by Adam Preiser updated September 6, 2017

How To Get New Templates For Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder


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Video Transcript

How To Get New Templates For Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder

Welcome back to another video this is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies and in this video I’m going to
show you how to take Beaver Builder that’s

the very popular page building plug-in for
WordPress and show you how to get some cool

new templates for Beaver Builder now if you
go to Beaver Builder’s website here and click

on the templates tab you see the included
templates and okay there are quite a few templates

that it comes with and here’s some images
of some of those templates and are not that

bad however I have found in projects that
I’ve done that these templates tend to really

not meet my needs for templates so these are
some of the templates you have access to view

have the paid version of Beaver Builder there’s
a couple marketplaces I am seeing sprout up

that actually sell page templates for Beaver
Builder and those are okay but it can start

to get really expensive really quick and this
leads me to this plug-in right here that works

with Beaver Builder and it includes a bunch
of templates to I show you some of those templates

in this video that are just about to come
out now one of the nice things about this

add-on for Beaver Builder is it will work
completely in all these templates work completely

with the free version of Beaver Builder so
if you haven’t purchased a Beaver Builder

yet in your thinking should I purchase Beaver
Builder for these templates or should I just

use the free version this plug-in will work
perfectly with that free version now it adds

modules and design sections but let’s take
a look at the page templates now if you are

on their website you’re going to see their
first batch of page templates that have been

released and when you scroll down you could
take a look at them and you can come to their

website and look at these yourself but what
I want to show you today is the next batch

of page templates that are just about to hit
the plug-in so I’m going to go through these

one by one and just to show you now I do want
to add that down below there is a pinned comment

section and I’ll have a link to ultimate add-ons
down there also if you did purchase ultimate

add-ons through that link I have a course
on Beaver Builder that I’d like to give you

for free all you have to do is contact me
and send me your receipt for ultimate add-ons

and I’ll gladly give you access to that course
for free also if there’s other resources that

I find for templates for Beaver Builder I’ll
have a link to those below and if I am to

update this video you’ll find a link down
below in that section there is well some just

going to go through these right now so here’s
one of them and this is their fitness template

and you have this beautiful header area and
this button here and now what’s nice about

ultimate add-ons is there is a lot of features
and add you can have it so when someone clicks

on this button that it might have a booking
module or contact form or something like that

so that you can take advantage of someone
on your sites and clicking on that call to

action that you have you can see that this
is beautifully laid out I really like this

alternating the sections here and it is just
a really nice template that’s perfect for

any kind of a fitness purpose here’s another
one this is there different landing page here

that can be for any kind of a local business
you got your phone number here now one thing

I forgot to mention all these templates you
don’t see them with a header and a footer

and that’s because that’s more dictated by
your theme so you’re knocking to see these

in these templates so we have the same thing
going on we have this button area here and

we can have it do a variety of things in this
case can be to a quote form or something like

that or different page on your website like
how they did this is is a real branding look

if you’re business was to use a bright color
like this looks really good with the black

text here and this featured section and here’s
a area right here to have contact information

which is important these can be different
logos of some certifications or something

like that that the is this might have a list
of services and this could actually be made

to link to specific pages for those services
which makes it nice for Google and SCO purposes

I here is a landing page and this could be
for a product launch I really love the elegance

of this contact form that they’ve added here
it’s a very nice we have a feature grid and

we have this a beautiful area here with an
image and this is really nice to have a video

where someone would click here and it would
play a video and I really like the use of

the font set there are so large and here’s
a testimonial area we have another logo section

and then your final call to action right here
this can be more of a thank you page template

so if you have some form of a lead capture
funnel or someone would give you their email

address in exchange for say a PDF or an e-book
or something like that this is where you could

send them this thank you page right here and
there following all the best practices here

and that’s what’s nice this are the best practices
for landing pages where you’re going to think

someone and let them know that more info is
on the way and that’s I have links to additional

content on your website so that they don’t
just leave right here is a another template

with a fitness field to if you have this overlay
color in an image in the back and then here’s

a big call to action really like this black
but it’s not a black it’s just us bit lighter

than black and then this color that goes well
with it as well and here you can highlight

some different programs or training courses
or classes for that matter and here’s an really

nice-looking testimonial section right here’s
a really nice looking price grid I really

like how it’s using all of the colors in the
price grid it’s very very nice this is the

pricing module that comes with ultimate add-ons
it’s really adds a lot of style to your Beaver

Builder based website this right here is a
lead GEN lead capture page so we’ve got the

big headline area here and here is the information
where someone can opt in to receive whatever

you’re giving and then here is to let them
know what is going to happen next this is

really nicely designed template that is actually
very much in need there’s a lot of authors

and people launching e-books and books themselves
that are published either self published or

traditionally published this is a great page
right here to generate interest in your book

and to hear some more info you put about it
and some highlights on the book right here

some testimonials of the book information
on the author and a final call to action right

here is a really elegant kind of a beauty-ish
style page I really like this a lot here is

a button you can make it do what you wants
and there’s just beautifully laid out text

and images on this landing page I really like
it a lot and it’s really what you see out

there in the beauty community and as I scroll
down I just really like the choice of colors

they use their and right here is a another
landing page and this is really nice I like

how right when you come to it you got this
large headline area right here and then you

have your different benefits right here and
then the spot on the right there for someone

to put in their information and hear some
info on the features and some other things

right here testimonials there following a
very clear methodology and of all the different

sections that you should have on your websites
in the right here is a excellent page for

maybe an architect obviously these can all
be used for anything that you want them to

be use I like the use of the overlapping image
right here where you have the section in this

beige looking color and then the white and
then this image is overlapping that’s really

nice and then right here you have the three
different services or features or highlights

and then here’s a beautiful section for reviews
so these are some of the new templates that

are about to be released for ultimate add-ons
I do know they are constantly releasing templates

like this to just add more and more benefits
to people that own the plug-in right here

in you also still have those sections and
you have a whole bunch of modules here and

these are just features that it’s going to
add to Beaver Builder and what’s nice about

it is these all right here are the modules
used in these templates so like I said you

don’t need to purchase Beaver Builder if you
want these templates and you want all these

modules it will just work with the free version
of Beaver Builder just fine before you go

I have something for you and before I get
into that I wanted to ask you to do something

for me if you can give me a thumbs up on this
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for watching this video I really appreciated

and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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