by Adam Preiser updated February 24, 2020

How To Integrate Beaver Builder Into Any WordPress Theme


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Video Transcript

How To Integrate Beaver Builder Into Any WordPress Theme

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from were I make WordPress videos

for non-techies like me and I have some really
special to share with you in this video it’s

really what I believe the one plug-in that
you absolutely need to install in every single

website that you create using Beaver Builder
and it solves a huge problem number one is

getting Beaver Builder to work with pretty
much anything that you want now there are

some solutions you can code some custom CSS
and there’s some interesting plug-ins that

have say maybe 40 different settings to maybe
make it work on some themes but up until now

there hasn’t been one solution to get Beaver
Builder working properly with essentially

any theme and now this is available and I
want to share with you in this video now I

forgot to mention the one side benefit here
and it was really the motivator in having

this plug-in created and that is called portability
so right now if you say for instance use the

Beaver Builder theme or there’s another popular
thing that I love called generate press and

you can kinda do in that to what happens is
you you can do it in that theme but what happens

when you want to change your theme then it’s
not going to work your Beaver Builder pages

or not to look right on your new theme without
custom code or some hokey solution so this

is the one solution that will make it so your
Beaver Builder built the pages will work on

virtually any theme and even if you change
it seems it’s not tied in with the theme that

you’re using because it’s a plug-in I’m just
go ahead and demonstrate what I mean and where

the real power is for this so here is actually
the thing that I use on my website of course

it’s a different style of it but it’s the
same theme so here is what typically happens

you go to create a Beaver Builder page you
click on page builder and for the sixes of

speed I’m just can go ahead and choose add
this template right here and this is what

your sites can look like I’m not getting full
with Rose I’ve got all this margin here I’ve

got the page title I have all these things
that I don’t want and this is a problem so

for example in my situation I had to get all
this custom CSS written and I have to added

to every single page that I want to use a
Beaver Builder on now this solution eliminates

all of that headache and so let me show you
someone to go ahead and click on Don and I’m

in a published changes so without this plug-in
this is what your website would look like

if you’re not using the Beaver Builder theme
or you’re not using generate presses is what

it’s gonna look like right here now all we
have to do is go into the back end of WordPress

right here ready go to plug-ins add new and
the name of the plug-in is full with page

templates and it’s right here now is a brand-new
plug-in and actually one of the contributors

of is the first time a plug-in was really
built around an idea that I had for me that

I saw it’s completely free so all you have
to do is click on install now and it’s built

by the folks of that make ultimate add-ons
for Beaver Builder so it is coded perfectly

and it will actually be supported summer go
ahead and click on activate so now what I’m

in a do is go back to that page that I created
and I named it right here page builder demo

some and a click in it and this is what is
now added so underneath page attributes there

is the section called templates and here are
three new templates that are available to

apply to your page and this works with any
theme just like I said now your theme just

like this theme might be providing a couple
page templates but this is what’s going to

be added these three right here so you get
one that is full with the next one is is for

perfect for landing pages so imagine you have
a client that has a site they don’t want to

change their site but they want a landing
page you can install this plug and install

Beaver Builder and build beautiful landing
pages and so this template right here is going

to eliminate the header and the footer of
the page and this last one here will just

eliminate the sidebar but the what you build
will still be in that content area some to

go ahead and click on full with and then I’m
going to click on updates alright so now it’s

done I’m in a go here so you see how I have
all this padding I don’t want Beaver Builder

pages contained I wanted full with and I don’t
want the title I don’t want any of that some

go ahead and click on refresh and you’ll see
there it is PC per perfect integration with

this theme that does not have Beaver Builder
integration and so you can see the power of

this so if I wanted to change it and say I
wanted to do that landing page but I can change

it from full width to know header and footer
click on update and what that’s gonna do when

I click on refresh here it’s going to just
show me the Beaver Builder content and there

it is now this is some amazing stuff and the
reason why I think this is the one plug in

every Beaver Builder website should have is
because now everything you do in Beaver Builder

is portable so before if you wanted to say
use the generate press theme you do all these

checkboxes on your page Exodus is a much better
solution than what generate press gives you

but you can now switch from that theme to
another theme and you still retain all of

these beautiful full with pages or no header
no footer pages now there are other ways like

I said you can do the custom CSS route if
you use any of the Genesis themes from Studiopress

there is a plug-in called Genesis damn Buster
but the problem with that is it only works

with Genesis themes so you can’t move off
of it and there’s like 50 million settings

it’s overly complicated this is just choosing
your page template clicking update done in

the same goes for generate press amazing theme
you have to check like five different boxes

in order to do the same thing where this is
just check choosing your page template update

done so even if you’re using generate press
the Beaver Builder theme Studiopress this

is the one plug-in you’re going to want to
add to your website when you’re building it

from scratch to use this to facilitate these
full with page templates with one click it

couldn’t be any easier then this it is now
the perfect landing page solution Beaver Builder

is the perfect landing page solution now for
any website and like I said you go to my website

I have all this extra CSS that I had to create
and I have to copy and move around and do

all this just to get what I’m able to get
in one click with this free plug-in so go

ahead and download and install this plug-in
if you want to future proof your Beaver Builder

designs and once you see the power of it head
on over to and leave a good

positive five-star review for this amazing
plug-in that brainstorm for see makers of

ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder has made
and provided for free because he made it to

the end of the video I have a free gift for
you but before I talk about that I want to

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