How To Use The New LifterLMS Course Builder For WordPress

If you are using LifterLMS, you may have noticed the vastly improved course building experience. I sure did!

In the video, I walk you through the new experience in building online courses with WordPress.


  1. How to collapse Course structure ?
    Under section, list of lesson is displayed. I would like to have it like expand/collapse.

  2. I can’t seem to get the json files to import. I click import, then browser, find the json file, click import file and nothing. Nothing is added. The files are ok, but nothing. And I updated to php 7.03 as you recommended.

    Everything is straight from your resources or the plugins you recommended. I also deactivated plugins in case they were conflicting.

    Everything was working great up to the point of importing json files and now I’m at a complete stand still. Appreciate any insight you can give me. Thanks!

    I also have Thrivecart which handles my Stripe. Will I still need the custom Stripe plugin from Lifter? I’m offering a continuity program which means they will get access to a new course each month (drip feed) but if they cancel their membership, it has to know to cancel their account, when they don’t pay.

  3. Hi! I really like to read your articles and everything. I would be really interested in article and comparison with AccessAlly for WordPress. It really looks like deep and beautiful LMS, pricey, but worth to know more about it.

    1. I have looked at AccessAlly and it looks interesting. I am most likely not going to purchase it for a review because it’s just too expensive. Also wasn’t that impressed with the showcase websites listed on their website.

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