by Adam Preiser updated December 19, 2017

How To Use The New LifterLMS Course Builder For WordPress


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If you are using LifterLMS, you may have noticed the vastly improved course building experience. I sure did!

In the video, I walk you through the new experience in building online courses with WordPress.

Video Transcript

In this video I’m in a go through the new
course builder interface that comes with the

LifterLMS the full-featured learning management
plug-in hi my name is Adam from

where I release a ton of content to help you
get better results with WordPress faster if

you’re new here please consider clicking on
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there’s a little bell off to the writer that
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what I have a new video and this video specifically
is good to be added to this playlist I have

an entire playlist here on YouTube going through
all the steps of setting up an on line course

website using WordPress it’s a great resource
and the numbers are doing pretty good right

here it’s been out a few months in the playlist
already has 42,000 views on it that’s good

I’m very happy because this is kind of niche
but it’s a very hot topic these days creating

on line courses so the tutorial series uses
a LifterLMS which recently came out with a

new update to revamp the course builder here
is a site that I have LifterLMS on let me

just show you the old course builder I’ll
show you how to update this and then I’m in

a show you the new course builder so the old
course builder I would click on courses right

here and then I would click on the course
and I’ll show it to you right here as I scroll

down here is the old course builder was within
this box on the actual course page and you

know it was fine for me now when you want
to edit anything on a lesson or create a new

lesson you’re working in these like dialog
boxes so I went to add and then add a new

lesson we were dealing with all these little
pop-up boxes and with the new course builder

you’re not doing that also dragging and dropping
lessons is easy for small courses but if you

have a course with many many lessons dragging
a lesson here from the bottom up to the top

could be a little tedious and a little problematic
so there were things like that also if you

wanted to change the name you’d have to go
in get into you know click on the click will

hear and then you have the pop up and had
to wait wait a second and then there you go

you have your lesson title it’s okay but if
you’re constantly in the lesson builder it

would probably be a bit on the problematic
side so they released a ton of updates and

revamp the entire thing so you can just go
ahead and click right here in update your

LifterLMS now after you updated since this
is such a significant update there is an actual

update process that you have to go through
after just updating the plug-in itself now

depending on how large and active your courses
are in your course website it might take a

minute it might take 10 minutes for me on
my website it probably took about 25 minutes

because it’s very active so now when I click
on LifterLMS right here the plug-ins updated

I’ll probably get that notification oops that
didn’t go good may be something change their

okay there you go so right here I’m getting
this notice in it says click this button to

run the updater soma go ahead and do that
click on okay it’s probably going go really

quick on this website you get this message
that it’s updating in the background and it’ll

just do its thing so now let me actually show
you a website where I’ve already updated it

so when I go to courses and when I click on
courses right here in a minute click on the

one course that I actually have inuring to
see that list of your sections and your lessons

is gone it is completely disappeared now what
you do is though be a button here off to the

right now you can actually move this if you
want to move it to the top you can just drag

and drop this to wherever you wanted to be
you might actually want it on the top this

will actually carry over to all of your courses
if you moved it up to the top like I’ve done

now if the button is looking funny don’t worry
this is because your web browser the caching

on your web browser needs to be cleared so
you can do that through the settings of your

web browser or try this in a different web
browser and that’s if this button looks funny

when you click on it things don’t look right
okay so I’m to go ahead and click on it like

this and it takes a few seconds here and then
it opens up the new course builder now the

course builder it’s so much faster it is way
faster to do things so before I showed you

how you had to click on the little gear icon
in order to get out wait for a pop up of the

pop-up comes and then you can change information
now I can just click right here just like

that and I can start changing the names of
the sections just like that so I can do this

a lot quicker because I’m not waiting for
pop-ups now these are all the sections in

this course in their already collapsed so
you can hover your mouse cursor on any section

and then you can see an option to the right
there that says expand the section and then

here you can move the section up or down but
you can drag or drop it by clicking on this

so if I wanted to move this section up I could
just go like that or if I wanted to move it

down I can click right there and it moves
it down instantaneously and I can delete a

section and right here if I wanted to I can
click on expand all and it will show me everything

and collapse also I just wanted to work in
one section at a time I can do that or I can

just get the view of everything just by going
like that if I wanted to and right here you

can click here to add a new section a new
lesson or add an existing lesson just like

you could before there are a few updates to
this new course builder this wasn’t there

initially and it was just brought back than
goodness because I actually use this a lot

so if you want to add something new by click
on section you can see just adds it right

here I can click on it and I can get to to
customizing the name and everything immediately

let’s see what happens when I click new lesson
you see the lesson goes there immediately

now you might want to put this lesson someplace
else and that’s super easy to do you could

just drag and you can drop it into the module
that you want so here I am in section 2 say

wanted that at the end there it is now off
to the right of lessons there’s different

icons so when I hover over the name we get
edit lesson settings view lesson and then

you can do the shift down like that and if
it was here you would have shift down and

shift up then right here you can detach it
from the course and right here you could delete

your lesson and then you have these little
indicators here to let you know what the status

is of the lesson is students are in its if
you have any prerequisites at the drip a quiz

assigned or you have content on it so this
does not have content or any of the settings

that’s why you can see it’s completely grayed
out now part of the reason they built this

new course builder like this and I am actually
glad that they did it because you could just

be focused on the syllabus of your course
it’s very visual it makes it a lot easier

to drag and drop and move things around and
a lot quicker to change the name of lessons

and stuff like that so this year is the new
course builder that comes with LifterLMS I’ll

have everything linked in the video description
box if you’d like to check out LifterLMS or

if you need the link to this playlist right
here and let me know what you think of this

course builder in the comment section it down
below hey thanks for watching.

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. How to collapse Course structure ?
    Under section, list of lesson is displayed. I would like to have it like expand/collapse.

  2. I can’t seem to get the json files to import. I click import, then browser, find the json file, click import file and nothing. Nothing is added. The files are ok, but nothing. And I updated to php 7.03 as you recommended.

    Everything is straight from your resources or the plugins you recommended. I also deactivated plugins in case they were conflicting.

    Everything was working great up to the point of importing json files and now I’m at a complete stand still. Appreciate any insight you can give me. Thanks!

    I also have Thrivecart which handles my Stripe. Will I still need the custom Stripe plugin from Lifter? I’m offering a continuity program which means they will get access to a new course each month (drip feed) but if they cancel their membership, it has to know to cancel their account, when they don’t pay.

  3. Hi! I really like to read your articles and everything. I would be really interested in article and comparison with AccessAlly for Wordpress. It really looks like deep and beautiful LMS, pricey, but worth to know more about it.

    1. I have looked at AccessAlly and it looks interesting. I am most likely not going to purchase it for a review because it’s just too expensive. Also wasn’t that impressed with the showcase websites listed on their website.

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