by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How To Edit The Footer On Tesseract WordPress Theme


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At this point, I don't recommend people use the Tesseract theme. It's really a dead end theme.

A better alternative is the free Astra Theme, which allows you to edit the footer with ease.

Also, you may need to install and run a free plugin named Switch To Astra to make all your page builder built pages work out of the box.

And if you really want to see something amazing, check out the free Astra Sites plugin.

I have tutorials on all of this.

This child theme will only work for you if you don't already have a child theme on your website.

Also depending on when you installed the Tesseract theme, the child theme from my website may not work without making a small adjustment.

It's really a cat and mouse game with these guys. Essentially if the folder name for the parent theme has changed, it needs to be changed in the style.css file in this child theme.

Video Transcript

How To Edit The Footer On Tesseract WordPress Theme

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. WHEN I attempted to download, it took me to a faulty HTTP message

  2. Thanks for the info Adam. I use the Tesseract Theme (ver 4.9.2). How/where do I paste the code snippet to localize Amazon affiliate links? I can’t see how to access the footer file.

  3. everytime i try put my email in that box,then press ‘send’, it always telling me “page not found” please help my me.

  4. Hi this is slightly off the topic as I already have my own child theam and a little php file that allows me to write my own credits however I am trying to find a way to unlock the centre area of the footer, can you give any advice on tha?

    I am using a test site right now to play with this and other plugins etc.

  5. Hi Adam!
    I have a small problem… When i dowloaded your child theme and when you try to the install child theme there is an error:
    “””Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete.

    Name Description The parent theme is missing. Please install the “TESSERACT” parent theme.”””

    And i know for sure i haven’t renamed the parent theme or anything like that.

    I am quite new to wordpress so i don’t really know i’ve caused the problem somehow.. Anyway thank you for the work you’re putting into this and i find your videos really useful, keep up the good work!

    1. Yes the child theme needs a slight modification, but truthfully I am tired of playing the cat and mouse game.

  6. I’ve disabled the ad-blocker but the download link is not being shown, can you please mail me the child theme? Thanks a lot

    1. There is an issue with the tool I am using to deliver it. I will resolve it in the next day or so when I get the time.

  7. I don’t see a link or an opt-in box and I don’t have any adblocker, I checked.

    1. There is an issue with the tool I am using to deliver it. I will resolve it in the next day or so when I get the time.

  8. I’ve disabled ad block, tried mozilla ff and chrome but even on my phone i cannot see where to add my email. Can you help me? 🙁

    1. There is an issue with the tool I am using to deliver it. I will resolve it in the next day or so when I get the time.

  9. I can’t see where the child theme is dude!
    nor where I suppose to add my email add?


    1. Disable your ad blocker, and there is a notice that if you have an ad blocker that you will need to disable it.

  10. adam,
    a big hand for the work… it worked like a charm.thanks for that child theme. i need a little help, after installing the child theme, the default blue buttons changed to the green one. how can i change those colors to the blue color?

    1. No but if you would just disable your ad blocker, I’ve repeated this probably 30 times in the comment section, and it even says it underneath where the button is, you will see the download button.

    1. It’s freely available to download on this page. If you’re using an ad blocker or anything like that you might not see the download button.

  11. Hi.
    The child theme does not work online.
    It only works offline.
    When you install child theme there is an error:
    “””Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete.

    Name Description The parent theme is missing. Please install the “TESSERACT” parent theme.”””

    Offline it can work.

    1. It works fine regardless if it is on a local computer or a web hosting account. Looks like you must have changed the name of the parent theme, so the child theme can’t link up with it.

  12. Hello. I have edited the footer with a new footer, however, it is wrapping. I would prefer to write a copyright line, etc, but it wraps and stays all the way over to the right. Can this be a simple one line of text?

      1. Thank you. I have amended the style sheet .footer-style to width 100%, however, there is no noticeable difference. hmmm.

  13. “The parent theme is missing. Please install the “TESSERACT” parent theme.” – This error message is being displayed though the theme is updated. I have version 1.0 too, do i have to delete that theme ?

  14. hi can i ask for help about the new tesseract child theme please, it is not installing

  15. hi adam, i have your child theme of the previous version of tesseract theme. however, i somehow happen to note the new version of tesseract has disabled some customisation. when i try to upload the new child theme for the recent version you had given, it is not uploading as it says the child theme already exists. please advice thanks

  16. A little lost. I copied and pasted the footer file to my parent theme and it became white and non responsive to the parent theme. It does now say your new footer. I am new and just want to remove the tesseract but without losing the progress I made on the theme. Any help?

  17. Hi, Is there a way to remove the footer credits if i have Tesseract already installed please?

  18. Thanks Adam! This is great! And I also love your videos, they are really helpful.

    1. Glad you liked it. Today I will be recording a new one because some things changed on this theme 2 days ago.

  19. Hi Adam, can we change a whole code or insert new code to Teseract menu? It is not nice and not work smooth with its menu for mobile. Thanks in advance for your reply

    1. Sure you can change any code that you want with the theme. Just make sure you know what you are doing.

  20. where is the place that i leave my email, i was wondering if i could get the child theme?

  21. Here is how you center the menu bar in header. This will need to go in your custom style sheet.

    .main-navigation {
    text-align: center;

  22. Hi Adam,
    Thank you very much for this teeseract Child Theme creation, so helpful!
    My question is how to make a text only (not hyperlink) right side bar footer content ?
    You know, the classic ‘copyright @ year my website’ thingy…

  23. I’ve installed your child theme and it works well to remove the theme by tesseract logo in the footer, but now that I’ve installed your theme I cannot put anything in the bottom right section of my footer. It simply doesn’t work. I would really like my social media icons to be there. Thank you. (also, please don’t judge my website, I just started working on it a couple of days ago)

    1. This is for changing the text, not replacing it with other things like social icons or menus.

    1. Of course you can, just click on the download resources button. You may need to disable your ad blocker.

  24. Hey there, I have installed your child theme but the “Theme Footer” option does not show up in my right-hand task bar. It states “Templates – This child theme inherits templates from a parent theme, Tesseract.” It’s also gives me 3 options: Theme Functions, Styles and RTL Stylesheet. Please help me. What do I do?

    1. If you installed and ACTIVATED the child theme I provide in this post, then you would have that option. Please make sure it is activated.

  25. it doesn’t work for me 🙁 Can u help? I sent u email but u didn’t reply

  26. Hello and thank you so much for your help.

    I just have one question, when I create my child theme, I do not find any theme functions. Is it normal?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes that is normal. Thats because the child theme functions file is an extension of the parent themes function file.

  27. Thank you so much!! Finally it worked. No more theme by Tessaract 🙂

  28. Hey, I got this left space in every single page of the tesserat custom child theme. How do I get rid of that? Its like a white left column, every time I add something to a page it has that ugly space.

  29. Hello Adam,oe

    I was so glad that I found your childtheme for the Tesseract theme 1 (2015). It works on my laptop but the menu on my smartphone and tablet don’t work. The hamburger icon is still there, the text is responsive but no menu.
    Can you help me? Thank you.

    1. The child theme is actually for the newer version of that theme. It should still work fine, but if it is causing you trouble, I wouldn’t use it.

  30. I didn’t receive your email either, checked spam account as well. I am using Tesseract theme 2.5.4 and have tried several times to create a child them but I always receive the same error message! Have you been successful installing a child theme with this version of Tesseract?

  31. Hi Adam great videos ,,,,

    down loaded the child theme but cant upload the plug in
    this is what it gives me….

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.

    Return to Plugins page

    am I missing sunbathing here? im a novice for sure but even when i go into the theme under edit footer
    it seems nothing like what is in your video ..

    any advice ? or did Tesseract change something ???

  32. I am glad I found your site. I have just completed my first course–“3 Steps to WordPress Success.”
    In addition to being just plain helpful, it was simple and to the point. Thank you.

  33. Thank you for this video Adam!! By far the most useful help I’ve found for this theme so far!

  34. Hi Adam, I download the child theme and change the footer text. When I click on save change, it runs forever without save the change.

  35. Hello !!
    I am using Tesseract Theme and i don’t know how to remove the footer text written as “THEME BY TESSERACT”
    I try many ways in appearance> Editor> Theme Footer but still i am facing this problem.
    can you help me with this ??

  36. When I try to change the footer code there is an error 406 not acceptable. How do I get around the error? Thanks

  37. Hi Adam, thank you so much for the child theme! I was able to remove the branding without a problem but now I cant add my footer menu to the bottom left, I can only add to the right hand side. Is there a reason you know of that causes this?

    1. Have you gone back into the customizer to make sure it is still set to show the footer menu? Perhaps maybe you changed to much of the footer code?

  38. I downloaded and activated the child theme, but it does not allow the footer credit to be removed. All it does is ask to pay the $30 to remove the credits.

    1. Then you must have done something wrong because it works perfectly. Over 500 people per month download it and have no problem at all.

  39. Great child theme!!! did the trick. Why did Tyler do that?? I know he has made loads of helpful videos but to do that is a bit silly. I would of gladly made a paypal donation, not because of the theme but because of the massive videos he has done all these years.Thanks to his videos i have now found your great videos from the youtube sidebar . And just like Tyler if you have a paypal donation button i would gladly donate !!!

    1. Yea I think it’s pretty cheeseball. Thats what I love about WordPress, the themes made for it are GPL licensed, which means you can change it and redistribute it all you want.

  40. I really cant find the download links or place to put my email

  41. This is nice! Tyler has made it even harder to remove with a recent update tho…. The unbranding plugin can buy a whole theme….

    1. This theme is not worth paying $30 to change the footer credits. That being said, not sure what you are taking about, this child theme you can download for 100% free, works great. The footer is easily modified. Nothing has changed.

  42. Thanks Adam! This was really helpful! Is there anyway to change the font and/or size of the footer banner text at all please? Any help would be really appreciated as unfortunately I have had no luck with Google Easy Fonts for this.

  43. I downloaded the child theme may i copy paste the footer php code and paste it on my tesseract parent theme

  44. Thanks a lot Adam for your child did the magic…keep the good work up..I’ll activated,it worked fine although i had to redo some little customization thanks all the same….

  45. Thanks a lot Adam for your child theme did the magic…keep the good work up..I’ll it and activated,it worked fine although i had to redo some little customization thanks all thesame….

  46. Thanks i’ve just received kind of new to this stuff,hope am not stressing you by asking more questions? the version of tesseract theme i used is v2.0.1, did some customization already and the one you worked on in your video is v2.3 or so, so should i just upload your child theme and the replace my footer.php with yours? on because am pretty lost on your video t

    1. Right on this page there is a place to put your email. Do that so my system can email it to you.

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