by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Install WordPress On Your Computer Easy, Fast, & Free


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Video Transcript

\How To Install WordPress On Your Computer Easy, Fast, & Free

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make videos

for non-techies and this is going to be really
cool video I’m going to teach you how to create

websites on your local computer and typically
this is actually how I’ll build the website

you can obviously start building your website
on your web hosting account but it’s a little

slower when you do it that way and it’s so
much faster if you build and test websites

on your local machine and then when it’s ready
and perfected and fully developed then you

would migrate that website from your local
computer to your web hosting account now there

has always been several ways to do this there’s
something called is pretty technical called

Wamp and then there’s xampp and those are
ways of installing a Web server on your computer

and all this kind of stuff and it’s very technical
and a little complicated but there is a new

solution out it’s actually not a new solution
is been out for a while the only thing that’s

different now is the product was purchased
by a company called fly will and they took

this product that was $129 per year in they
made it completely free and here it is right

here it’s called the local they just Xers
probably named local before flywheel bought

it but now it’s called local by flywheel and
in this video in a show you how to install

it and start using it so what this is right
now unfortunately there’s only a version 4

that works on the Mac computer but they are
also developing a PC version so depending

on when you see this video the PC version
may be out and what I’ll do is I’ll have a

link in an update in the first comment down
below it’ll be a pinned comment and that’s

where I’ll have an update link to this page
and also when the PC versions out I’ll update

that comment and make it say the PC version
is out just you know because I know the majority

of people that are watching this video probably
using a PC computer and set up a Mac but I’m

a Mac guy and it’s Mac only for right now
but very soon it should be on the PC as well

but the procedure to actually use the programs
going to be the same whether you’re on a PC

or Mac most likely so here it is and essentially
we just install it and it creates these little

virtual containers for your website you can
have unique settings per website you can develop

more than one website on your computer at
the same time and what is really neat about

this and I haven’t tested it yet but I know
someone that hasn’t told me about it and I

was blown away see you are working on a website
on your local machine but you want to show

this website to someone else that may be at
your customer or a business partner or maybe

a friend that you just want to get their feedback
on it there’s this feature where you can create

a link that they can actually that you can
send to this person outside of where you are

and they can click on it and actually see
your website now this is a very difficult

thing to do normally because there’s routers
and firewalls and all these types of things

that will block connecting or being able to
share your website is just very complicated

this has that all solved for you and it’s
right here is called simple simple demo URLs

so here’s some of their little bullet points
on this this is something that a lot of developers

are switching to I is a different solution
right now to have websites on my machine and

this is the perfect time to try something
new so anyways all you have to do is come

to this website I have a link down below to
it and then click where it says free download

and it’s can I give you this pop up where
you just gotta put your name and your email

address in and then click on the get it now
and what’s gonna do you not can actually receive

an email with the download link is can immediately
start downloading on your computer now obviously

were given them our email address however
flywheel the company that bought this is an

established company that I could do anything’s
family so I really wouldn’t worry at all about

giving them your email address and I just
gave them my email address now when you downloaded

it’s going to be a zip file and here it is
right here and it’s a pretty big file itself

and let’s see if I can stretch us out it is
almost 500 MB and so then you’ll need to unzip

it you’ll have this and you can drag and drop
it into your applications folder now when

you open it out of your applications folder
this is what you will see and this is I’ve

done everything up to this point are ready
so were to go through this to gather so what

is it saying here’s when I click on this let’s
go it’s going to download everything it needs

to download and configure it for me so I’m
in a click on it and let’s see what happens

I have about bad I all right it’s all done
and it probably only took two or three minutes

now I have a pretty decent Internet connection
so it was pretty fast for me there are better

Internet connections I need to just upgrade
but anyways this is it right here and so the

first step is going to be to click right here
it’s his ad site and then let’s put some information

in there so for site name which is: example
like that and it’s going to give me a site

domain right there you know I actually also
have that other local solution to develop

websites on my local machine and Artie know
I have a website called example this is good

to see if they’ll be any conflicts but instead
I’m going to actually change into example

website have that to make sure there’s no
conflicts so I’m assuming this local sites

folder is probably in my user account folder
on my Mac Pro doesn’t look like it’s in my

documents folder but looks like I can put
that wherever I wanted so now let’s click

on this little arrow here and see what our
options are so we get to choose our PHP version

which is pretty cool to little technical your in
to be real stable at 5.6 there are some plug-ins

and themes that are going to work at seven
some to go down to 5.6 which is pretty cool

for Web server there’s two different types
I’ll just stick with what it has a lot of

your web hosting accounts are to have Apache
though and MySQL I think I will just actually

like this how it’s saying 50% of sites are
typically this in 25% or that I wish they

would do that with the PHP version anyways
undergo a 5.6 and so that’s my environment

options analysis of the WordPress options
the first option here is if I want to do WordPress

multi site not a fan a multi site personally
so leave that is no my admin username I’ll

just change at the sites admin and for my
password I’ll just go ahead and puts the same

thing just like that and then the admin email
I put my just like that and then I’ll click

on add sites okay it says you don’t have did
would you like to see what you entered as

the default okay so this is good actually
I like this a lot it’s realizing that this

is the first time I’ve created a instance
of WordPress on my local machine and it’s

saying that it can save this admin username
password and admin email as a default so in

the future when I create more sites it’s cannot
auto fill that in I actually like that some

to choose a yes so now it’s creating the sites
and you can see it happening right now I would

imagine this would take that long and so let’s

right that will process took about one minute
I sped it up for you and let’s see what were

looking at it’s just a recap of everything
that we chose and some options here so let’s

see it’s showing me my site set up here’s
my database information SSL if I wanted to

install a security certificate if I was building
an e-commerce site or anything like that and

some utilities right here so here’s a demo
euro thing actually want to test that right

so I’m going to go ahead and click on admin
alright so here I am I am at that website

I created slits login up here I am I’m already
logged into the site and it’d install the

latest version of WordPress which is what
I wanted and so that’s it so let’s see how

it is downloading and installing some themes
and plug-ins so for a theme will download

and install the generate press which is one
of my favorite themes my click on install

let’s see how fast everything is okay so that’s
already installed and activated let’s install

a plug in one of my favorite plug-ins is the
free page builder called Elementor there we

go home to do the dance and they just hit
30,000 active installs congratulations Elementor

team and let’s install this and activate that
and let’s just create a quick age just to

see how fast this works some to go to add
new let’s call it home like that and I’m going

to just get my page set up for the page builder
click on publish and so when you’re developing

locally when you update something or say something
or any of those types of activities it’s just

gonna work a lot faster and a lot more reliably
some to go ahead and click on edit with Elementor

let’s see how fast this works while very fast
let’s see added templates and let me see I

will add one of these really nice looking
templates how about this one rides here this

is fine this is a landing page son clicking
on it now when you do install a Elementor

template actually has to go out to Elementor
servers and download some pieces of information

and it looks like it’s doing it now this is
actually how long it normally would take and

then let’s go in and click on save and let’s
go to view the page and now there is theirs

my page all done in this new solution called
local by flywheels let’s pull up the app again

and see if it’s possible to demo that really
cool feature so see your developing this website

now you want to get some feedback right so
I think it was utilities and then I would

click on this demo URL click on enable let’s
see what happens so it gives me this URL right

here so I’m going to highlight and copy it
to my clipboard and I’m been open up a new

tab paste it in and let’s see what happens
now if this works it’s pretty stinking amazing

because your workflow before is if you wanted
to develop a website on your local machine

there is next to no way to show that to anybody
to get any feedback it’s a very thing to do

but see what happens him and hit enter right
now and oh my gosh this is beautiful let me

click on home and that should show me that
all my gosh this is this is amazing this feature

right here is enough for me to want to switch
to using local versus the solution that I’m

using right now this is amazing that I can
click on this right here in it will give me

a demo URL that’s public now here’s something
really cool law and is public and you didn’t

have to and you can be the Starbucks coffee
shop as long as you’re connected to the Internet

on your your computer you’ll be able to share
it but what’s really cool is now if I want

to get feedback I can now click on disable
and then that link is now gone let’s see what

happens some of go here and click on refresh
and there it is page not found in years could

be interesting him and enable it again and
see if this changes I would assume that it

would so if I enable it again now it’s a totally
different URL so if I refresh this it’s still

not working I would have to copy and paste
in the new one like that and is probably gonna

pull right up and there it is I gotta tell
you so far that one feature is the one thing

that I knew could potentially get me to switch
to use this and it works pretty flawlessly

some of disable it again so what that allows
you to do is so much I hire designers to build

out pages with Elementor that page builder
I was just showing you and with this I can

give them access to log in and add that template
and it’s all on my local machine I think that’s

a pretty useful thing so anyways now let’s
just take a look at the settings here so here

are those default settings that it it’s all
that I was using for the first time so the

next time I go to create a website for demo
purposes it’s cannot auto fill that in for

me all of that side that stuff so I think
that’s good to be pretty helpful you can export

slits see thinking to some exporting there’s
some advance options you can create a blueprints

and that’s pretty neat so you can set up your
kind of your stock WordPress install so for

me it would be WordPress with Elementor and
generate press and any plug-ins that I would

use regularly and I can make that a blueprint
so when I want to start a new site I can start

it off of that blueprint I don’t have to manually
install WordPress again and the themes of

the plug-ins and do some default configurations
I can do that all as a blueprint that’s pretty

cool add-ons it looks like they’re going to
have some add-ons and I’m sure that’s how

they might want to make some money off this
thing and thing in the future is to maybe

have some add-ons that add some more features
but right now it’s a pretty amazing that you

can do all this stuff so I’ll click on sites
now I think with this program when I’m ready

to stop using yet I think I could probably
just close the program I don’t know if I have

to click stop all let’s see I just close the
program so when I click on refresh I would

assume I can’t access anything and right here
let’s see when I hit refresh actually that

might not be the case okay go to dashboard
out that it’s actually still running even

though I close the application that’s interesting
so if I wanted to open it up again like this

and here it is I guess the stop the website
I have to click on stop all and there it is

it’s going to stop its it’s is stopping and
now my website is officially stopped there

it is very cool very cool so anyways this
has been a local by flywheel it is a free

program that you can get for your Mac and
just be a little patient I’m sure that you

have that PC version out really soon when
you scroll all the way down to the bottom

of this and it’s on you all these great things
to tell you about this Pro version that they’re

working on but when we scroll down right here
it says right here when will you be available

for windows and it says soon very soon because
he says so soon so anyways if you are using

a Mac computer this is definitely the way
to go to develop websites on your local machine

for speed and security and add just getting
everything done a lot quicker using the blueprints

and then being able to sharing with these
private links it’s a pretty amazing solution

and I think you are going to love it before
you go I have something for you and before

I get into that I wanted to ask you to do
something for me if you can give me a thumbs

up on this video and if you’re not a subscriber
click on the subscribe button right beneath

me if you have a question on this video be
happy to answer it you can also leave a comment

or question down below this video hey I put
together a course just for you Dominic given

to you for free all you have to do is click
on the button right here on the right it’s

called the three steps to WordPress success
it’s an awesome course you’re gonna love it

I would love for you to join in and enroll
as a student in this course thanks for watching

this video I really appreciated and I do it
just for you\

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    1. Thank you! I hear that the PC version just entered beta testing. So it shouldn’t be long until it’s available on a PC.

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