by Adam Preiser updated November 17, 2017

Make WordPress Faster ???? 3 Things You Can Do Right 3x Faster


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Right now there are 3 simple things you can do to make your website much faster.

One of the top questions I get is how to speed up your website. And while website hosting has a huge impact, there are also a few other things you can do.

Video Transcript

Make WordPress Faster ???? 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Your Website 3x Faster

In this video i’m going to introduce three simple
things that you can do right now to date in

order to make your WordPress website fly I’m
talking all about speed today making your

slow website into a fast website hi my name
is Adam from were I make WordPress

videos for non-techies I upload these daily
and if you enjoy the content in this video

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subscribe button so let’s just go ahead and

get in now the funny thing about this is I’ve
actually covered all of these topics before

in videos now the thing is I know when you
go to my YouTube channel I have so many videos

here available for you you might not realize
everything that is there so the three things

that I went to share with you today are good
to be very easy you can implement these today

and you can benefit from a faster website
in it is so important and so crucial that

your website is fast because if it’s slow
I gotta break some news to you I’m gonna leave

if I go to your website and it takes over
three or four or five seconds to load I am

out of there I mean I am gone and nothing
I’m going to sit around awake and the people

that are coming your website they’re knocking
to sit around and wait either so it is super

duper important that you have eight fast website
so the first thing working to do to make your

website fly is to upgrade the PHP version
that you have on your web hosting account

now the nice thing about YouTube you can actually
click through to my channel click on the videos

tab and then there’s this search option right
here if you do a search for the word speed

right here it’s actually the second video
how to make your WordPress website run faster

by changing one is setting and this video
is all about changing the PHP version on your

website and I know that is a super technical
geeky acronym thing PHP blah blah blah all

you need to know is that you’re probably on
an old version you have control to upgrade

it to eight more recent version I cover it
step-by-step in this video and it really only

takes a few minutes to implement and this
is really where you learn whether the person

you’re listening to on YouTube knows what
the heck they’re talking about I watched a

video recently where someone compared all
these different web hosting accounts and I

thought that was pretty interesting but he
wasn’t making sure they were all set the same

especially when it comes to this PHP version
now some web hosts not a lot of them a very

select few of them when you get a new web
hosting account there gonna put you on PHP

version 7 by default but the vast majority
of web hosts are not going to do that and

the reason is there may be some compatibility
issues if you want to be on the more recent

version so they usually put you on version
5.6 all of this is explained in this video

and it’s very easy to consume and I even teach
you how to find out if you’re going to have

any problems out any well coded WordPress
theme or plug-in should have absolutely no

problems under PHP version 7 and it is so
much faster and is can make your website load

is so much faster and in the Bakken of WordPress’s
can you make that so much faster so go ahead

go to my website actually put links to these
videos in the notes section of this video

but you can come to the channel here and do
a search it’s super easy I meant to show you

that right here here’s a little search icon
you can click on that and reveals this little

option here to search any of the videos on
this channel so if you do a search for the

word speed it’s gonna pull these up and you
might want to take a look at some these other

videos right here am going to teach you how
to test the speed of your website but this

right here it says double speed in one setting
this is the video that’s gonna show you how

to upgrade your PHP version with your Webhost
now also some web hosts might not make it

so easy and in those scenarios all you have
to do most likely is to submit a support ticket

to your Webhost and say hey can you upgrade
me to be HB version 7 but you’ll see in this

video you don’t have to do that it’s actually
in your control panel super easy to implement

any good web hosting a company is going to
give you the option to upgrade to PHP seven

the best part is you can easily go back down
to the version that you are on your not committed

to being on version 7 the speed is going to
be huge for you though okay let’s move onto

number two number two is to optimize your
images and it’s the same thing you can search

for the word images and here is the video
right here how to optimize WordPress images

now I’m actually most likely going to be updating
this video at some point really soon so you

might see a different one on this topic and
I will most likely be the first one that shows

oh and forgive me for some of these old thumbnail
images I’m going through updating them all

images are so important what people do the
mistakes they make with images as they upload

images that are too large so if you are getting
say in image from textiles I actually have

a video on here to find how to find the best
free images typically when you downloaded

it’s in this huge size way too large for what
you need so the problem with images is people

don’t reduce the size a little bit of those
images to just the size that they need and

they don’t optimize those images there are
free services that you can run your image

through and it will reduce the size of that
image by sometimes up to 75% so it’s definitely

something that is slowing your website down
images that are too large and images that

are not optimized now I am putting together
a comprehensive video on image sizes for WordPress

websites that’s going to cover every aspect
of image is not where to get them already

had that covered right here but what to do
with them once you have them in the best way

to get them plugged into your WordPress website
and want to be talking about sizes of images

I meant to be talked about also optimizing
those images now when I made this video right

here you can see it’s a little old two years
ago all the information is relevant I’m in

a go over a free web-based solution that you
can run your images through before you upload

them to your WordPress website also now there’s
a lot of different services that can get right

in your WordPress website via a plug-in and
they all do the same thing pretty much they

optimize your images all in the same way and
they all have different price points but I

want to show you free resources in this video
on how to optimize the size of your images

last number three were going to talk about
caching you do need a WordPress caching solution

for your website when you search for the word
caching right here WordPress caching overview

it is right there and in this video I talked
about some of the different caching solutions

for your WordPress website essentially what
caching does is the way your WordPress website

works as you got the static files here these
of these WordPress files and then you have

a database and whenever someone visit your
website then the WordPress goes the database

and starts pulling out info to show to them
what caching does is it eliminates most of

that communication and that slow down where
WordPress has the going get the data to show

it will make a static copy of it that it can
just show them almost instantaneously this

would probably make one of the biggest speed
boosts on your website by just implementing

caching on your WordPress website now there’s
also some free plug-ins for this and they’re

actually pretty good ones and there’s also
a primary paid solution called WP rocket I

personally use WP rocket I’m not saying that’s
the one you have to use you could probably

totally get by just fine using one of these
free plug in solutions to speed up your website

so this video I have covered three things
that you can do right now to speed up your

website dramatically this is something you
need to pay attention to this is something

you need to make happen on your website now
if there is something that you think I should

have included on this list and I didn’t go
ahead and leave a comment down below share

with me your secrets to make your website
lightning quick I do know there’s one thing

I didn’t talk about and that the content delivery
network I should do a video on that maybe

I’ll add that in the description as a bonus
and also it should go without saying your

Webhost has a good part to play with it if
you’re using a crummy Webhost you can definitely

improve your speed by getting a better web
hosting company I have some that I recommend

and output links down to those below and lastly
I do cover speed in much more detail in a

course that I have on my website a training
course called WordPress optimization essentials

and I have had students go into that course
with websites that take 10 or 12 seconds to

load and after they go through the course
they get it under two seconds many times under

one second to load but anyways I didn’t want
to overwhelm you these are the three best

tips that you can implement right now to make
your WordPress website fly

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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