by Adam Preiser updated September 6, 2017

How To Get New Modules For Beaver Builder, For Free


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Video Transcript

How To Get New Modules For Beaver Builder, For Free

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies like me and in this video to share
something really cool that was just released

and is completely free so it’s a new add-on
plug-in if you have a website in your using

Beaver Builder as the page builder and it’s
right here it’s ultimate add-ons for Beaver

Builder light now if you followed my channel
for any amount of time you know I’ve talked

about the ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder
plug-in it’s a fantastic plug-in and what

they did is they took some of the best modules
out of it and they packaged it up in this

plug-in that they’re giving away for free
now it does say white and I gotta tell you

I don’t know why they call it light because
it’s pretty darn heavy and what it offers

so in this video I’m going to show you it
on my WordPress website to show you everything

that includes in how to get it now obviously
it’s hosted right here on or

if you’re in your website you can just go
to the back and click on plug-ins add new

and then just do your search right here for
it and install it now I 40 installed this

plug-in on this website and what it does is
can add a new settings panel right here option

called right here it says you ABB you can
go ahead and click on that to pull up its

settings panel now what usually happens when
you get a light version of anything a plug-in

or software whatever it’s going to be the
plug-in but they take out of much of the features

and in the plug and they’re going to essentially
give you some nice gentle nudges saying if

you like this you’re gonna love that and there’s
nothing actually wrong with that as long as

it’s not done in an intrusive way or an annoying
way and definitely the way they’ve delivered

this is a very unintrusive there’s not lots
of nags that say pay pay pay get the full

version so let’s just look through the settings
here and then let’s look at what is included

to have the general settings right here on
first the welcome screen and basically there

let you know that this is the light version
of ultimate add-ons we have some general settings

here and this is just to enable some of the
features I’m in a show you them really quick

here are the modules that it comes with him
and to show you each one in this video and

here’s a little knowledge of some of the modules
that are in the full version of the plug-in

that you can get and here are links to those
if you want to take a look at it so here’s

a nice little nudge next is this link right
here to the template cloud so whenever you

hover over any of these templates gives you
that upgrade button and this is to get you

to get the full version of the plug and now
the free version has modules it doesn’t come

with any templates or road templates or anything
that you might’ve seen in any of my past videos

adjusting to come with a bunch of new modules
but they’re so useful and you’re gonna love

them so this is just showing you some of the
templates that are available for the full

version and some of these predesigned dissections
as well this is just a more of a technical

menu item and then here is give you more information
on the premium version now when I’ve seen

other plug-ins make a light version it they
have nags everywhere and ultimate add-ons

they’re not doing that they’re just giving
you a couple little menu items here to remind

you that there’s a full version and that’s
pretty much it so you really gotta hand it

to them for doing it that way now once you’ve
enabled the plug and if you go to pages and

let’s go ahead and click on the homepage here
and I’m a go ahead and click on launch page

builder there’s gonna be this new menu item
right here that says you a BB modules so I

just have the basic free version of Beaver
Builder installed on this website right now

it just comes with these basic modules and
in the advance module there really isn’t any

shows this one so if you’re using the free
version of Beaver Builder there is over 200,000

websites that is active on so there’s 200,000
people more than 200,000 websites using it

this will be very handy so it’s right here
you ABB modules and when you scroll down these

are all the modules that it’s going to add
to your site and it also adds a couple other

little things one of the things that I like
that it adds is is a live preview buttons

when you click on this everything disappears
and you get a live preview of your page I

really like that this is a feature that Beaver
Builder really should have natively built

into it but they haven’t done it maybe they’re
holding it off until version 2 a Beaver Builder

is released so I want to show you each of
these now I could drag and drop each one in

entry some of the settings but I think it’s
better to just jump over to the ultimate add-ons

website and show you how they have configured
each of these modules so let’s do that now

first is this a ribbon module and you can
make these ribbons with text like this right

here and here’s another example in another
example gotta be honest I’m not really a fan

of the ribbon but that’s okay because there’s
lots of other modules here this one is really

cool it’s a roast separator so you see this
is a row this is a row you’ve got this image

as a separator right there in the middle here’s
another example of that and here’s another

example of that in fact I have a video on
this module went but of course this is when

it was only available in the paid version
of ultimate add-ons and now it’s in the free

version so you can go ahead and check out
the video I have on that this is the simple

separator in this is actually very useful
you see this faint a line here in this line

and that that this is a separator element
to separate a headline and maybe a paragraph

of text as you see displayed here and then
there’s different types there’s the solid

dashed and dotted and this is actually very
useful I think it will add just that little

bit to your website that will make it look
on flow a bit nicer right here’s the info

tables you can make elements like this right
here and here some other versions of that

so this would be probably really nice if you
have any products or services that you’d like

to display like this see how I’m getting a
nice subtle hover effect that’s pretty nice

as well and you could do this so that is your
info table here’s the info list and you can

make these lists of items this is really nice
if you’re using Beaver Builder to have a website

for maybe a restaurant here’s a great way
of displaying some menu items that you have

and you can also do this right here I like
this use is kind of like a step so for instance

if you are a service and you want to display
this step someone needs to take to engage

you in your service usually it’s like the
call up get a quote schedule appointment you

can use this to display those that progression
here’s another example yet another example

and right here this is really nice when you
have the image and then a list of some of

your main services so this right here was
your info list here is the slide box and so

when you hover over the elements some info
slides down and you have that icon there there’s

another variation of it but this one you actually
have to click to show what’s behind and here

are some more examples of that here’s an example
here and that’s it for the examples of the

slide box I don’t really use the slide box
that much flip box is actually very popular

you see this on a lot of websites when I hover
over one of these elements you see how it

flips shows more info and displays a button
all that is optional and here’s just a different

kind of flip and here’s another example is
this actually really cool I like this so you

could have a maybe a menu someone hovers over
it and it flips or service or just something

like that and all these modules have lots
of different settings you can really customize

it for yourself this is an image icon module
so so you will have more access to all these

icons that are to be built in or an image
so here’s some social icons and what’s nice

about the icons as you can choose a normal
color and you can also specify a hover coat

colors you can see how I hover and it turns
blue like that red and the other blue and

here’s another example what’s nice is you
can have that circle effect on your image

without having to edit your image into a circle
I like that as well here some of those icons

that you’ll have access to and I actually
use a lot of these on my websites I really

love access to all the icons that they include
and so this right here was the image icon

module and this was the last module and its
up button module now buttons are important

to any website and I’m so glad that there
including this in there and they give you

some fantastic options with these buttons
right here so this is kind of like a three-dimensional

you see when you hover over it kind of pushes
the button down like that here’s another one

you can you can control everything with the
buttons you can see when I move the mouse

cursor over that nice transition you’ll have
full control over that you can see this button

has some rounded corners there and it has
a slight change but we also have an icon there

and here’s the full boat demonstration of
all the different options that you can do

with your buttons itself pretty pretty awesome
that there including this I think really Beaver

Builder should include a button module but
this but modules more powerful than the default

paid version of Beaver Builder’s button module
tongue twister I know so this is what includes

now if you’re on this website here and you
click on modules you can see all the modules

that the paid version has and you can also
demo some of the design dissections that use

all these modules and there’s also a bunch
of different page templates and if you look

at any my prior videos will see a whole bunch
of information on all of this to now if you

do want to buy the paid version of ultimate
add-ons or even the paid version of Beaver

Builder I have a special promotion where I
put together this amazing course on how to

build websites with Beaver Builder this course
sells for $97 but I give it to you for free

when with this special promotion when you
purchase ultimate add-ons through my website

or Beaver Builder through my website now when
you click on the link in the pinned comments

section below it will take you to all the
information on this special promotion for

you and I will also if there’s any updates
to this video I’ll also include that in the

pinned comment section down below before you
go I have something for you and before I get

into that I wanted to ask you to do something
for me if you could give me a thumbs up on

this video and if you’re not a subscriber
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me if you have a question on this video be
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or question down below this video hey I put
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given to you for free all you have to do is
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it’s called the three steps to WordPress success
it’s an awesome course you’re gonna love it

I would love for you to join in and enroll
as a student in this course thanks for watching

this video I really appreciated and I do it
just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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