by Adam Preiser updated June 13, 2017

InMotion Hosting 56% Coupon Discount And Bonus


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InMotion Hosting 56% Coupon Discount And Bonus

Today is an awesome day for all of us!

InMotion Hosting has officially increase the discount that they will give to my viewers, you!

Before today, the discount that they were giving you guys was 38% off. Well I'm thrilled to announce that the discount they offer now was increased to 56% off.

Whenever you order hosting through my website for InMotion Hosting, you are supporting this channel and all the work I do.

So if you want to take advantage of this amazing discount, all you have to do is visit

Video Transcript

InMotion Hosting 56% Coupon Discount And Bonus

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make WordPress

videos for non-techies and I have some great
news to share with you because of all of the

success of this channel and helping people
build a website that they’ve always wanted

I’m happy to announce that InMotion hosting
has decided to give us a huge discount just

for my viewers and the discount is 56% and
you can take advantage of this by just visiting

order new and here’s the pages
can it take you to write here and you could

see the plan right here 56% off-site averages
between 53 to 56% off you can’t find a larger

discount anywhere on the Internet they provided
this to all of the viewers of this channel

and I’m so happy you could take it manage
of this just visit order new but

that’s not all is matter fact not only are
you going to get this great discount I’m still

going to offer the special promotion I had
were I give you my entire course library for

free so when you visit my website and click
on the courses tab right here you’re gonna

see my course library here it’s going to really
level up your skills with WordPress I got

a course on every page builder I’ve got every
topic covered maintenance optimization making

your fat your website load in under two seconds
generating leads e-commerce in building and

creating an online course using WordPress
I’ve got it all right here security sorry

don’t want to leave that one out and this
entire course library if you were to purchase

all of these courses individually it would
cost about $800 but when you order hosting

through order new which is essentially
through my website not only do you get that

56% discount but you also organ to get access
to these courses all you have to do is after

you place your order forward your receipt
off to me I’ll verify that it was purchased

through my website and I will gladly enroll
you in all of these courses and all will be

happy to because I just want to see you be
as successful as possible building the website

that you want to build for yourself so it’s
is not just a total win-win guys you win because

you get a big discount you win because you
get this entire course library worth $800

InMotion wins because they get a new customer
I went because they give me a little referral

fee which helps me have the resources to make
these videos for you so all you have to do

is visit order new you can come
here they also have reseller hosting and VPS’s

and stuff like that I’d I need to do a review
of the reseller hosting it’s been great I

have a reseller hosting account these discounts
are primarily on the shared hosting for reseller

hosting you get things like half off or something
like that so it’s less of a discounted but

it’s still a great discount for great service
so want to commend you this I have a link

down below also put in the pin comments section
and you’ll just head over to my website and

you’ll hear it I do know that I’m going to
change the offer with the courses I’m going

to reduce it I’m gonna create multiple course
bundles so in the future you’ll only be able

to get one course bundle for free so right
now I am giving them all given access to all

of them however at some point here maybe in
the next few months I’m going to reduce it

down to bundles but you can just click the
link down below and find out all the information

on it but right now Juergen actually get access
to the entire course library so I want to

see weeks is set successful I just want to
help you build the most amazing website that

you could ever want for yourself because you
made it to the end of the video I have a free

gift for you but before I talk about that
I want to ask you to do something for me if

you can give this video a thumbs up down below
that would really help me out if you’re not

subscribed to the channel go ahead and click
on the unsubscribe button and become a subscriber

and support this channel and if you’d like
YouTube to notify you when I upload new videos

there’s a little bell next to that subscribe
button you can click on that and set that

up as well if you have any questions or a
comment about this video I love to answer

it there’s a comments section down below all
you have to do is put in your question or

comment I respond to every single one I made
a course just for you and it’s called the

three steps to WordPress success and I want
to give this to you if you’d like to enroll

in this course there’s a button right here
off to the right you go ahead and click on

that role as a student and that’s just my
way of saying thank you for supporting me

and making it to the end of this video I make
them just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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