by Adam Preiser updated July 17, 2019

Gist Tutorial And Complete Walkthrough – Perfect Alternative to Intercom, Drift, Drip, ConvertKit


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If you are interested in a perfect, full-featured, marketing automation app that is a perfect alternative to Intercom, Drift, Drip, ConvertKit, check out this ConvertFox Review and walkthrough.

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Alternative to Intercom
Alternative to Drift
Alternative to Drip
Alternative to ConvertKit


Gist is an all in one communications platform that will integrate with any website platform. It brings together live chat, marketing automation, bots, scheduling, and support to provide the best experience for your customers.

Key Gist Features:

  • Modern Live Chat Experience
  • Marketing Automation
  • OnPage Appointment Scheduling
  • Bots For Automation
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Broadcast Emailing

I have been using Gist since November 2017 for live chat, email marketing automation, and support desk.

As an early adopter, I ran into some issues here and there, but over the past 2 years, the Gist team has been consistently adding useful features to this platform.

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Video Transcript

In this video I am to go over a tool that
I recently started using on my website named

ConvertFox Noma to go through all of the features
that it has on the to show you the back and

setting control panel and some of the reasons
why I am now using ConvertFox and testing

it out here on my website hi my name is Adam
from where I release a ton of

content about WordPress and how you get the
most out of WordPress for your self if you

know your consider clicking on the subscribe
button and if you don’t want to miss a thing

click on the notification belt and you to
let you know what I have a need new videos

that get uploaded now typically only talk
about WordPress related stuff on this channel

but what it really is is assembling the right
blocks to build an amazing website our online

presence or e-commerce store and that’s what
I’m talking about other tools as well like

this one called ConvertFox so here’s their
website and the women structure this video

might be little long but it’s good to be worth
it if you are interested in this product just

watching through the video and you might get
a little insight on some of the tools and

how you can use them for yourself but the
best way to structure this video would be

to first go through some of the features and
talk about them as they’re shown on their

website and then on the log into the backend
and show you a little bit of that and how

to get around in these different features
causes a very comprehensive suite of tools

that is designed for one thing to help you
communicate better with your website visitors

and your customers through all the different
ways that we have available to communicate

with them so what ConvertFox is is it’s a
platform where when you sign up here to get

a little descriptive code that you need to
add to your website now being this is a channel

about WordPress you can add it to your WordPress
base website but also work if you have a shop

a five store or something along those lines
it will work on any of these different platforms

that you may be using by just putting in this
little script of code now they make it a little

easier if you’re using WordPress as a WordPress
plug-in that they have that you can just download

install and activate it’s very similar to
Google analytics where you would put that

analytics code from Google is the same concept
which are to do with ConvertFox now once you

add that to your website then it opens up
all of these things that you could do if you

wanted to in any combination so the main thing
is going to add is these four features live

chat now don’t get hung up if you’re saying
there is no way that I want live chat you

don’t have to use that component of this the
way that you might think that you would have

to use it so I know for me I don’t have the
available bandwidth to be able to do live

chat I’m trying to figure out the exact ways
that I might want to implement it but I really

can’t implement it everywhere on my side I
get so much traffic I just don’t have the

ability to respond to everyone on live chat
but with the live chat box you can do 81 of

things with that you can initiate messages
to people based upon their behavior because

what ConvertFox is doing is this tracking
everything people are doing on your website

for you so you can create criteria to initiate
conversations or to give little bits of information

and in the future they’re going to be adding
more pot like features so there’s a lot to

live chat there’s a new feature that’s coming
of nothing to be of the show in this video

where you can initiate via the live chat scheduling
an appointment with you and I think that’s

can be pretty huge for lots of different businesses
of your local business that’s based on appointments

you can just have the light chat box pop up
and initiate an appointment or them setting

up base are scheduling an appointment is very
powerful so there’s live chat then there’s

email marketing and we kind of know what this
is but it’s a very powerful the way that it’s

implemented here so you can have certain emails
or email sequences triggered based upon what

the visitor has done or how the visitor has
interacted with your content is very powerful

user analytics is really neat there’s is a
vent visualizer where you can determine or

is it you can specify certain things that
you want ConvertFox to pay attention to if

someone maybe clicks honor goes to and you
can track those types of events and then marketing

automation that is automating things based
upon what or how people are interacting with

your emails and with your website let me actually
go here’s what the live chat interface looks

like it’s extremely modern there are other
live chat platforms that are just live chat

and they really look dated this is a very
modern live chat interface right here email

marketing working look at that in more depth
let me go to the exact features page here

to show you a little bit more so in this and
probably help me go through the different

features so you got this alive check control
panel and I also want to add there is an iPhone

app and there is an android app so you can
live chat on the go so you’ll get those push

notifications so if you do want to have live
chat where someone can initiate a chat with

you if you have a one of these mobile devices
you’ll get a notification on your device you

can open it up and start responding but I
like this form of live chat better than all

the live chat experiences I’ve had before
because this is more conversational and and

it can almost replace having a contact form
so someone can click on the live chat ask

you whatever and then they pop their email
address and and it’ll say so-and-so typically

responds in an hour or four hours or or whatever
you wanted to say and then you could just

respond to those live chats when you want
now if the person still on your website they’ll

be able to see your response in real time
and then you can have this conversation and

if they aren’t that’s okay too as soon as
you type your response in ConvertFox will

send them an email notification saying hey
here’s a response and it will show all that

to them just receive an email and then they
can hop back over to your website which is

a good thing right getting the back to your
website they have back to your website to

continue the conversation with you I really
like that because it’s a live chat but it’s

not instant chat work you have to be sitting
there that very instant other live chat solutions

I’ve used if someone leaves there just gone
and I’m not able to even though I wonder where

I’m ready now to respond to them they’re gone
and it doesn’t send an email to let them know

that I responded so it can really in a sense
replace having a contact form on your website

and it’s more convenient right because it’s
a little inconvenient to fill out the contact

form to get a pop and all this information
so it makes interacting with your website

visitors more conversational and that’s what
I like so here web-based this is what your

Control Panel skin look like I’m in a show
you will see all the people that are asking

to have a chat with you and you can see information
about them here on the right any tags that

you have for them him and explain all that
to you and some analytical data based upon

how that person is interacted with your website
you’re going to have it right there on the

right so that’s how this works you can also
have initiate these chats so on certain pages

or certain things someone do it does on your
website you might want to initiate a chat

with them based upon things that they’re doing
in your able to do that you can you can set

those up as much as you want and they’ll live
chat interface is pretty awesome so you get

this list of of information properties on
the person that is on your website initiating

this chat with you then right here you can
also have these pre-saved replies so you’re

not having to type the same thing over and
over again if you’re getting asked the same

questions a lot and then right here you can
actually make some notes so if you have to

chat with them in the future you can do that
and also you can have multiple chat operators

so if it’s a multiple person company it’s
very easy to get these additional chat operators

in there so that’s where notes end up being
really good to have those in there so people

can see if someone else takes over this chat
what private notes that you put in I really

like some things about the live chat to you
can upload files they can upload a file to

you you can use emoji’s which you who doesn’t
talk with an Moji emoji’s these days I mean

it if heck in my iPhone when you’re typing
a message you can convert it to all emoji

for you this doesn’t quite do that but I think
that adds a personal touch to live check communication

that can actually make it a little more fun
and right here just says keep the conversation

alive by email that’s what I really like about
the live chat word is a little practical for

me you see I have on my website a lot of people
submitting information on the contact form

where this would actually just make it a little
easier so I can get rid of the email not having

to receive emails from them and just go into
the live chat and respond when I’m available

to respond it does make it it does make it
more practical for someone like me but it’s

a very modern chat interface, to show you
how you can change the colors here and make

it look how you want so can be branded to
your brand in your brand’s colors and have

a little picture of an avatar says they’ll
take a look at the email marketing and like

I said this me going through it over the website
is just gonna make it easier when I’m showing

you the information on the backend it’s going
to make the connection oh this is the future

and this is how I implemented so alright so
there is a it’s full-featured email marketing

platform you can send broadcast emails you
can dynamically segment your list of people

so you’re not sending that an email to everyone
you’re sending the targeted emails to the

right people at the right time so you can
send automatic trigger emails and broadcast

emails and then you can have these longer
email campaigns were you can put someone in

the email campaign you could pull people out
of the email campaign there’s these various

things that you could do so you’re sending
them intelligently you’re sending the right

offers to the right people at the right time
so here is a snapshot of what that looks like

when you’re sending campaigns I’m in the back
in your neck to see it like this because I

haven’t sent an email marketing campaigns
just yet and you can just a side note you’re

able to import a list of contacts that you
have into the platform whenever someone puts

their email in the live chat it’s also captured
that way and in the next week or two there

in 1/2 forms that you can put on your website
or if you’re someone like me I use a product

called Thrive Leads I can take the form that
ConvertFox gives me and I can just paste that

into Thrive Leads so when that form features
added I’ll make a follow-up video to this

to show you how to now capture data into ConvertFox
from Thrive Leads and I’m also going to ask

the folks at Convert Pro to add that is a
feature to their pop-up lead capture solution

for WordPress but if you’re using a non-WordPress
solution that’s fine there’s going to be a

form that you can put in on your website in
order to capture the information from your

leads so right now here is what your email
looks like and I actually love this format

of how an email looks it’s simple you can
have your logo at the top then you have this

box you’ve got your text at the bottom it
looks very conversational you have your picture

in your name and then there’s a little link
off to the right to unsubscribe now one thing

that’s nice currently they are outsourcing
all of the email is sending you know that’s

a very very specialized field sending out
emails and making sure they show up in people’s

inbox so they have that outsourced to a transactional
email service provider and they have multiple

of these transactional email service providers
which I thinks good they can focus on their

platform and making it great without having
to deal with the actual sending of the emails

so they handle all that for you I’m just saying
that because deliverability when it comes

to emails is huge I’ve been testing sending
emails and they’ve all made it to the inbox

which is very good but they have taken that
component in they have a put that out on B

experts which is really good now this is really
nice you can segment your visitors to your

website you can segment segment your lists
based on multiple pieces of criteria I’m going

to show that to you when I’m showing you the
back end and this is actually really neat

right here actually make sure I didn’t miss
anything okay deliver emails with total control

this is great so when you’re sending a broadcast
email you can actually schedule it I really

like that featured the bill the ability to
schedule these one-off emails let’s see this

next feature right here is about okay triggering
emails based on behavior this is really awesome

this is like email automation so if someone
has maybe clicked on to your pricing page

twice visited the page twice let’s send them
this email may be a coupon or something along

those lines and there’s also ways of factoring
in shopping cart abandonment sequences here

and then right here you can schedule emails
and you can do drip campaigns to show all

this to you there is a powerful a campaign
builder and you can do what your typically

use to sing is an autoresponder along okay
this is typical where you can pull in there

there your visitors names and stuff like that
in the email of course I never actually like

doing that just my personal experience because
a lot of times people don’t give you the name

their name the way you’d want it so they might
just put some random word in there were a

bad word or a word where the punctuation is
improper or the capitalization is improper

so I even unit I would love to put people’s
names in I typically don’t for that reason

okay and then some campaign reports one thing
it doesn’t say here that I’m gonna show you

and hopefully I remember when you’re sending
a broadcast email it has a killer killer feature

if so and there’s a feature where if someone
it doesn’t review the email business tracking

opens and so someone opens an email it’s fully
tracking that as data and it’s a data point

for sending future emails but here’s the thing
if someone doesn’t open your email you can

have it send the same email over again with
a different subject line with a delay that

you put in it and I want to show you how easy
it is to do that I think that right there

is one of the money features because a lot
of times you might send an email some adjustments

of the subject and then delete that because
you didn’t write a good subject no offense

I do that all the time but if they sought
under a different subject then they might

look at your email okay so that was the email
and then let’s look at this user analytics

to do my best to show this to you I don’t
have it super configured so essentially you

can depending on the plan with ConvertFox
that you have you can either their lowest

your plan has its own manual were you would
set up exactly what you want tracked the highest

plan automatically tracks everything and and
there is a plan where you get all the page

views tracked but not but then you have to
configure and the events in the event meaning

there clicking on this button or the clicking
here or there clicking there so you specify

these events and then you could see whose
who’s doing this event in some analytics based

upon it I was thinking of a good use case
scenario of this in one of the ideas that

I had is you know it’s very typical these
days for you to maybe have a pricing table

and there are monthly options and there’s
like a little toggle switch to switch it to

the annual options you can see how much it
costs if I just paid the year upfront and

that is a you can scan specify that as an
advance you can see who’s clicking on that

little toggle switch to see what the annual
cost is versus a monthly or vice versa so

there’s that’s an example of an event that
someone would be doing on your page or any

page of your website where you might want
to track that and so you can manually set

those events up it has this visualizer right
here okay it has this visualizer right here

to make it easy to specified now if your developer
you can manually do it but this has this event

visualizer so it makes it easy to set these
events so it will just pop up in your web

browser your website and you can see you see
right here and is pretty much can do that

that’s actually very unique I’ve never used
a tool prior to this where I’m able to do

that and I think it’s extremely extremely
valuable and then right here you can track

segment and view this information on your
particular customers because there’s a tagging

engine part of email automation and marketing
automation is this this concept of tagging

were all you you only have one list of contacts
and you segmented by tags if this person did

this tag them with that and so there’s this
series of tags that you would have so right

here track every user interaction right here
is where you can segment people based upon

their actions and that’s where the power of
this system is because if you have thousand

people on your website you need to identify
the right people for the right offer sewer

if your service based business the right people
for your service and right here you’re essentially

building these customer profiles so that you
can better target the people that are already

interested in you and what you are doing so
there those are the three aspects of this

that are available right now so let’s just
jump into the back and now there’s a lot of

this women have to blurt out I can basically
show you it be a breach of trust and confidentiality

if I show you people’s email addresses so
there’s can be some blur spots in here and

it’s possible that I might not give a certain
feature enough attention or I might miss speak

about something and that’s where where comment
sections are great in there’s a comment section

down below if I say anything the wrong way
or describe the wrong way or misunderstanding

something we can always fix it in the comment
section down below so when you first sign

up for ConvertFox or to get that tracking
code where you just get a copy and pasted

onto your website or if you’re using WordPress
you can just use the plug-in that’s available

now what I like when I’m logged in is it has
this kind of on boarding experience were okay

the first step is install ConvertFox on your
website which is essentially just that tracking

code and then customize a live chat appearance
and then create some chat prompts all these

things so kinda walks you through doing everything
and I really like that because a lot of times

and you get a new platform in your signing
up trying something new you don’t even know

where to start you don’t even know the right
order to do things but when you first login

there is this option right here which is there
a set up guide and it’s gonna walk you through

each of these step by step in case this is
the set up that guide and everything so here’s

that next I’m going to take a look right here
at the settings panel and there’s all these

various options right here I’m in a try to
go through these quicker because I’ve already

been talking so long and in this video’s okay
we can put a logo and company name and all

that kind of stuff pop your domain in right
here teammates is where you’re going to create

other operator accounts but I just have mine
in their and teams you can actually create

your operators in team so I may be billing
department sales department that’s what teams

are and you can pass chats from team to team
okay here’s where you can get that tracking

code again and you can see right here is my
manual tracking code or I can click right

here and I can go ahead and it tells me what
I need to put in if I’m using the WordPress

plug-in you just go to plug-ins add new type
ConvertFox it pops up and you just go ahead

and pop in the little tracking code information
that it gives you right here people tags I’m

just you know I don’t know okay season tags
that I actually created check tags people

segments and this is for segmenting your users
I know I’m going through this a little bit

quick you will definitely these right here
are predefined custom attributes right here

I actually haven’t use the custom attributes
feature yet okay let’s take a look at our

messenger right here now remember I said you
don’t have to use the messenger if you’re

not interested in the messenger you not have
to use it you can disable it on your site

and that’s very easy actually right here show
chat messenger if you toggle this off you

don’t have to deal with the whole messenger
aspect of it but it gives you full control

over the text here the gradient if I wanted
to change the gradient there’s all these options

or if I wanted to be a solid color I can choose
my own color for my own branding you can do

whatever you want here have a custom message
right here here’s the chat prompts option

right here so this is where if someone’s on
your particular page maybe say your pricing

page you can hit them up with the this triggered
chat actually let’s take a look at that and

a little bit more depth because it’s a pretty
important feature so right here you can name

it and right here you can go ahead and just
put what you want said to your visitor at

that particular time and then right here is
some of the criteria that you’re getting to

trigger this chat so we have one right here
that’s based upon the time there on that particular

page right here is based on their scrolling
events and right here is based upon date and

time and then here is a set of conditions
as well so if there on particular pages or

they visited a certain amount of pages Veronica
a certain kind of device their location the

traffic source that’s interesting so if it’s
based upon an advertisement you can trigger

a chat prompt for them so you know that’s
paid traffic that’s very interesting and then

right here is if you already have them in
a segment you based upon their behavior then

you can initiate this check trigger based
upon that very powerful tools here very powerful

tools okay so that is our chat prompts and
then here are some messenger settings that

we get right here here’s that option I told
you were it would say typically replies in

XYZ so for me I had it set to typically replies
in a few hours I should actually change it

into in a day because it does take me a little
while to get back to it and then here’s some

additional options that you get for this chat
prompt but X actually here’s a pretty important

feature enabled paths this basically means
where the heck do you want us to show this

chat if you don’t want it sitewide now for
you it might not and for me might not make

sense to have the chat site wide but maybe
on certain pages like maybe a pricing page

or inventory a player page where you’re selling
something so some can ask a question about

it but not like on your blog or blog posts
disclaimer pages and things of that nature

so right here you can enter in the path so
the chat prompt appears exactly where you

wanted to appear okay and let’s scroll down
here I haven’t use this so for spam it says

block users I’m assuming you can block specific
users and block specific IP is actually yes

if you would live chat what happens is you’re
going to get harassing people I’ve dealt with

it when I had live chat on my website people
that are just very harassing and so you can

block them based upon their IP address or
there if they are defined as a user you can

block them by that as well okay so there’s
a API integrations right here I don’t know

everything that is involved there a let’s
see if they have some okay Xavier so if you

want to integrate this was a pure you’ll need
the information that I just showed you and

right here is some also some additional information
for triggering the chat in certain locations

and then there’s some billing stuff here okay
like I pretty much went through the settings

it’s it’s fine is not overwhelming at all
all right so here’s the website again that’s

not what I wanted okay here’s where I’m learning
some stuff out I am in the area that lists

all the people I have in the system essentially
all my emails all the people that I’ve chatted

with whether there was an email or not I have
all of them right here this is good if you’re

searching for someone specifically you’ll
be in here I don’t usually come into something

like this but if I want to see what someone’s
been doing on my website or interacting with

my email you could take their email or their
name and you can pop it in here and you can

click on look at someone’s profile which is
actually quite helpful on those one on one

type of situations so this right here is where
you get that list of people next is the chats

okay another thing where I got it all blurred
out on the left here I’ve got the people that

have initiated chats with me the middle is
where were conversing and then off to the

right I have this area where I can see kind
of a profile of them now in the middle you

can see on the bottom there what that chat
experiences like the options that you have

so right here is reply here you can put some
notes on them like I was talking about one

of thing that you’re gonna have to get a little
use to his normally I want to type and then

hit enter we have to hit control and enter
for the message to actually send if you hit

enter it goes into a
it’s you know it takes a little getting used

to and then right here you have the options
to download something of someone sending you

a file or you can upload a file that’s a paperclip
or everyone’s favorite right here Amo geez

I love emoji is myself and I just got the
new iPhone 10 and they have these things called

animal Jesus and that some really fun stuff
right there so this is the chat experience

like I said you don’t have to do the chat
if that doesn’t interest you so right here’s

where I wanted to show you some interesting
thing so here is where you’re going to send

emails and set this whole process up until
we have those three email types right here

auto messages these are to be triggered based
upon what someone’s doing and how they’re

interacting with your content then there is
a broadcasts that your one-off emails I use

that most the time and then you have email
campaigns these will be series of emails that

you would basically put someone in a campaign
or move them off campaign and into a different

campaign with the automations that show you
in a moment and that’s where you’ll line up

all the various emails that you’re going to
have for somebody but what I wanted to show

you is the broadcast soma click on broadcast
right here now men have to do a little bit

blurring out as well there’s this part where
were we need to segment the people and choose

a how-to’s email them or who I’m going to
email to and that’s where I’m then have to

block I’m going to have to blur out those
email addresses okay there it is a pop the

first second and then it took me here minute
show you this for a moment and then I’m in

a scroll up and I’ll show you the little segmenting
engine right there so here I can choose who

the emails from the reply to theirs right
now one of the weaknesses some people are

gonna want more control over the templates
there are to build a better template builder

this is what’s years now I actually prefer
the simplicity personally so but this is an

area of improvement so they can have some
more powerful email template think so right

now you just have what you see on the right
or you can click on plain words is email template

and it’s just a more plain email experience
right there so it’s up to you I actually find

this is just better simpler lesson going on
but they could improvement prove it will pop

in the subject line right here the pre-header
texts I think this is more a mobile related

feature and then right here is the area where
you could just start filling in your information

and this is pretty much how the emails get
a look when someone receives it you can have

your logo right here I didn’t add my logo
to the system in the settings but if I had

it would show right here and then now here’s
the content and then here’s that unsubscribe

link and that’s perfect I mean that’s really
what you want in need so you could go ahead

and pop that in there then all you can always
in yourself a test email and that’s very nice

to you can set up a goal if you want to quantify
if this email blasts was successful or not

or some kind of a ratio of people that took
an action so if it’s an email to get someone

to buy something you can put in some criteria
to track if someone bought it and that would

help you determine if it was the successful
email campaign hears we can choose the air

schedule the time this is really good now
here is that money feature schedule the time

to resend the email for non-openers this is
huge so right here you can choose the time

so maybe three days so you send the initial
email they get it they haven’t opened it three

days later you send it again because people
get busy what if at that moment they received

the email they’re just busy year for whatever
reason and you know there’s a lot of people

out there they never delete their emails they
just have like thousands of emails in their

inbox if you’re not at the top of the inbox
they’re knocking to be looking at your email

so what the real money feature is right here
you can put a different subject line in and

I think that’s pretty huge because the subject
line determines in many situations whether

or not someone’s going to open your email
maybe just worded in a more juicy way you

would get someone to open the email okay I’m
in a scroll to the very top right now blur

out the contacts and show you how you can
dynamically create a segment of your email

addresses in the system to send a targeted
email broadcast to okay so right here is this

a rules engine right here so if I really have
some segments determined I can go here and

I can select a predetermined segment or to
create my own so I can click right here it

says add rule and you can add rules based
upon all of this stuff based on names I pretty

much don’t see good use for that actually
I don’t need to just email people name Adam

or John but you have that as an option here
email address user type user ID signed up

that’s interesting’s you can do based upon
when someone signed up last seen that means

the last time they’ve maybe looked at any
email or have been to your website so you

can kinda reactivate people this is great
for sass business right you want to get people

to come back to your website and actually
use the tool that they have purchased last

contacted web sessions is how many times they’ve
been or how many pages that they visited on

your website you do geographic there’s geographic
options here tags so I’m in a show you how

to add tags and remove tags so taxes get to
be a huge tool for segmenting company phone

first seeing sign-up source that’s interesting
landing page last heard from browser platforms

subscribes to marked emails this man LK here
is some events and so these would be based

upon events things that the way these people
are interacting with your website your content

K has done and has not done is great like
has not done has not opened up my emails or

maybe has opened up emails but has not purchased
things like that there’s a lot of ways you

can leverage this to do some amazing amazing
things okay so that’s it I’m knocking to show

you emails anymore because it’s kind of a
pain in the butt to do the blur thing all

the time all right so next we are going to
take a look at yeah the email automations

and so the easiest way to describe this is
to create a new email automation summoned

just go ahead and click on new automation
rule so you’re gonna have triggers and then

you can have each trigger can have multiple
actions your triggers are subscribed to a

campaign apply the tag you see you can manually
apply tags right so some is in a live chat

you can tag them interested in XYZ products
so applying a tag then can trigger a bunch

of things so that’s one remove the tag unsubscribe
from a campaign completed a campaign so if

you have a auto responder to campaign with
a bunch of five different emails that go out

over the next three months you can actually
do something when they complete that campaign

at the end of the campaign you pull them out
of campaign and put them into another one

where maybe you have 10 emails but it’s queued
up over 10 months you’re sending them emails

but less frequency frequently there’s a lot
of ways to use that clicked on a trigger link

that’s very interesting because you can kind
of identify people’s intent based upon what

they’re clicking on your website and your
emails for that matter visited a page and

opened up an email and then here’s some of
the actions you can do you can add a tag so

if someone clicks on this button add this
tag things like that some clicks on this button

remove this tag or send this email to them
or add him to a campaign or remove them from

a campaign or move them to a different one
to restart a campaign send a manual email

actually I don’t know how that all our one-off
email sorry said a custom field delete them

unsubscribe them and to send a notification
email that would be notifying someone internally

there’s very powerful things you do these
automations and you can just totally have

a ton of these things to really put a lot
of what you doing with your business on auto

pilot this is really powerful stuff right
here it’s one of those things that it’s gonna

take some thought to kind of wrap your mind
around how to best leverage this but it’s

a very powerful tool and that’s one of things
with the with a tool like this the best advice

I’d have for you even on that though this
video is you get it there and just start tracking

everything and you can decide what to do with
that information later but the sooner you

start tracking all of this stuff then later
when you get a great idea and I’m to send

a message to people that have done these certain
things on my website and my emails let me

create a new segment and just send emails
to them you can do that but you have to start

collecting the information as soon as possible
so you have is much to make those decisions

so these are the different automations you
just essentially give it a name selected trigger

and you can do as many actions as you want
on that automation and then right here is

that event visualizer that I was talking about
where you would defined things that they click

or actions they take on your website you define
what those are I can’t get this event visualizer

to work right now you I’m actually adding
this after having recorded the video in the

video I was saying that I was having a problem
with their event visualizer and I know what

the problem was it was of course caused by
me and that’s because the ConvertFox tracking

script that you put on your website I was
actually only using it on particular pages

so when I would go through on the event visualizer
it wasn’t making the connection to the tracking

script on my website and I realize this after
I record the video so I thought you know I

want you to see I’m human I make tons mistakes
myself and they’re usually caused by me but

I want to show you this event visualizer so
you can actually see what I was talking about

so I need to click on event visualizer right
here now here’s some recent pages I’ve already

loaded them in and what I meant to do is click
on this and then it just on my all it does

is it pre-fills this and because it knows
I’ve created an event based upon that page

before it’s a convenience factor now when
you’re on your web browser if it’s blocking

pop-ups when you click on the launch button
it’s not gonna pop up in a new tab so you

need to be aware of that so I’m in chrome
right now and when it blots a pop up if I

try to get into it a second or third time
I get a little notification in the area where

the URL is that says the it’s been blocked
and that I can click on it and I can approve

the pop up so that might happen if you’re
trying to get into this event visualizer and

you know is not working summoned by then click
launch in a just opened up in a new tab and

you can see there’s this toolbar here at the
top and so anything I can I move my mouse

cursor over that’s clickable you see that’s
clickable this is click clickable I can put

a tracking event so I know that people actually
clicked on that elements so for example here’s

the search icon right here if I want to track
who clicks on that or how often it’s being

clicked on I can make an event to based upon
this Elementor right here another example

is on my homepage here I have these social
icons I can add a event to be too sick to

track how many people actually click on this
Facebook share icon I can do that and you

can do that with pretty much any of these
elements to see who’s actually clicking on

these things so for here I would just click
on it with my mouse and then right here I

can name the events so let’s just name it
right here I’ll name it clicked on search

there it is clicked on search there some additional
options here and if you’re it’s not targeting

perfectly but I will go like that I will click
on defined events and then right here it’s

his event created successfully and then I
want to go ahead and click on this exit right

here and then it just exits out of that and
I’m back on the website I can close this and

then it takes me back to ConvertFox right
here and am assuming if I just refresh the

page or let’s see if I click back on events
it should it should actually lit up there

it is event visualizer just to go to events
oh and here it is clicked on a search so when

I click on it right here it’s now tracking
that is actually really cool features you

can track the numbers of people that are actually
clicking on these events that is pretty amazing

actually there’s a lot of powerful uses and
then you can perform actions based upon someone

click of performing this event tagging moving
them into campaigns and stuff like that I’ve

actually never seen a tool like this I’ve
used many marketing automation tools email

platform tools I’ve never actually seen a
feature like this and I’m sure this is one

of those power features that you can do some
really tricked out customization deep level

targeting sites and I just wanted to add this
to the video stream out my mistake what I

did wrong and how cool this feature is can
manually define events by clicking the find

event right here and here some of the options
this would be a manual way of doing it but

it does have this option where you click a
button it takes you to your website and you

can do it visually like that so here’s the
options view page click on submit on this

would be maybe like submitting a contact request
or something along those lines and change

on so you have these options here but it stupidly
you know what people click on is what you

want to track and have some data on those
those times were they click on something but

it doesn’t necessarily take them to a different
pages well buttons all kinds of stuff like

that or maybe take some off your website onto
some other website with it what they click

on is going to be very important so anyways
this right here is ConvertFox I tried to cover

all the features in its a young platform that
is very powerful already needing trying to

see why I am using it on my website as I want
to collect all of this data now I was prior

using a marketing automation platform I still
have it on their probably run both in tandem

for a while but it doesn’t have anywhere’s
near the power of ConvertFox as being a comprehensive

suite where I can just use the parts that
I want to use so marketing automation is really

just one aspect email one aspect live chat
when aspect was nice about this is all wrapped

up together in two one platform it was if
you don’t have ConvertFox I have a link in

the video description down below you and click
on that is can it take you right on over to

their webpage what are your thoughts on this
or maybe what platforms are you using right

now and maybe see this can kinda consolidate
the services into just one platform that you

have to deal with I love to hear about it
in the video description box down below as

usual don’t forget to subscribe if you’re
new here consider clicking on that you want

notifications click on the Bell hey thanks
for watching this video and I’ll see you in

the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam, so is this one of your recommendations for email list building and mailing as a replacement for say MailChimp and Aweber? Currently, starting a BLOG using WordPress and have Thrive Leads but not made a choice for Mailing List handling

    1. Yes and no. It is what I am using, but it is primarily based on cost. Today the cost is much higher, so you may get more bang for your buck with ConvertKit.

  2. Hi Adam, (I asked this on Youtube too) Are you offering a bonus with the ConvertFox purchase? If so, what is it and do you think you’ll end up doing a tutorial vid on CF? or a full course like the Elementor course? Thanks! I’m so grateful for all your helpful vids. <3

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