by Adam Preiser updated January 23, 2018

WordPress Image Optimization Plugins Compared – Imagify Vs ShortPixel Vs Smush


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Speed, speed, speed. It is one of the most important factors if you want good google rankings and to delight your website visitors.

If you want an easy win, you can implement one of these image optimization tools.

Most of us upload images to WordPress without taking the extra time to optimize them.

I know I don't!

This is why I rely on an image optimization plugin to keep my images lean and optimized, which makes my website load a lot faster.

Video Transcript

In this video to talk about 1 Surefire Way
to increase the speed of your website and

that’s good to be through image compression
and technically this is kind of an update

video one of the first early videos on this
channel I talked about this topic and woe

has so much changed since then everything’s
gotten better easier in every single way hi

my name is Adam from were I
make WordPress tutorials for non-tech and

if you’re new here consider clicking on the
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a thing click on the little bell anything
I talk about will be linked in the video description

box down below were talking about image compression
right now and that is going to make in the

size of the images that you upload to your
website a lot smaller now what you may or

may not realize is when you upload an image
there’s tons of details in there that really

doesn’t come out when someone watches or views
your website there’s a lot of details in there

that can be kind of shaved down a bit to make
the size of the images smaller therefore when

someone visits your page it has to require
less downloading of content from your Webhost

and this is what makes it faster now when
I made that video Association might’ve been

2 1/2 years ago now it was basically this
was the only service available crack in.I

owe and I’m pretty much made it about this
now there are desktop application tools that

you can run your images through but they’re
not as good as and they’re definitely not

as convenient as the services that I meant
to show you in this video I forgot anyone

besides early on you can get this all done
for free so don’t think that this is on this

going to cost you but is gonna be massive
huge benefits so this was what I made that

video on crack in and they did have a web
of WordPress plug-in that automated things

but it was so you had to have the paid service
I was showed basically people how to use the

free web interface) you and actually this
is how I compress my images for maybe two

or three years when this was really the only
show in town but since then there are many

many ways to do this so if you go to
and you do a search for image compress compression

your in to see all these options some are good
and there’s a few that probably aren’t that

good song to go over a couple of them that
I have personal experience with in this video

so the first one that you see is Smush analysis
must use to I think the history as they used

to be owned by Yahoo and then Yahoo abandoned
it and then WP EMU dev picked it up and they

have this free version but you you don’t want
to use it let me just get that out there right

now this is one of those models where you
get the plug-in it doesn’t give you the full

benefits of image compression unless you pay
I think it’s like 500 bucks a year which is

in saying if you just want image compression
so I would definitely urge you to avoid a

Smush it will compress your images but it
won’t merely do as good of a job as the other

tools because there’s different levels of
compression so that is one of them here is

that you can see his it’s been and downloaded
a ton of times but don’t look at that and

say hmmm this is the best it’s been downloaded
to monetize because this is really the first

plug and that did this most of this these
installations were before so it was taken

over by WP and you dev and they put a really
high price tag on it so this is definitely

one to skip I have personally used it but
there’s better stuff out there right now I

want to talk about what’s currently on my
website in its image of finite image Optimizer

now what’s nice about this is it’s actually
built by the same folks that make WP rocket

which is by far in my opinion the best WordPress
caching plug-in that you can get for your

website it happens to be what I use on all
of my websites now what you see all these

plug-ins have a business model behind it so
what happens is the compression doesn’t happen

on your web hosting account the images gets
pushed to their servers were all the magic

happens and then the optimize image gets sent
back you really don’t want the compression

happening on your servers is just not a good
thing so all of these are kind of software

and services now you’re gonna see they have
free tears and I want to say that Imagify

probably in my opinion has the most generous
free tear that is going to probably cover

the vast majority of people that have a WordPress
based website so essentially what they’re

going to give you I think it’s 30 MB of image
compression per month I’ll have to double

check on that I forget I have been using this
and is actually on W. Is 25 MB of images per

month for free that they’re going to compress
so if you put this on your website anything

in the future what happens when you upload
the image it just got a compressive for you

and it’s going to start chipping away at that
amount right there the 25 MB so this is Imagify

they do have plans if you want more capacity
more compressions so you can subscribe to

a monthly plan or you can make a one time
payment so this is Imagify I’ve been using

it it is fantastic and I would really say
that the vast majority of people all you need

to do is install Imagify and let it do its
work now what’s going to happen when you downloaded

you’re going to set it to exit out loud downloaded
in this video and images show you next I want

to show you ShortPixel there’s a reason why
am showing you ShortPixel right now number

one there actually pretty fantastic just like
Imagify your all of these Imagify and ShortPixel

pixels the ones that I carefully said short
pickles know this is short pixel not ShortPixel’s

or pickles oh I guess it’s hilarious okay
ShortPixel all of these services they I guess

I get him to believe I totally lost my train
of thought after saving ShortPixel anyways

sort pixel there’s a reason why I’m talking
about short pixel and that’s because there

is a special deal going on with it right now
now they have a free tear as well Amish install

this and show you this in this video as well
maybe I just need the slowdown I’m talking

a little too fast today so what they do is
they are going to let wears a command show

me your limitation here I think it’s 100 actually
healing to go to their website all right they

give you 100 free image compressions per month
it’s not the size of the images it’s the quantity

of images so that’s how Imagify is going to
be different than a ShortPixel now with the

problem the reason why I don’t like this way
of charging is because hundred free images

what people realize is when you upload an
image to WordPress depending on your theme

in your plug-ins WordPress makes like 10 different
versions of it it might be five versions might

be 15 versions might be 10 versions but multiple
versions of an image based on different sizes

are get to be created so when you when you
upload your image all of those aversions are

gonna be counted against this so you might
be thinking 100 images but it’s really is

is so saved every time you upload an image
WordPress makes 10 versions of it it’s really

only 10 images per month on how you experience
images so I kinda don’t like that but right

now there is a limited deal going on on AppSumo
for short pixel size matters and right here

at the time of making this recording there’s
only 2500 of them left so essentially for

25 bucks not per month just 25 bucks a lifetime
account you’re going to get access to the

short plan 5000 images per month and it’s
five bucks a month of your to buy it straight

on their website you can uses on multiple
websites by the way none of these are locked

in the one website you can use if you have
clients use it on theirs and all I kind of

stuff so right here getting 5000 images and
instead of being five bucks a month you’re

just paying 25 bucks and you have a lifetime
account now it’s also nice is I think this

deal is stackable so if 5000 wasn’t enough
and you wanted 10,000 you can buy to these

and stack it together AppSumo a lot of times
has these stacking options I think it says

right here stack codes to increase limits
on a single account alright let’s go ahead

and install some of these options here so
first I want to install and show you Imagify

just show you the settings panel some to go
to plug-ins add new all these plug-ins are

in the WordPress repository so you can just
go to plug-ins add new and do a quick search

and it will come right up so here’s Imagify
and you know they got 90,000 installations

one of those is however I do
kinda like the idea of having will larger

allocations of images with ShortPixel so I’m
probably gonna pick that up so go ahead and

click on activate now all of these is since
it’s a software as a service they’re going

to kinda make you sign up on their website
to get something called an API key so you

can see with Imagify right when I activated
it shows me these three steps right here so

first I need to click here to sign up and
get an account and then I may get an API key

I’m in a click here to copy to put it in the
plug-in and then start configuring things

so let me go ahead and see if you let me go
to settings without that because I want to

do that in this video it’ll just take up too
much time okay it’s not let me do that someone

at Creighton account real quick write actually
just log into my existing account so you can

actually see my usage right here on the top
right it shows I’ve used the 17 MB this. And

remember I was saying that what happens is
you get the 25 MB and it’s going to be good

for most people so you can see I have that
but I also have an allocation of 525 actually

saying that’s how much I’ve used 525 MB since
I’ve had it that’s pretty huge so I just need

to click on API integration and here is my
APIs on a copy that into my clipboard and

then when I go back here and I’m in a pace
that in and I’m in a click on save changes

and so what’s it’s going to do is get a take
my API and it’s going to check it and so here

I am with the settings so all of these are
to have these optimization level settings

and is so there’s normal this is normal optimization
is what you get with WP Smush aggressive is

going to it’s can it not even be noticeable
to the naked eye old trauma though with them

is if there is a little bit of pixilated pixelation
that’s going to happen I personally noticed

so I think play safe and go aggressive on
it and then you have these other options right

here to auto optimize images on upload so
right when you upload your image bam it’s

cannot optimize it so when you upload there
might be a little bit of a momentary slow

down because now WordPress’s taking your image
sending it to their server it’s getting optimized

and coming back might be a little bit of a
slow down their backup original images this

would be wise to do now here’s an interesting
option but could be dangerous re-size larger

images one thing people do is say you want
to background hero imaging you see this cool

landscape picture on a stock photography website
and you download it and you don’t change the

name you don’t change the size you’re just
uploading that sucker right in the WordPress

what happens is it’s about the the size the
dimensions of the image are usually about

three times or four times larger than you
actually need and of course it’s like three

or 4 MB in size and it’s going to kill the
speed of your website you could probably be

safe to enable this re-size larger images
so typically what I do is when I have a hero

background image I usually resize it to 1800
pixels wide so you could be safe in doing

that putting in 1600 so if you put upload
an image that’s three times the size of Bam

not only is a GNU change the way the image
looks to make it smaller it’s also going to

reduce the physical size of the image both
are actually good right here is XF data you

actually want to eat and to have that stripped
out if you take a picture with your iPhone

it puts this exit exit if I’m saying it wrong
data in there like coordinates two from where

the picture was taken you probably for privacy
reasons do not want that in their IQ check

this it’ll keep it so it’s up to you now this
is one of things I like about Imagify is right

here you can choose which image is that your
WordPress theme and plug-in are making versions

of that you want to optimize so right here
you can see this site that I installed this

on makes a thumbnail image with these dimensions
and all of these other ones so I’m gonna leave

those checks but that’s what I was talking
about when I was talking about this short

pixel okay in here if you wanted to have it
in the admin bar I usually uncheck that because

I don’t like it and then you could just go
to save changes and then what you would want

to do is go to the vocal optimizer it’s gonna
look at your entire media library and start

optimizing them all based upon what you put
in here and it’s going to take a little bit

of time so I’m just gonna save changes because
I don’t actually want to do that but what

you could do is you can easily it’s easy so
I go to media now we have this bulk optimization

option there and that’s the Imagify right
here and I can literally Imagify them all

click this button bands can go through every
image and it’s going to go ahead and compress

them oh I’m actually seeing another limitation
of the free version here’s is all images greater

than 2 MB you have to have a paid plan so
if you can use Imagify just make sure if you’re

uploading an image it’s under 2 MB or just
manually reduce the dimensions to get it under

2 MB I didn’t actually realize that but you
really should be uploading images larger than

2 MB anyway all right, go ahead and deactivate
this and I’m going to install the short pixel

I actually should have an API for them as
well because I did use them in the past so

my go to plug-ins add new and I’ll search
for it here it is and they are right behind

Imagify with 50,000 active installations let’s
go ahead and install and activate ShortPixel

and see what the onboarding experiences like
for that so just like Imagify puts its own

settings panel in the back and right there
underneath the settings and it’s also underneath

media good to add the bulk loops there is
bulk ShortPixel so that’s where you would

go and archive everything from the past so
I see so it’s saying here if you don’t have

an API key okay but put it that email doesn’t
actually go to me but let’s request an API

key I’m unfortunately thinking up there it
is it just popped in API key in there and

I can just go ahead and click on validate
that is actually a lot easier than it is with

Imagify with Imagify yet to go to their website
and do a bunch of things but was ShortPixel

I didn’t have to leave the the plug-in I really
like that a lot alright so here is the different

compression options so we have a lossy glossy
and lossless so they’re recommending using

a lossy and I recommend that his wealth can
be the highest compression if you’re looking

under the image under a microscope you’re
going to see some minor you might see some

minor things but it be really hard to point
out or to notice with the naked eye so they

don’t have that old truck setting that you
saw in Imagify with the Ola but I but I I

will tell you that old that ultra option will
deteriorate to the visual quality of your

images I’ve I’ve seen that from personal experience
sorry to go glossy also include thumbnails

okay so thumbnails is so you saw with the
other plug-in it was showing you all the different

variations and you can choose this it doesn’t
show you them individually just says you want

to optimize those thumbnails we will definitely
have to say yes image backup that’s cool remove

X if we want to do that here is that same
setting resize larger images I do think this

is a good to do you probably wouldn’t want
this option you would probably want this option

right here and you might want to put in like
1600 or something like that actually you have

to be careful with this setting I think this
is right right here but will deftly want to

read more okay so let’s take a look at the
advanced settings here so there is additional

media folders while I’m already seeing a ton
more options in ShortPixel that I really wasn’t

aware was here that will give you more fine
control over how your images are actually

optimized so it actually will convert P&G
to JPEG that’s actually very good unless it’s

something that you need transparency when
it says right here at transparency will not

be converted all my gosh okay Webb P versions
wow this is amazing optimize retina images

optimize PDFs wow this does I have whole lot
more than what I just saw on Imagify okay

and here’s an optimize it when you uploaded
while that’s pretty amazing what’s this process

and front end all at this is if a user uploads
an image so for me on my website I have a

user form and if someone uploads an image
here’s your stats here’s your resources’85

Little affiliate links which is fine all right
but it’s fine just because it’s hidden I think

it’s kind of tacky though anyways so then
we would just go here to media and bull ShortPixel

and right here we can go ahead and click this
button here now remember I was saying that

you have these multiple versions of images
on your website so it says right here on my

website I only have 37 images but there is
52 thumbnails that were created based upon

those images and so I click on here it’s going
to start optimizing 89 images even though

I have 37 sleds how that whole thing works
for you have these thumbnail images so I’m

I can actually do this right now but I do
want to go back here and say you know what

I actually think I’m going to buy this because
I do want to have more control over how my

images get optimized 25 bucks is actually
really good deal considering I can use this

on client websites or multiple websites so
you want to check this out just go to

and if you use any of these solutions I like
to hear from your experience in the comments

section down below like I said all three of
the ones I talked about X I talked about for

I showed you crack and I personally use them
all for extended periods of time only I didn’t

like about ShortPixel was this small like
that it was very limited only hundred images

a month but for this I like to to have the
additional control over what gets optimized

so for me I think it would be absolutely worth
it so these are the options for you I think

most people are going to be fine with Imagify
if you want more control and you want more

images that you can compress a few have clients
and stuff like that this is probably good

to be a better bet for you going with this
ShortPixel whether there still any available

or not going this route I think I’m in a pickup
one I don’t think I need to I’ll probably

pick up one of these 5000 images per month
is probably a sweet spot for me and what I

need so share your experiences in the comment
section down will sorry for making this video

long I hope you got a couple laughs and giggles
out of it for my mispronunciations but I enjoy

making these videos for you thank you for
watching these videos and I’ll see you in

the next video.

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. The video helps too much for learning any matter. And I am using WP Smush.

  2. You rock, Adam. Just as I’m preparing my 6 sites to transfer to InMotion Hosting, you show me this! My old web host is maxed out so InMotion asked me to try to downsize my sites. I was dreading going in and trying to optimize each pic on each site by hand. Now I’m just gonna get this Short Pickle deal! 😉 heheheh

    Seriously though, optimizing images is the bane of my web designer existence. Weather I am uploading pics clients give me on a new site or rebuilding an already existing site, it’s just such a pain in the arse to have to do each pic by hand. Usually that includes me cropping the pic in Photoshop, then changing the pixel dimensions, then exporting it for web, then uploading it into site, then downloading it from their site, then uploading it into the Client site. Ugh!! That was 6 steps!! Now it will go down to one or two steps and complete avoid photoshop as I can crop it in Preview.

    Also, I don’t have to continually school clients about how to optimize images moving forward. Plus, it can optimize fromnthe front end! Already, I have a client w a store locator page hat allows user generated entries w photos. I can see this being great for user generated testimonials as well.

    Thanks for this. I can see it shaving unbelievable amounts of time and distasteful effort off my plate.


    1. Yes, it’s about having your website work for not, not having to do all the tedious work as long as there are other options available. For me, the less tedious something is, the more likelihood that I will do it.

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