Help Page

My list of help / FAQ's that are commonly asked.

How do I download your DFY templates?

When I first launched this website, you could access the templates in my store. I have since reorganized this site and no longer have a store link. You can download any DFY template directly from the post on my website. It's just easier this way!!!

All in One WP Migration Import Error...

If you download any of my "Done For You" packages and All in One WP Migration is giving you any type of error, most likely you skipped a step. This is most often caused when you try to import the zip file, when you need to unzip the file first.

Can't install the theme, says missing style.css...

If you download any of my "Done For You" packages, please take a few minutes to watch the setup video. In the receipt that was emailed to you, there was a link to the setup video. You are receiving this error because you are trying to upload the package as a theme.

When I try to take a course it says name missing?

If you are trying to enroll in a course and you are given a notice that your first and last name are required, please go to the Members Dashboard > Edit Account > then add your first and last name. Now you will be able to enroll.

How do I get access to bonus for the product I bought?

Please visit my Contact page and then choose Course Access for the instructions.

Where is the Store?

I no longer have a link to the store on this website, nor do I have a store here any longer. You can access everything direct in the post talking about xyz product.