we need to do as we need
to put the URL here of the site were adding

we need to put the username right here for
it right here you would put a friendly name

so this is when you’re looking a list of websites
this can be the name that you actually see

there and this is good if you have tons of
websites you can group your websites right

here but we need this child unique security
I the right here I’m actually going to end

this tour and I’m going to go ahead and add
this first website actually you know what

I’m in a show you how to do it from from scratch
so here is what your main WP dashboard now

looks like it’s pretty slick if you ask me
let’s go ahead and get rid of some of these

notices so right here and saying do we want
to allow auto updates of Maine to BP child

let’s just turn that on and try to get rid
of this notice right here it is oops let’s

go up here and here’s the last one is basically
saying it’s funny that saying it now basically

say my advice of install this on its own WordPress
installation so I’m just going to go ahead

and click there so now we kind of have a free
clean website so I can click on overview and

see an overview of my websites and right here
let you know when the last sink was done this

is sinking is when it checks the website your
child websites for you for updates and things

like that and here’s some snapshots of it
I don’t have any websites in here so when

I’m in a dues him to go right here it says
sites and I’m in a click on add new and this

is the process of adding a new website so
I’m to go ahead and start filling this out

but I’m not can have this unique security
ID because I need to get that from the child

site number to show you what I mean okay so
I just put in my URL and I put in my username

and my friendly site name which is auto generated
that that’s fine okay Sonoma to show you how

to add the main WP client plug-in so here
I am on the website and get a add show the been using this for a lot of demos
using the website need some updates to so

many go to plug-ins add new and I’m in its
type in Maine WP now this time I need to install

the child plug-in this is what you’re going
to install on all the website you want to

manage a go ahead and click on install now
and then when activated it’s going to give

me a unique code that I need to copy and paste
in to the dashboard plug-in app or whatever

were calling it so here it is Edson giving
you this warning now as soon as you activated

and that’s because now anyone that has that
unique ID which no one would even have it

anyway they can like now connect into your
websites you don’t want to activate the child

plug-in and and then not do the other part
which is actually finish connecting it to

the dashboard okay so it’s giving you that
warning so EA use actually show the ID I needed

to copy and paste right here but it’s actually
not doing that summer to go to settings mean

a child and see if that’s words can you give
me my ID oh I see I could actually connect

it without the unique security ID that’s what
this is saying so I forgot that the unique

security ID was actually an optional thing
but I would actually think you would want

that by default so I’m assuming I can click
add new site and it will connect but I rather

use that unique ID so I think I want to go
ahead and click here require unique security

ID click on save changes and I’m assuming
it’s there it is is going to give it to me

and then when I take this code I can go ahead
and paste it right here like this and then

click on add new site now what it’s going
to do is right here it will let you it’s checking

the website and it will let you know if it’s
connected properly now it’s not connecting

properly for me because I actually put an
email address for the administrator username

I didn’t actually use the username and that
is because I don’t remember what the username

is which is a big problem so let me go here
and get the username real quick and it’s this

right here some to go ahead and copy and I’m
at a pace that username and you should know

what your usernames are I just use that for
test things I’m been a bad example here right

now when I click on add new site it’s saying
adding the site to main WP and there it is

so now I have my site here and so what can
happen is your idiocy right here a list of

your websites and right here will be the name
of the sites and the URL if I wanted to jump

right into the admin I can do that right here
and what this for means is this so if I’m

here on the WordPress website you see right
there I have four updates that need to happen

here now actually if I do a refresher to see
this attention go away because it knows it’s

now connected two main WP all of it done I
now have connected this website to mean WP

so here I am on main WP I can click on overview
again and check this out when I click on overview

right here it says there’s four updates available
and so if I had this connected to 10 websites

and there’s 30 updates available that’s what
it would show me says there’s three plug-in

updates and one theme update and when I click
on this I can see what the plug-ins are and

so here’s the three plug-ins that need an
update and the same goes for theme updates

right here also if I had any WordPress updates
it would show that right here now it’s nice

as I can just click on update everything went
when I do that all click on update everything

and then I’m in a click on okay and what it’s
going to do is it’s now going to go into my

child websites that have updates that are
needed and it’s going to go ahead and do those

updates all automatically for me I love that
and so in the beginning of this video I told

you about that situation where I help someone
whose websites were hacked wolf he was using

main WP he had known about it was using main
WP then he would’ve easily been able to’s

you have an easier way to keep tabs on all
of his websites one click update everything

like you just saw me do and here it is it
says you’ve just updated one site for total

updates and 22 seconds so here I am if I do
a refresh we should see this go away let’s

do that and that’s because main WP just updated
everything on this website for me so I close

out that tab and close out this tab here’s
one of the convenience features that I like

a main WP I can click on sites right here
and I can click on it manager sites will it

automatically takes me there and I can see
my list of websites what I can do right here’s

click on open WP area and it just takes me
straight on into the website so if I have

20 websites is kind of a pain in the butt
to have to type in the unit URL for your further

website want to go and then type your username
and type your password when you haven’t done

this way you one click and you’re right on
in there to the website so there it is so

here is all of the various settings that we
get with that main WP let me just go through

some of them really quick if you want to add
a new website you go to sites add new and

you saw how I connected it you basically fill
out the information then you install the client

plug-in on the website you want to control
generate that security key copy and pasted

and connections done you now have a centralized
place to stay on top of everything okay you

can group them if you want posts and pages
I don’t actually use this to create a post

or page and push it out to the child websites
you can do that if you wanted to and that’s

what this is you can manage themes so I just
clicked on themes so you can manage the themes

on these websites you can install you can
do so many things with it I think the plug-ins

one I want to take a look at because that
is a bit more practical so it’s click on manage

plug-ins so right here I can do a search for
a plug in and I can manage it on these websites

so I can disable or delete plug-ins plug-ins
on all of my websites on my neck network if

I wanted to I like this install tab right
here what this is going to allow me to do

is literally install a new plug in on all
of the websites I select so right here on

the rights I was so sure the left I would
choose the plug-in here on the right I would

choose the websites that I wanted and if I
had 10 websites I could just click all and

it will install this plug-in automatically
on all of these websites for me so if you

have 10 websites in here they don’t have backup
you can you can enter updrafts right here

where it says search plug-ins so I entered
updraft I can go ahead right here click on

install this plug-in and then I can should
click on this checkbox and then right here

I can click on complete installation and it’s
going to go ahead and install it on all the

websites that I checked the box on and also
if we had the main WP updrafts plug and I

could configure them all at the same time
as well alright so I think there’s a way to

their it is this is really cool and I’ve use
this so not only can you mass install a plug-in

from the WordPress repository you can also
mass install a plug-in where you have the

zip file downloaded so you just click right
here it’s his upload zip drag and drop it

drop here and you can push it out this is
good if you are wanting to update a plug-in

manually what you can do is you would do the
same thing you would upload it but there’s

this box right here that’s is overwrite existing
plug-in if already installed so what that

means is so you have an old version of a plug-in
on all these websites a new version is out

you don’t have auto updates you can automatically
update them all through this it will just

update them all for you with the version that
you upload here that I think is a huge huge

time saver okay so there’s some other tabs
here for that I really love it user settings

assist take a quick look the settings and
kinda wrapped this video up I think you’re

seeing the power of using this the simplicity
of it it’s really simple you’re just installing

the dashboard and installing one plug in on
the websites and now you can manage them all

and it’s worth your time so we can have lots
of options here that you can tweak now a lot

of these options we actually set and configured
in that onboarding process where we went through

all the various steps okay so there’s nothing
really new here there is something that I

want to find and that is the option to automatically
perform the updates for you so let me just

spend a minute click around find that setting
for you okay I found it sorry this is where

was and I’m assuming the same setting would
be available in themes to go to plug-ins and

then you would go words as auto updates obviously
and here’s the tab on auto updates and give

you some information on how you want the auto
updating to work so right here it says we

have this option tell the dashboard what to
do we trust the plug is okay plug-in automatically

daily updates installed trusted updates or
do you not wanted to automatically install

the updates you want to instead to email you
a notification or do you want it to automatically

not exit that makes no sense you wanted to
not automatically install updates and some

of you might want that fine control to have
it not automatically install updates and this

is where you would go ahead and set that I
have been using the automatic updates and

I actually like it a lot so looks like right
here it’s automatically good new update trusted

updates and so I don’t realize if you have
to mark one trusted or not I think they’re

all trusted and less you market as on trusted
you actually have to use it to see how that

works for you actually if I would just read
a little further it’s right here decide which

of your plug-ins to markets trusted so this
is actually interesting so I want to click

on show plug-ins in this progenies this will
show you all the plug-ins you have installed

across your network of websites and you can
choose what would be trusted in automatically

updated automatically for you so if you wanted
them all you can just check here in all of

these will be automatically updated for you
so say you wanted to remove one of these you

don’t want it automatically updated say Elementor
you check this box and now Elementor will

not be automatically updated your typically
maybe if you wanted you would be not automatically

updating a plug-in that might is have had
some issues updating in the past where there

is an update and something breaks maybe it’s
a plug-in you’re dependent upon but sometimes

the developer doesn’t release reliable updates
than you might in those scenarios you might

not want it to automatically update and this
is what you’d want to do to choose what gets

automatically update I love the flexibility
in the power there so okay this videos already

way longer than I wanted it to be will go
ahead and wrap it up right now I really want

you to consider using this if you have more
than one website it’s going to be a lot easier

don’t be like my friend my poor friend on
Facebook who didn’t he had like 1010 or 15

websites and he didn’t have a centralized
way of managing itself a certain uplink dates

did not happen and because of that all his
websites got hacked into because of the vulnerability

that was there and it took a lot of time to
clean it up but worse off his websites were

down for two days because the Webhost has
to take those websites down I don’t want that

to happen to you I want you to control all
your websites in one location I want to use

updrafts and have a backup I want to use iThemes
Security and you have all your websites have

that extra layer of security and the best
best thing is all those three things I listed

they don’t cost you a penny is just gonna
take a little bit of time to implement it

but you’re in a be set up right it’s the stack
that I’ve been using for years so since I

didn’t say the beginning of the video if you’re
new here and you like valuable tutorials like

this consider clicking on the subscribe button
if you don’t want to miss a thing click on

the bell off to the right and you too will
let you know when I upload new tutorials like

this so if you have any questions about main
WP or you want to suggest an alternative solution

go ahead and leave that in the comments section
down below I do want to say there are alternatives

I made a video on all the alternatives before
and I I said why I chose to use main WP and

I’ve used other solutions but I think maned
a VP I really like it and I’ve been using

it for years and I’ve used other solutions
you can check out the video if you want it’s

how to manage more than one website with WordPress
and the centralized dashboard something along

those lines anyways this video is Artie been
too long thank you for watching sticking with

me for this long and I will see you in the
next tutorial video drip feed outposts to

your websites at that size are needed up drafts
plus I do like this so I didn’t actually realize

it’s free so this is actually good and be
really good I didn’t know it was free that

is sweet so essentially this can allow you
to configure updrafts an emotion does go daddy

doesn’t there’s so many that don’t but there’s
good ones out there that do all the holes

that I recommend I will only recommend the
Jos’e9 gives you free SSL certificates

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