WordPress Image Optimization Plugins Compared – Imagify Vs ShortPixel Vs Smush

Speed, speed, speed. It is one of the most important factors if you want good google rankings and to delight your website visitors.

If you want an easy win, you can implement one of these image optimization tools.

Most of us upload images to WordPress without taking the extra time to optimize them.

I know I don't!

This is why I rely on an image optimization plugin to keep my images lean and optimized, which makes my website load a lot faster.


  1. Mina Sobhy says:

    Thanks Adam ,
    I can see in my checks that ShortPixel is the best one .

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. The video helps too much for learning any matter. And I am using WP Smush.

  3. You rock, Adam. Just as I’m preparing my 6 sites to transfer to InMotion Hosting, you show me this! My old web host is maxed out so InMotion asked me to try to downsize my sites. I was dreading going in and trying to optimize each pic on each site by hand. Now I’m just gonna get this Short Pickle deal! 😉 heheheh

    Seriously though, optimizing images is the bane of my web designer existence. Weather I am uploading pics clients give me on a new site or rebuilding an already existing site, it’s just such a pain in the arse to have to do each pic by hand. Usually that includes me cropping the pic in Photoshop, then changing the pixel dimensions, then exporting it for web, then uploading it into tinypng.com site, then downloading it from their site, then uploading it into the Client site. Ugh!! That was 6 steps!! Now it will go down to one or two steps and complete avoid photoshop as I can crop it in Preview.

    Also, I don’t have to continually school clients about how to optimize images moving forward. Plus, it can optimize fromnthe front end! Already, I have a client w a store locator page hat allows user generated entries w photos. I can see this being great for user generated testimonials as well.

    Thanks for this. I can see it shaving unbelievable amounts of time and distasteful effort off my plate.


    1. Yes, it’s about having your website work for not, not having to do all the tedious work as long as there are other options available. For me, the less tedious something is, the more likelihood that I will do it.

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