by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How To Add Age Verify Gate To Your WordPress Website – Plugin


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Recently I was asked to do something I have not done before. Don't you love the challenge / learning curve when a client asks you to do something new?

Certain industries are required to have an age verification system in place to each time someone visits their site. So it was my job to figure out how to implement an age verification system for WordPress.

WordPress Age Verification Plugins

At first I searched the WordPress repository of course. The problem with the 2 I found was that they redirect visitors to a specific page for the age verification to happen. This could be a disaster for your websites SEO. On top of that, these plugins were just ugly!

Not liking anything that I found, I had an idea.

Why don't I just use Thrive Leads screen filler lightbox and use some CSS to remove the little X in the top right. That way the visitor would be forced to actually select one of the choices given.

You can see how awesome it turned out in the video above.

If you haven't purchased Thrive Leads yet, it is the most powerful optin solution for WordPress, but you can also do some other cool tricks with it.

To learn more about it click this link Thirve Leads.

Video Transcript

How-to Add Age Verify Gate To Your WordPress Website – Plugin

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Is it possible to assign to group of link pages only not the complet website

  2. Can you explain how you removed the X and the white box using CSS? Step by step instructions would be nice to follow. Thanks for the great video!

    1. It’s done with CSS. Every template they have is a little bit different. If you ask their awesome support, they will give you the exact CSS to add.

  3. How are you forcing the visitor to choose an option (I am over 18/ I am not 18). When the age gate first appears, couldn’t the visitor just reload the page and by pass the gate. Also couldn’t the user just click on “I am not 18”, then be taken to the “State 1” and then just revisit the URL. On second viewing the age gate would not display.

    1. No the gate will not go away unless they choose. And it was set to reverify after 24 hours.

      It is a site wide overlay, any page the visitor tries to go to will show it and there is no way to remove it without making a decision.

      1. Ok well I must be doing something wrong. Here is the scenario. You initially visit the site and the gate occupies the entire screen. Then without clicking any buttons (I am of age / I am not of age) the user refreshes the page. The gate does not reappear. Thereby the user has bypassed the gate without any selections (decisions). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for you time.

        1. I would have to see what exact settings I used in Thrive Leads to force the user to make a decision. But there is a setting in there to force it. Just don’t know off of the top of my head.

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