How To Make A WordPress Website 2015 – In 5 Minutes

Updated: November 18, 2017
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Since this was created in 2015, and it's now 2018, I don't recommend using the done for you WordPress website.

If you want an amazing WordPress website, I highly recommend taking a look at the free Astra Theme and the free Astra Sites plugin.

This combo along with Elementor and my training videos will enable you to build some amazing things.

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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38 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website 2015 – In 5 Minutes”

  1. Thanks, I have V2 but customizer only has opacity adjustment for home page. no other pages have that provision,

    1. Adam from WPCrafter

      Yes, that is right now that you bring it up. Unfortunately there isn’t a reliable solution for that. Sorry 🙁

  2. I have tesseract installed and all’s fine. I would like to make the header transparent in all pages not just the header.
    I have tried a lot of different suggestion in my child theme but none do the job
    any suggestion would be appreciated

    1. Adam from WPCrafter

      If you have v2 of the theme, its in the customizer settings. If not, then I wouldn’t be able to help you and would suggest contacting the theme developer or hiring a coder.

  3. Everything is fine but can’t figure out how to have at least one sidebar on either side of the web page. Apple has no sidebar in their website so has not it. Doesn’t sound rational at all. I am playing with this theme around. Such a good one to design with beaver builder for sure. I would pay 50$-70$ to buy this particular theme and use it forever but the sidebar issue will push me to switch to any other theme soon. Really a sad story. I am in love with it but it won’t fully serve my next website building purpose. Please provide me with your kind suggestion soon.

  4. Hi I am having trouble with pictures only top half shows the rest is white. The only way I have found to get more of the pic is to use the spacer to add more space. HELP!!!

    1. Adam from WPCrafter

      Hey Cathy, sorry that I can’t be much help with your question. I don’t use the SiteOrigin page builder. If it was a question related to beaver builder, then I could help. You may want to post your question is the site origin support forum on

  5. Seriously who would use this theme? It is absolutely horrendous. Whenever you try to put the top menu to the right side of the page it disappears completely. Lost in the vacuum of infinite code verse this horrible developer spent “months” creating. You don’ think you could have figured that out there Tyler? Worked the bugs out? I am new to WordPress and developing for that matter and if there is one thing I can say that is good about this theme is that it has literally forced me to learn and investigate every line of code in this stupid jumbled mess. Don’t understand how this theme gets such great reviews all the time. SMH

    1. Adam from WPCrafter

      Well tell me how you really feel 🙂

      Lol, yea it is not the best and in life you get what you pay for.

  6. Hi, I am thinking of downloading Tesseract 2, but need more info about it’s functionality – are you able to help? I am setting up my website to sell how-to video courses and downloadable pdfs. (I run a crafting business.) I need to include payment options for digital products and host the products (PDFs/Videos) on my site. Is this possible on Tesseract 2? I love the theme but since it is not on – I can’t check reviews for it’s functionality or it’s compatibility with the plug ins I use. (I’ve build a WP site before, but am not exactly a pro, so sorry for the rookie question!) Are you able to point me to where I can find this info? Thanks so much!

    1. Adam from WPCrafter

      No theme is going to do that. You will have to add plugins to accomplish a shopping cart and protected content. Check out my MemberPress review to see how to sell and protect content in WordPress.

  7. I just recently downloaded Tesseract 2 to one of my WordPress themes and I am having a hard time previewing it.

    I want to see what the site would look like without activating it but every time I try to do “Live Preview” I get this error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Customize_Manager::add_panel() in /data/23/2/143/17/2795343/user/3075710/htdocs/newsite/wp-content/themes/TESSERACT/inc/customizer.php on line 18

    I’m fairly new to WordPress so I would appreciate any assistance I can receive on this. It’s such a beautiful layout and I don’t want to have to look for another theme for

    Thank you!

    I have WordPress version 3.9.9 if that helps.

  8. Thanks! Also how do I remove the front page image on tesseract, or on any of the pages for that matter. I know how to add the images but cant seem to find away on removing them.

    Thanks again!

    1. You have to play around with the page builder page sections. I bet you are referring to the background images. Just look around at those settings and you will spot them.

  9. Just purchased the tesseract theme, very happy so far. Just had one question (so far). How can I remove the ‘tesseract’ from the nickname field under users? It also appears at the topof the page above my dashboard icon. Thanks

    1. Hey thanks for your purchased. Yea your question is an easy one. Go to your WordPress user account, set a nickname, then change the “Display As” to the nickname. You will know what I am talking about when you look.

      Maybe that can be the topic of a video I put out this week.

  10. is this theme compatible with the current wordpress version. Sorry I’m new at this and would like to make a purchase. I also noticed it is slow navigating through your site as pages load slow or not at all. thanks

    1. Yes it works fine on WordPress 4.3, the version released last week.

      As far as this website loading slow, I would suspect that its on your end because my site consistently has under a second load times.

      1. Thanks. Will be getting the tesseract theme today. Are you still developing a similar Thrive plugin? And will it work with the tesseract theme well?

  11. Connie Johnson

    It is actually not a free tutorial as if you want certain things you will have to pay. His name is embedded in the code to appear in the bottom right – if you don’t want that on your site, it will cost you $30; also the blogging is not set up so you cannot blog.

  12. i have the theme installed and content added but i have a problem which is in the Blog page the sidebar doesn’t appear, i have tried alot of things but nothing works so i thought you might have a solution.
    would be great if you reply.

      1. Thanks for the reply!
        I have tried again, but is still asking for 10$.
        How can I get it for free like others did?

        Thanks in advanced!

    1. If you followed the instructions, that wouldn’t have happened. Please read the instructions or watch the instruction video I created and you will have the site up in less the 5 minutes.

  13. installed tesseract theme..

    Love what I know it can do for my website experience

    the page editor does not show the text and visual tabs to edit content

    can type in element box but unable to edit it or modify text as the visual and text tabs are no where to be found

    do i reinstall the entire theme?
    afraid of loosing existing content but can update as the tabs not exist for some reason

    joining wpcrafter as I have 4 more sites to build

    1. That sounds very odd. I think there may be an issue with your WordPress installation, or you may have a caching plugin installed.

      In my install I can edit just about everything.

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